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With the Brexit vote results just hours away, what a great time to check in with independent trader, Greg Mannarino. 

Over the course of this webinar, Greg shares plenty of wisdom. Included are his thoughts on:

  • Brexit and how he's positioned ahead of the news
  • Why and how to take emotion out of your trading
  • His feelings regarding silver and the holding of precious metal
  • The current state of the global financial system 
  • His thoughts on crude oil, the mining shares and the best restaurant in Vegas.

It's going to be a long night and a volatile day tomorrow. In preparation, please be sure to give this audio a listen



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Dang, missed it! The live interview that is!!

Better late than never... now to listen!

Can't figure out what they're sayin'

But it sounds pretty cool... ree ree boom katcha boom boom ree reep

Maybe catch this first (at 4:40EST): http://www.bloomberg.com/live


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A guess at the "market" reaction tomorrow


The S&P is being put right up against long-term resistance between 2100 and 2120.

Gold is being put right down onto its 50-day MA.

These two combined almost guarantee a result that sends stocks soaring and gold plummeting. How many times has The Cartel put gold right on the 200-day, for example, just ahead of a BLSBS or an FOMC?

Again, though, I firmly believe that, IF this happens, the drop in paper gold will be very short lived and will present an excellent opportunity to add before the "market" refocuses on the fundamentals of NIRP and Fed policy.

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Tomorrow could be epic but I doubt it.

- H.

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the last 6 days in gold


This chart is an other excellent primer in how The Cartel Banks manage price.

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And this is hilarious


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Finally!!!!  Even If  it's Greg Marianno or whatever. Lol

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Bloomberg debate on gold with J. Rickards

Was nothing much more than a shout fest with some Bloomberg hack that got burnt buying gold in the '80s when it was at 800. He argued that the Dow was equivalently priced to gold at the time, now gold is a little more and the Dow is over 16000. Case closed. Rickards argued he's only talking gold as money comprising a 10% share of one's portfolio, and the hack conceded that was much more rational.

What went unspoken was Grant Williams' observation that gold currently only comprises .15% of investment assets. Imagine if that were to go to a more 'reasonable' 10%. Had Rickards thought to put that point forth, he would have won that shout fest hands down, and had that hack, along the loudmouthed 'moderator' running to their local coin store to boot, yanking at each other to get there first!

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Brexit results

This link is helpful. It gives a timeline of voting results, and how to interpret them. Initial #'s will come in about 3 hours. Unless it is really close, the decision Brexit/Bremain should be apparent in about 6 hours.


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Armstrong- Buy the Rumor – Sell the News

Posted Jun 23, 2016 by Martin Armstrong

Our numbers today are 1259.30 in gold nearest futures, 1.4830 in the cash pound, and 18018 in the DOW. Gold has crashed the testing the key support again, and the Dow rallied but also failed to breach the key resistance. As with all this, the markets have pushed to extremes. Our model shows it really does not matter for the pound would have to get above 15300 just to appear strong.

The likelihood of a REMAIN rigged vote means that Britain will now be joined at the hip with the Euro. They might as well surrender the pound as well. What lies ahead for Britain will be indistinguishable from the euro and all this will do is raise civil unrest. It will no longer be Britain first and they will surrender the Queen’s sovereignty as well so they might as well begin saving some money and disband the Royal Family while they are at it.

The Queen opens Parliament and says it is “My Government” but those words will soon prove to be hollow for Brussels will rule instead. They markets are simply reflecting a bad trend.


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Top Ten!

Top Ten -- again.  But, my first ninth . . .

Sold some GSV today at $1.76 -- bought back in 2013 after the Spring smackdown in gold at $0.41 per share.  Time to convert some fiat into money!  A pair of Gold Maples are lookin' pretty fine . . .

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Time for stiff bloody drink....

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A play by Jean Paul Sartre. Existentialism at its best.

Basically,  the play teaches that "Hell is other people"

Or maybe better stated, "Hell is our leaders"


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A New Balance Of Power In The Gold Market

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Great A2A

I always liked Greg he calls it straight.  Sure he's a doomer but I would believe anyone who stacks PMs is also?  Thanks!

JQuest's picture

What's going on with Gold?

Up Up Up...

I like it!


Turd Ferguson's picture

Initial results leaning Brexit


GBP sinking fast and gold back up $10.

Going to be a long night and I still highly doubt Brexit will be allowed to win. However, these initial results are very, very interesting.

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Link to live results


Sucks that it's BBG but what can you do. This is a live and continuously updated link: https://www.bloomberg.com/graphics/2016-brexit-referendum/

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Turd That's Why..

That's why you get paid the big bucks Turd, you stay on on top of things! =o)

TFMR is well worth the big ole .32 cents a day...

Just broke 1273!


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I'm Watching this Link

JQuest's picture

Re: Marchas45

You just like that picture of the sexy chick on bottom of the page on that BBC site!



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Talk About Volatile. USDJPY 3 Handles under 2 Min

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I'm watching this link

The big money is always ahead of the polls.


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@infometron: Bloomberg debate on gold with J. Rickards

Some scheisskopf bought gold at the 1980 toptick, when stocks were near a secular bear low, and he wants to compare relative performance since then? What a fucking idiot.  No wonder he works for Bloomberg.  Why not compare gold to the S&P from Brown's bottom to now?  It would be just as egregious.

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Greg is smart.

Did not know that Greg is a medical doctor. Tell us more about your practice/specialty.

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What happened?

In last 10 minutes gold spiking and USD/JPY crashing.

Gold $1268; USD/JPY 104.72 down $1.56.

EDIT: Gold and USD/JPY definitely coupled tick for tick by the current algos.

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Two big districts voted; Newcastle was expected as a big Bremain-win, it did win, but only 51-49, Sunderland was expected as a close Brexit-win, win was 60-40 !

Could be that Brexit polls were way to conservative, but still very early, of course.

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Holy cow! Brexit may have a chance!


This is going to be a wildly crazy and historic night. You simply MUST be paying attention and watching.

Check this move in the British Pound!

Already, abundant reports of huge interventions by the BoE and BoJ.

And check this tweet:

Turd Ferguson's picture

Live GBPUSD link

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