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Earlier today, I had a chance to hash things out with my pal, Dave Kranzler. With all that's going on at present, please be sure to carve out some time to give this a listen.

So what did Dave and I talk about? You name it:

  • Deutschebank
  • Brexit
  • FOMC
  • NIRP in the US
  • Possible WW3
  • And I'm sure I'm leaving some stuff out.

Again, ahead of tomorrow's close and next week's volatility, please take the time to listen. I'm confident that you'll find this an excellent use of your time.



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first time

now to listen

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Great guest - thanks TF

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These crooks

have bombed paper Gold back for the last three hours. Still amazing to me even after all these years I've been following the metals how corrupt this whole system is. Simply disgusting!!!

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4th? It is truly amazing how completely crooked and out in the open they are.

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5th but what happened to the HUI

Everything was going for Gold today, go figure.

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What The Spots Heading Up?

We Can't Have That, Can We Now? Keep Stacking It's The Only Sensible Thing To Do.

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You could bet your house on it that they would bring Gold back after it hit 1310 today. Yes, and they do not hide their dirty games the slightest bit. Look at Bitcoin versus Gold during the lst 3 hours......BTC performs qualitatively like you would expect Gold to perform if it was not blatantly manipulated. This dirty game will not end before they totally lose control over the markets.

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Boing Boing !!!!

Now that was an interesting morning !!!

Boing Boing

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Whipsaw action.

No attractive fundamental for this level of hammering other than price suppression. AU and AG prices round tripped before fed headlines. Well it's another opportunity to accumulate.  It won't be long before the prices rush violently back to green. Must be Brexit speculation just because. Miningjunkie has got it right. Sell on the technical  breakouts and buy on the breakdown. Looks to me like an intraday breakdown. No new catalyst other than a rumored Brexit delay. Whipsaw so quick. 

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One Bourbon, One Scotch, One Beer...

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Is it... is it over??

That was the single most expensive break for a snack i have ever taken.

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T.A. and the Crimex

They were good at it in 1978 and they are even better at it in 2016 - fucking criminals. They painted it like Whistler's Mother today and no one gives a shit.

MiningJunkie's picture

T.A. and the Crimex

They were good at it in 1978 and they are even better at it in 2016 - fucking criminals. They painted it like Whistler's Mother today and no one gives a shit.

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for the double post

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Big Red F'ing candle. Thanks PPT/Cartel.

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Today is a good day...

to be wearing diapers! surprise

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Just a Thought....

I wouldn't be a bit surprised if some of the managing manipulators aren't somehow making a ton of money personally from inside information of the PPT's planned future action. Just think about... if there's money involved and a ton of secrecy that in it's self is fertile ground for tempting the corruptable.



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Hold on...

Image result for grasping at straws images

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Matt Taibbi‏ @mtaibbiThe

Matt Taibbi‏ @mtaibbi

The Squid Abides! (link:…

Goldman Sachs banker “procured” the services of two prostitutes as part of concerted efforts by him to cement close ties with officials at the Libyan sovereign wealth fund , as the US investment bank sought to win lucrative new business, the High Court has heard.

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Small comment about BREXIT

my firm opinion is that if Brexit won't take place -and I am nearly 100% sure that it won't happen- then gold my fall hard. A little taste of that we got today. Why I am very certain that Brexit won't happen? Easy to answer: Everthing !!! the elite wants to get will come true. Think about Greece: Greek government always decided to follow the TROIKA when negotiating with the banksters, not Greek people. Even the left party government under Tsipras. Remember the Scottish referendum? "We stay" was elected. Remember Austria recently? The EU friendly president candidate won. And so on and on....I tell you: If there will be a Yes- BREXIT vote they gonna manipulate the election result. No way, BREXIT will not be accepted by the elite. Same scenario will happen in the US: Clinton will win. No doubt about it. Trump is a No-Go for them. They are following their One-world-government agenda. And Clinton is their master puppet. As it is Merkel in Europe.

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Cliff has been on fire / Can he keep it going?

Ack! Just to warn y'all...some REAL volatility coming 2 BTC soon. Wait for the 'rush through' 1000 to 1999! Silver also 'jumping' then!

1h1 hour ago

How soon is REAL soon?

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Frustrating to be reminded

that the fiat kings are fully in charge and don't even care to hide their actions.

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Brexit campaigns

Now suspended until "at least" Saturday.

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Prediction markets drop odds on Brexit winning to .38 cents -- down 7 cents in one day.

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Moving along ..

Having watched this charade for a number of years - I didn't think I could be surprised by anything anymore .. was I wrong.

Today was pretty blatant, pretty criminal, pretty desperate and I'm honestly quite surprised. With everything that's going on .. and .. Gold makes a $35 swing from high to low and the DOW, S&P and Nasdaq all close up.

Lala land is where we reside. 

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Vinny has a point

7 Billion People. 6 Billion Ounces of Gold. 16 Million Bitcoin. Gold = $1,300/oz. Bitcoin = $765/Bitcoin. Just do the math.

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The ferocity of the price drop today

Belies the desperation, arrogance and hubris of the current power brokers.  It was a reminder. The blatancy itself was a reminder: WE. ARE. IN. CHARGE.

Who are they trying to convince?

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