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This tremendous webinar/podcast with "Denver" Dave Kranzler epitomizes what A2A is all about. Compelling information presented in a fun format where you, the TFMR member, get to ask the questions. Please be sure to make the time to give this recording a full and thorough listen. You won't be disappointed.

Among the topics discussed (and there were plenty!):

  • the 2016 move in gold, silver and the miners
  • how the "Brexit" vote may impact the currency trade in the weeks ahead
  • recent steps taken by the Fed to change the way collateral is handled in derivative trades
  • the future of the US dollar, at home and abroad
  • and much, much, much more

Again, please be sure to carve out some time to listen to this incredibly informative discussion.



Turd Ferguson's picture

Something to consider


I've noticed something completely new recently.

We're all familiar with The London Monkeys and how they often smash price lower during the London session.

We also know how The Cartel has often used the low-volume, afternoon Globex to smash and accomplish price drops that they couldn't execute during Comex hours.

Well, overnthe past few weeks, we've seen something completely different. On days where price has been driven down on the Comex like yesterday and today, we've witnessed rebounds on the Globex. Yesterday, the Globex rally was nearly $9. Today it has been about $4. We saw it last week a few times and a few other times the week before. And consider how many times we've seen the London Monkeys "stand down" over the past few weeks.

Is this the start of something new? Who knows for sure. All I know is that this is the second day in a row where we've seen this and it's something that I'm starting to track very closely.


Yesterday and today:

infometron's picture


Time for a wee round about the links!

Ah, make that a par three!!

Hole in one?

AIJ's picture

So Trump picks a Goldman guy

Ohhhh that's gota hurt....watch what he does, not what he says......Why not pick Ted Cruz's wife?

So hows that top down reform working for ya......


I like this quote from BaBabouy below the article....

"VAMPIRE SQUID ... Strikes AGAIN..."

waxybilldupp's picture

HUI today ...

Rather amusing the way the miners gave the banksters the finger today.  And I thought I was going to be probed again.  NOPE!

wax off

marchas45's picture


Yea Baby!!!!!!!

SS121's picture

LostMind, Strategic Metal it is then!!

i tried to look it up but found multiple similar names. 

Got a link to the ticker?  ...or, what's the symbol and i'll look it up.

it's  my job to point you in the right direction, but now that you've went with the Strategic Metal pixels... i hope you make a killing and end up with more than a 5,000 oz.!!

it will be fun to track the comparison as well as the intangibles.

btw:  how many shares did we get for that $1,000.00 ?

AIJ's picture


Caught On Tape: 100s Of M1 Abrams Tanks Roll Through Houston, TX

"Just days after we exposed Texas police planning for riots and conducting mass arrest drills, the site of hundreds of M1 Abrams battle-tanks rolling on a train through Houston raised more than a few eyebrows...

Several locals reported seeing a train Tuesday, loaded full of tanks, painted in a desert tan color - the second time in a week."


Chiron's picture


AIJ, I saw that also.  But, it's okay.  Trump is a business man, right?  He can criticize Ted for taking a loan from Goldman and paying it back.  But you can't criticize Trump for getting a Squid alum to do fund raising.  It is just business, don't you know.  In order to get things done, you have to give money to Nancy Pelosi and Hillary Clinton.  You have to support the "establishment" while acting like you are not one of them.

Mental gymnastics for Trump support begin now.  That prediction did not take long.  Sure glad "Lyin' Ted" lost.  Trump is a winner.  Kick some ass!!! Amazing.  Absolutely amazing.  You really can't make this up.  Next Trump might support raising the minimum wage, thereby insuring that more lower to middle class loose jobs.  For a while, when he was trying to act like a conservative, he was against raising the minimum wage.  Oh wait.  He just did reverse that yesterday.  And Ted is the liar.  

This is all going to get very interesting really fast!

Royal Flush's picture

great a2a

always enlightening man!

cliff 567's picture

High quality interview from both parties

Don't you like it when it is a conversation rather than a blather session where it is who can talk the loudest?

Fine job Craig & Dave, I thank you for your efforts on my behalf.


boomstick's picture


Kudos to you for giving the heads up on the existence of a new thread earlier. Don't know how many times I've been by myself in a state thread without noticing. Maybe it should he a rule that whoever claims first has a duty to inform/brag on the old thread; after all, I believe it was Shakespeare who said 'with great power comes great responsibility '.

murphy's picture


Good point. Back in the day we used to do that. A simple post of "new thread" was all that was needed.

