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Wow, this was a great A2A! When you have time, be sure to listen to the entire recording. You won't be disappointed.

Over the course of this hour long discussion, Bill offers opinions and insights on a variety of topics including:

  • The recent release of the "Panama Papers" and subsequent truth bombs that may be on the way
  • The impossibility of accurately predicting a dollar price for gold after the expected reset
  • Chinese involvement in physical metal accumulation as well as paper metal manipulation
  • Whether "the rally you don't sell" has begun and silver's potential upside

And MUCH, MUCH more. Again, please be sure to give this a thorough listen. You might also forward the link to family and friends once the Vault restriction is lifted tomorrow.



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Explaining today


Since there will not be a podcast this afternoon, here are the primary things you need to know following today's action.

First, this is still about the collapsing USDJPY. Though it has bounced back above 108 this afternoon, this is primarily short-covering and knife-catching. It is NOT an official BoJ intervention...yet. Therefore, we may very well see more downside tomorrow. Any weekly close below 110 should confirm that a trip to near 106 is coming.

Next, note that The Never, Ever, Ever, Ever Rule held again today. June gold was already $1237.40 at the Comex open. After initially spiking higher, it was once again gradually maneuvered lower all day until we were all the way back to $1237 by the Comex close. As if you need further confirmation that paper metal trading is dominated and manipulated by The Banks...well, today was just another example.

And if you're frustrated by silver, I completely understand. After reaching a high earlier of $15.40, it's all the way back to $15.20. Why? Besides the incessant selling and capping of The Banks, you must still be following copper. It's down 3.5% on the day at $2.07. The HFT algo pairing of the two is there every day and THIS, more than anything else, is why paper silver is stuck in the mud today.

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New SRSrocco

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Again? Great!

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Come On 4th

Waiting! Waiting! Waiting! Nowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww

Damn 2nd O! Well! Now to listen. Keep Stacking

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My first


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delayed. had to get wine

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Still Report #771

Still Report #771 - Voter Fraud Must be Stopped

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Good stuff - thank you TF and BH

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rolling the bones


With DoucheBank going out very near its lows of the day, I thought I'd give this a try...

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From two hours ago

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USS Liberty Vets Call For Help As Billboard Company Bows Down To



I'm not a US citizen but if I was I'd be pissed about this and calling this billboard company. Hell, I'm pissed enough I think I'll call them anyway's.

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Probably the best ever....imho.   


@ Angry Chef

Sorry arse murdering MFs !  angry

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Where can I go...

....to get my bankster lynched?

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@ benque

You had better buy a few hundred feet of rope....now.

When the crap hits the fan, it's going to be extremely expensive to get.  smiley

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Bill's podcast

He had me at "Riot "

This was one of his better talks. Great job Craig.

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Most excellent including outstanding A2A.

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I have already given the rope question some thought.  My idea is to have the scumbag banksters carry their own rope...as an exciting new fashion accessory!  I shall call it irony-wear (I'm still working on that name), a new line of ultra high-priced fashion accessories.  To start, I'll market the "hang-tie", which will be a necktie in the form of a noose, made of ultra high strength, hi-tech material.  The "hang-tie" will be worn in the style of an ordinary neck tie, but will have a convenient coil of "rope" clipped to the belt....on one side or the other...depending upon which way one's "bell rings", so to speak.  Tie it and wear it just like a traditional neck tie, and just clip the "convenient" extra length in a coil on the belt.  How much to sell it for...that's the question.

When the time is right, simply position the bankster under a convenient lamp post, unclip the coil, toss it over the lamp post strut and....hoist away.

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Bill's theory on China Ghost Infrastructure . . .

Was an epiphany.  Makes too much sense not to have some truth to it.

That and the Chinese relationship to Silver markets, agreement with West to suppress with their supply in order to get gold.

Hadn't thought of that and now I think he's 100% dead spot on.

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HUI breakout


Not only a clear breakout of this little pennant but the highest close of 2016 at 186.31, up 5.17 or 2.85% on the day.

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santas Duck for turd

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Marketing strategies

In order to make the "hang-tie" popular with banksters, I'll have to come up with some fancy-sounding ideas to explain the coil-on-the-waist bit.

For starters, these occur to me:

1 - Ideal for bundling multiple hookers at bankster parties.

2- An "always available" high-rise building escape utility.  When hypothicated and re-hypothicated sufficiently, the "hang-tie" could enable a bankster to escape out a 100th floor window, in case of fire or terrist attack.

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Reference to Chicago 1968

I'm not sure if I ever related this on the forum before,  but 1968 was a time that many, many of my friends and myself were serving in-country Vietnam.  My dearest friend through school and ever since completed his one year tour during the Chicago democrat convention that year.   He was combat infantry and saw scads of action more than I.  In any case,  they were scheduled to land at Travis AFB in California,  but were diverted to Chicago, Illinois !   Those troops were never used ,  but they were told about the seriousness of the situation there and it was close to out of hand,  in which case they would be used and would be armed.   They never got any orders/instructions re deadly force, thank God, but he was stunned the way America had changed in one short year.   We talk often about the seriously degenerated condition of our society  and worry about the possibility of  firing on people again.   I, for one,  pray to my Lord above that I will never be confronted with the decision of whether to fire in defense here in America.  Recurring memories of war NEVER go away and while I stopped waking up in a cold sweat years ago,  those will return, I'm sure should things get out of hand here.   I do pray often that our PTB can slowly  ease  us through a monetary transition and the food/utility situation doesn't get too far out of hand.


