An Update From Keith Neumeyer


Late last week, I had the opportunity to speak once again with Keith Neumeyer, CEO of First Majestic Silver and Chairman of First Mining Finance. If you're an owner or prospective owner of these shares, you should be sure to listen to this update.

Among the topics Keith and I discuss:

  • The decision on Wednesday by The Fed to keep the Fed Funds rate at the current level
  • The trends in global silver demand that have been exacerbated in 2016
  • The astonishing level of asset acquisition by First Mining Finance
  • The all-in sustaining cost for First Majestic as well as the amount of earnings that flow to the company's bottom line with each one dollar rise in the silver price

This was a very valuable 20 minutes of my time and I'm sure it will be the same for you. Therefore, please be sure to listen.



Jun 20, 2016 - 12:43pm

Acetaminophen and gawd damned MDs

1) Rule number one for doctors : CYA (cover your arse) If you screw up and get sued, blame the product manufactures and the patient for not being honest.

2) Acetaminophen is nearly harmless is a bold faced lie. That is why the FDA arm twisted Vicodin and Norco manufacturers to drastically reduce the amount of acetaminophen in their products. During sworn testimony, a drug manufacturer rep admitted, acetaminophen is added to oxycodone in formulations "as a deterrent to drug abuse". When asked how, the response was "If abused (exceeding dosage instructions), the acetaminophen poses a risk of liver damage or failure." The following day, the statement was retracted.

3) Acetaminophen does not reduce fever nor inflammation. Aspirin does both. Acetaminophen is not a NSAID because it does not reduce inflammation.

4) According to numerous surveys, a majority of users said acetaminophen did little or nothing to manage pain. Many described it as "useless".

5) The "Shotgun Effect". Most people don't realize that all statin drugs are extremely stressful to the liver. That's why a "liver panel" is required every six months. Statins can and do cause an elevated blood sugar condition which is often referred to as "Drug or statin induced diabetes". Nexium is another "harmless" drug that is not good for the liver. It is now available OTC. The "Shotgun Effect" happens when statins, acetaminophen laced opioids and OTC drugs containing acetaminophen are used concomitantly. In cases of death or significant liver failure (reduced liver function), juries have often fixed blame as 25% doctors, 25% plaintiffs and 50% drug manufactures. In other cases, the blame was set at 25% drug companies, 25% plaintiffs and 50% doctors (for not giving a stern warning about what could happen).

Who pays for education programs about the dangers described in #5 ? NOT doctors. NOT drug manufactures. But malpractice insurance companies. Go figure.

While visiting my husband and wife molecular biologists PhD friends, if I wanted to liven up the conversation, all I had to say was, "Heard anything new about acetaminophen ?" That unleashed a firestorm every single time.

Angry Chef
Jun 20, 2016 - 12:42pm

Keynes and BREXIT

"We Have Reached The Point That Keynes Warned Of In His General Theory" | Zero Hedge

I recall reading somewhere a long time ago that in 1946 John Meynard Keynes was told that his economic theory would eventually result in collapse. His reply was..." I know but we'll all be dead by then ". I have contended for a very long time that we have already collapsed and TPTB know it and have had to use the daily machinations we witness each day just to avoid the bitter truth. I think most here would agree that just like Keynes, the FED and there cronies know the system is toast. But they and their pal's are simply looting while Rome burns. There is no choice as I see it. We either have a come to Jesus meeting and everyone puts on there big boy pants and we reset the currencies with some kind of hard asset backing and debt relief or forgiveness. Or War...and lots of it.

And I also recall seeing recently an article that said Britain was the most corrupt country on the planet. So with that being said if 100% of the British people come out and vote for the BREXIT. The result will be BREMAIN. If I'm wrong, we are close to a currency reset....or War.

Captain Scott
Jun 20, 2016 - 10:59am

@Joseph Warren @vonburpenstein

Thank you both - Im trying my best!

