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With paper metal prices lower today, what better time to have Steve St. Angelo back for an A2A. Straight physical demand will one day serve to end the paper games and Steve is one of the best physical supply/demand analysts on the internet.

All sorts of important topics are covered over the course of this call, including:

  • Current global demand trends for gold
  • Physical silver demand as well as the current, global silver supply deficit
  • The paradox created by Bullion Bank raiding of the gold ETFs from 2013-2015
  • Whether or not royalty company shares may one day outperform straight mining shares

And much, much more. You're going to find this audio to be extremely helpful and interesting. Please be sure to give ot a thorough listen.



Marcrward's picture


Miners holding in there! but i'm stacking and not selling.

Turd Ferguson's picture

HUI chart


In the grand scheme of things...not too shabby. Would very much like to see it crawl back above the arrow before tomorrow's close, however.

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yo ho heave


UulaBear's picture

the bronze

stackers, stack!

murphy's picture


Where are you?

I will gladly hold your spot today for a hamburger tomorrow.

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No 3-D bar charts?

marchas45's picture

Hey Murphy

You can have it. I've had no luck today whatever but I appreciate the offer. Keep Stacking

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Could it be their plan?

1. The Fed intends to rise rates in June.

2. Sends their members with hawkish talk to prepare markets.

3. "Modifies" the April Fed's Minutes to be in unison with it's members talk (something they of course know about).

4. Prepares the PPT to keep the S&P from collapsing (This is the hardest part).

5.  Calls few very loyal people in BLS to come up with "beat expectations" numbers, for the economy to be gaining momentum.

6. Then on June 6th Yellen talks again (Yes, this is an unexpected addition to her calendar) to prepare markets again.

7. Fed hikes rates in their June meeting.

8. Sends their goons with very dovish talk days later.


AIJ's picture

This Silver Chart from Jesse Looks OK


snarf55's picture

A little recovery today

It wasn't much, but I'll take it. Lots of calls around here about where to buy Phizz from new-buyers after the CND got hammered yet again today.

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Egyptian Plane Crash

The Presidential candidates were asked to comment on the Egyptian plane crash.

Trump said it appeared to be an act of terrorism.

Hillary said it was caused by a video.

Mickey's picture

above the arrow

subject to tomorrows equity option expiry and anything can happen.

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great a2a

very enlightening.

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Most excellent A2A

Always good to hear from Steve.

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your link took me right back to this page.  Could you repost?

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Dammit! This sucks! We're down 20% off the recent highs, back to the all time lows. I cannot believe --

Wait, what?

We're how far off the highs this year?


Oh. Four? Really? I've been whining like a little btc over a 4% 'selloff'.

Oh. Good. Lord.

F 'em. I stacked some more, it's sitting on the SS Capsize right now.

To quote The Bard, "FYW"

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GLD gained 4.45 tonnes of gold today.

No change in SLV.

murphy's picture

@ Boom

Don't worry, could be worse! 

Photo: Taken in the Red Sea of Miners.


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Both the Pope and the Queen of England said it:

Pope Francis & Queen of England say 2015 last Christmas (snippet)


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Bob Moriarty stikes again

"The two best calls ever on a gold correction" on 321gold.  He includes himself in that illustrious group.  Humble man, Moriarty is, while plugging his book again.  He refers to "Crimex".  This guy has some kind of fatal attraction to our host.  Unbelievable.  Moriarty needs to hang out with Avi Guilbert.  They can fluff each other and tell themselves how great they are with charts.

AGAU's picture

Safety Dan queenie

Thanks Dan

wonder what they know ??? Why would they even say this if they thought it True

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SRS rocks. Ok energy

Guerilla Capital list, made mention of  a guy by the name of Steven Harris. I am truly indebted for the info that was shared. He is a disaster preparedness genius. So many built in redundancies for a few thousand dollars in energy he will save your life. No actually you will save your own and others with his energy genius. Conversion and some really tech stuff in energy. Thank you GC and SH for the education.


AIJ's picture


I emailed Moriarty in 2008 about something I forget.  His response was so rude that I never responded and wrote him off.  Not worth the effort.  A big jerk.  I like the quote from "Top Gun" , " they were abused children".........

zenharmonics's picture

Future claims

Good interview.  An eye opener for practicality.

“A 401K is not comprised of assets.  A 401K is comprised of future claims.”


Gold is an asset.   Gold is money.   Gold has no liability.    Gold is liquid.   Gold is gold.    Silver is silver.

rxman's picture

at canary

We'll see . Hmmm. Really doesn't matter from my perspective . We all got win win long and strong. Rode it down ridin it back up to new highs and buzz lightyear beyond lol. This party is just gettin started. Someone picked up some jnug today at 121 and it traded to 142 before settling back a bit. Nice. Rxman

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Ether is making a run to $15

Let's see if it can break through.

rxman's picture


Is that an expanded rounded bottom that I see that I cannot unsee?? Rxman 

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