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re DB


Looks like tomorrow and Monday are setting up to be rather pivotal days...

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TRUMP BIG STEAL UPDATE - Roger Stone and Alex Jones

Love him or hate him - the establishment process is corrupt.

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lowered silver margins 8.8%

Is this good or bad?

In the past it was bad most of the time.

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One last marketing idea

After this one, I'll stop hi-jacking the thread.

I've been thinking about the "hooker bundling" idea.  This one could really appeal to banksters, if touted as a new "twist" on a previously successful, but now out of favor investment.

Hookers could be "bundled", and sold to other banksters as a NEW and thereby RISK-FREE ass-class.

Hypothicated and re-hypothicated bundles of hookers could be unloaded on unsuspecting government pimps, with enthusiastic promises of great wealth.  Later, when the ass-class is revealed to be nothing but piles of, well....you know, the banksters will already be partying big-time with their new profits.

What could possibly be more appealing to a bankster?

Anyone remember that old National Lampoon "Turdistan" issue?  I did a search online a few years ago, but nothing at all came up.  I remember laughing my arse off at the antics and misfortunes of the fictional Turds, but I guess it was so extremely politically incorrect as to be "revised" from history.

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The Yen is moving up today as investors are moving into risk-off plays. We bring Craig Hemke fromTFMetalsReport.com on the show to discuss how this is helping gold and what it means to him.


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re:New SRSrocco

I always believed that gold etf GLD is a scam, and this article actually shows how these etf can be used as a tool of suppressing  gold price. Like our Federal gold reserve their ETF actual gold holdings are also hard to verify. There are absolutely no way these ETFs added that much gold holding over 300 tons in three months of 2016. Additionally I suspect these ETFs can be source of emergency gold loans to bullion banks.

I don't think 500K outstanding interest in gold contracts is a problems as long as there is growing demand, over and greater than what bullion banks have to create from thin air.  That sort of aggressive naked shorts can works as fuels to ignite a violent up surge of gold price. I saw VIX ETFs exploded today, a definite short squeeze. VXX over 10% and UVXY over 20% one time today. There is no reason why COMEX gold put contracts cannot be behave same way as VIX today.  

I kept VXX but I sold UVXY a way too early @19.90.  I keep thinking if I had kept UVXY that could have really made my day. But then again, I was conditioned to be afraid of big financial institutions, listening how omnipotent these institutions are.  MSM financial media lately said of explosive increase in VIX contracts, and I keeping thinking COMEX COT report where I was conditioned to be afraid of oversized outstanding interest.  Then I realize too late today Gold COMEX contracts can blow up on bullion banks face, too.  Look at Douch Bank today.  People say DB can't be fail because it's too big and German government wouldn't allow it. But it can and we will find out in short order. Also for same token, JPM can too have margin calls. 

I haven't sold any gold stocks today. Since I can't timed exit and re-entry points correctly I will just wait until HUI gets to at least 300.  

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Denver Dave: "Craig Hemke from TFMR ......"


Deutsche Bank is the financial system’s “Hurt Locker”  – Investment Research Dynamics/Kranzler Research

It’s been well documented that the $/yen has been the “lever” by which the Federal Reserve and the U.S. Treasury ( via its Working Group on Financial Markets) has been manipulating the stock market higher and keeping a cap on the price of gold.  Craig Hemke of TFMetalsReport.com has done a brilliant job documenting and commenting on this dynamic:  It’s All About The Yen.  I would recommend looking at his archives to see the historical context of his work. .................


Well done Turd - you're the man !


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Florida woman explains smackdown of Gov. Rick Scott

A Florida woman who was caught on camera Tuesday blasting Gov. Rick Scott at a Starbucks in Gainesville for cutting Medicaid and signing a bill to defund clinics like Planned Parenthood, is now responding to the viral video that garnered her national attention.

The woman, who has been identified as 39-year-old Cara Jennings, a former Lake Worth City commissioner, claims what was seen on video is not the whole story behind the confrontation.

In an interview with MSNBC, Jennings said she had been very upset about a bill Gov. Scott signed last week. She said the bill hurts low income women and their access to reproductive healthcare services.

"I've been thinking about that a lot so when Rick Scott walked in I thought 'oh great, this an opportunity to talk to the governor about the bill he signed,'" said Jennings.

She said what people can't see on the video, is that the interaction started out with Jennings turning to Scott and asking him why he signed the bill that, "is damaging for women's healthcare choices."

"He had a very politician, typical politician reaction. He lied," she said. 


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