Another old custom that you might want to embrace. When you find yourself all alone in the old thread, we used to post "last".

I believe it was Xty that made it popular.

Dirt_Reynolds's picture

Thread jack

Anyone seen this yet? (forgive me if there is another thread)

Rob Kirby interview.

Bruce Wayne is a Piker. A Jim Rickards rant. Epic.


Boatboy's picture


Thinking along similar lines, Is it possible to find a brilliant financier who has not, at one time or another, been involved with the Squid?

Boatboy's picture


Thinking along similar lines, Is it possible to find a brilliant financier who has not, at one time or another, been involved with the Squid?

Wizdum's picture

so did they ignite it?

the canada thinger...to reduce supply?

Royal Flush's picture

you guys want to read something really profound?

Disclosure: While I am not a huge Doug Casey booster and have followed him less since the sale to Stansbury, this is spot on!


Check it out - you won't have wasted your time.  wink

EDIT: Well except for the part where anyone is elected for POTUS. I say we randomly pick a city, get a white pages flip through the pages till they stop, then with our eyes closed put a finger to that page. BINGO! Whoever the finger lands on is president for the next four years! ROFL! I f-ing crack my self up. Easily amused cheeky.

Turd Ferguson's picture

Audio from earlier this afternoon

MiningJunkie's picture

Bear Creek Mining

If you know anything about Peru, you will quickly find out that BCM's major asset is located on the northern shore of Lake Titicaca, arguably one of the most religiously-significant areas of the region. Their 63m ounces of 43-101 compliant silver is robust in all aspects EXCEPT the fact that it will never be permitted unless the locals get half the juice which condemns the capital cost repayment period and involves a larger base CAPEX. 

Denver Dave, of course, knows this...

AlienEyes's picture

Sometimes I Wonder

Sometimes I wonder if we are being conditioned to accept total financial ruin.

With almost daily market interventions, unannounced but practically out in the open, it should cause a system wide freak-out. Fact is, the debt that will lead to collapse is already in the system and the loans have already been spent. There is not enough fiat in existence to even begin to repay these loans. It seems that we have been de facto bankrupt as a nation for some time. T-bonds have always been considered "safe" but the fact is that is no longer the case. Simply put, we are in the process of trying to finance our debt by borrowing more money. "Kiting" a credit card is illegal but that is exactly what we are doing and in a massive way. We are facing the biggest credit crunch in history only this time, our government is the "consumer" with a nearly inexhaustible line of credit. Nearly, but not totally.

The banksters already know the jig is up. They and their half-wit cronies in congress are passing laws left and right that literally target everybody but the banks. Even if they completely drain every cent from all savings and checking accounts, it would hardly amount to a drop in the bucket against our debt and the banksters know it. To make matters worse, none of the confiscated (stolen) money will go to reducing the national debt because that is already known to be impossible. Instead, it will go towards saving the banks whole. What's left to do for new money to service our unbelievable mountain of debt? Nationalizing every company in reach which would result in de facto communism, which is what O'bummer and his "free sh!t" army have wanted from day one. Meanwhile, we are importing more foreign riffraff and giving them the right to vote....eventually for a Marxist state. In every instance that a country has become a Marxist state, it was either forced upon them by military might or it was supported by people that were ignorant and ready to try anything in their desperation. That's where we are headed and in many respects, we are already there. I find it ironic that the imported liberal voters will almost certainly be purged once they have served their purpose.

Will the Rothschilds be hurt by all of this? Not as much as one might think. They moved into land and precious metals decades ago. There are only two non-communist entities that own more land than the Rothschilds, the US government and the Catholic church. Revolutionary Catholic priest in Central America have been preaching for more asset sharing, including sharing made possible by the point of a gun. Maybe that is one of the unspoken reasons for the fall of Christianity which is already well in progress. I am not a "bible thumper" but neither am I a damned fool. 

Now I would like to point out a few historical facts that are quite true but have been labeled as "anti-Semitic" in an attempt to hide the truth.... 

1) There is no real doubt that the German Nazis murdered millions of people but nowhere close to the number murdered by communist in Russia.