I lost a few... maybe a lot.. of my 20 something friends trying to explain that taking out the mortgage and the car loan and then burning through that overdraft for a holiday wasn't such a great idea... Joseph, Hopefully at least the couple you know aren't taking on too much debt, most people i know stand to get wiped out if rates go up.

Luckily my unhealthy obsession with these shiny metal things means i don't have the disposable for all that!

Speaking of which, i wish they would hurry up with the next round of brexit polls, im waiting to buy some more first majestic!

Jun 20, 2016 - 9:48am

Should the Brexit

Vote somehow be successful, TPTB will make it as painful as possible for British citizens. However, that pain will be short lived and the benefits of being out of the EU will accrue. JMHO.

Jun 20, 2016 - 9:41am

From Twitter

Thanks to Trader Stef for digging this up.

For all those enchanted by the brilliance and prescience of The Jailbird, maybe you should read this. From 2010:

Jun 20, 2016 - 9:39am

Without Movie Physics

Do you think a man living in 1950 when presented with a story that the two largest buildings on earth were reduced to rubble/dust as a result of several moslims hijacking 4 aeroplanes in the USA would believe it? What about telling a war veteran who has seen combat and telling him a fella went into a place and killed 50 people no problems. In a movie it's plausible, yeah. In real life not so. The masses are so indulged in movie physics they don't question things. We all know after a car accident the car explodes, right. I hope you get my drift.

Joseph Warren
Jun 20, 2016 - 9:11am

@Captain Scott - thankfully, the psychopath control freaks

screwed up when they allowed the internet. Yes, it provides them with a tool for surveillance, propaganda, and control - but it also has permitted more people to wake up to reality than probably anytime in human history. Of course, those people have got to want to wake up and many of them have had natural human curiosity and creativity squeezed out of them from years in 'schools' and universities.

Recently, I attended a wedding. The young 20-something couple are nice kids. She graduated from college a couple years ago and works for a bank. He is a Phd candidate in Micro-biology. He has a good job on the side working for a major bio-tech involved in genetic research & engineering. Neither of them have any clue as to the underlying nature & history of those who employ them. They bought a couple of new cars, a house, and a vacation condo in Mexico. 'Life is Good !' so why ask questions . . even if you were actually curious about the answers.

Unfortunately, too many generations of Americans were focused on and bought off by trinkets, - to pay any real attention to their Liberty. (Shooting off fireworks on July 4th and 'voting' from the rigged menu every 4 years doesn't cut it.)

I hope you will be one of those who help to turn this around. The fact that you're here and contemplating these issues, makes you very different from most in the West.

Jun 20, 2016 - 9:09am

I'm going out on a short limb...

....and saying bremain wins. Which will show who is in charge (still)...However, the first time one of the "situations" breaks the other way...lookout!

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Jun 20, 2016 - 9:05am

Profound statement from Captain Scott...

"...afraid to say that most of my contemporaries (Even fellow PhD's) think that huff po is a legitimate news source, changing your facebook picture is a valid form of activism and that being offended is worse than being a slave. Most of these people will never wake up." Offended worse than being a slave...I agree, the problem is they don't even have an incling about the slave part...hence, SHEEPLE!

J SiefertMarkedtofuture
Jun 20, 2016 - 8:59am

Re. Britain’s Final Hour of Independence

Unfortunately, I think you are right.
Even in Switzerland vote counters have been exposed cheating. I'm absolutely sure that in UK the counters will bring about an "error" of maybe 10 or more percent.

IMO it is now up to another country to what is necessary to kill the EU ...and that will of necessity involve massive protests and violence. Maybe Germany will step up to the plate when the middle-east immigrants get intolerable.

PS It will never be proven but I am certain as certain can be that the Jo Cox murder was a false flag incident. Think...
- Timing ... one week before the vote
- Cui bono ... only the "stay" vote profits
- No blood on the pavement,
- No photos of the incident in the middle of a large town

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