2) What is never mentioned is why these people were killed. By far the largest group were Jews. About 80% of German Jews were Marxist which is still the case in America and France today. Hitler blamed Germany's problems on Jews for two main reasons. First, their love of communism. And secondly, Jews controlled or outright owned most banks in Germany after WW1. They intentionally tightened credit and had the German people in an economic choke hold. They weren't considered "Germans" and had already been hated by the natives for centuries because of their association with taxes and crooked banks....which made them expendable to the vast majority of Germans. Hitler thought of Jews as a cancer on German society. Politically and economically, he was at least 80% right. He believed he was ridding the nation of an infestation of parasites. The truth is that Jews were not simply "scapegoats". They really had committed heinous crimes, both financial and political against the German people. So the notion of "innocent" people being "persecuted" without cause is a total fabrication to shield Jews from any blame whatsoever. (and no, I am not a cryptic neo-Nazi).

My point is that Jews are repeating the exact same crimes and transgressions against the American people that got them slaughtered in Nazi Germany. Nobody is forcing them to destroy our economy.  It's what they have done for centuries. I had a very close friend who was a Russian Jew and came to America because of very real persecution in Russia. He was trained as an engineer and I helped him get his license in the US. Boris was astonished when he realized that the majority of American Jews were advocates of what he had just escaped from. On one occasion, we were talking politics I asked him how can such a brilliant people (Jews) be so stupid when it comes to politics? He said, "I just don't know. I ask myself that same question every day. Believe me, all Jews are not crazy but the majority are when it comes to politics. It has been this way for centuries but I don't know why."

To this day, neither do I. Mark my words, when the bail-ins start, we will see a sudden rise in precious metals that most will not believe. It is the unavoidable result when everything else is rendered worthless and drained of value.


canary's picture

GLD/SLV.....If it means anything

GLD gained 3.9 tonnes of gold today,

SLV lost 35.5 tonnes of silver.

Royal Flush's picture

@ AlienEyes

I just want to go fishing wink.

s1lverbullet's picture

Bear Creek

Yes I am aware of the permitting issue. However, regardless of that if gold and silver rally it will too. Use it as a momentum play.  I have a triple going in that stock already. If it ever gets permitting then LTFO.  Thing will explode in price.

AlienEyes's picture

@ Royal Flush

In the near future, you might have to "go fishing" if you want food to eat.  wink

My problem is I don't really care that much for fish and cattle rustling is still against the law. 

tyberious's picture


rabbits, chickens, quail and goats

AlienEyes's picture

@ tyberious

I could do just fine on chicken, quail (yummy), turkey and pork bar-b-q with bacon on the side. smiley

AIJ's picture

30-30 and rabbits

Rabbit stew...... we were hunting bears in Idaho years ago and we came upon a snow rabbit.  My brother hit it with a 30-30.  Instant cleaning and rabbit stew a few minutes later.....we saw everything but bear on that hunt, snow rabbits, grouse, turkey, deer, elk but no bear.

Fred Hayek's picture

@Dirt_Reynolds -- Wow! Thanks for that link. Italy's gold gone

I've never heard that part of the story behind the bust of Long Term Capital Management.  And I've got a copy of (and read!) the book "When Genius Failed" that purports to describe it.  But the book "When Genius Failed" is vague about just what went wrong.  It says that LTCM was too leveraged up and that they made bets on foreign bonds that *should* have gone their way but didn't for a while and didn't for a while longer and then still didn't and levered up LTCM fell apart because of it. 

Rob Kirby excoriates Jim Rickards and Mario Draghi for being complicit in the effective stealing of Italy's gold saying that LTCM's financial machinations involved leasing Italy's gold and that when it all blew up Rickards and Draghi helped sweep it all under the rug and keep it hush hush.  Again, the freaking book on the subject didn't really explain what went on when it went bust. 

So Mario Draghi helped gloss over the taking of his country's gold and a few years later gets rewarded with being the equivalent of the fed chairman at the ECB.  Good job Mario.  You've shown the sort of despicable lack of character that we're always looking for.  We want you to be head of the ECB.

StevenBHorse's picture

Just curious Chiron

Why are you so butthurt over something that doesn't matter?  

The whole system is a sick.

Trump is merely the visceral anger of the right side of the sheep population coming to life. 

Nothing more. 

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