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Not your usual A2A as today we visit again with our friend, Dr. Dave Janda. Be sure to take some time to listen to this recording as Dr. Janda addresses the current state of U.S. healthcare as well as numerous other issues.

Again, A2A is a format that allows you, the TFMR subscriber, the opportunity to interact and pose questions of the guest. So, after addressing the issues that led to Dave's "early retirement" announcement last week, here Dave discuss topics such as:

  • the onerous rules, regulations and burdens places upon medical providers under Obamacare
  • why alternative methods and medicines are rarely discussed in health care
  • whether any current political candidate stands a chance at "taking on" the Political/Medical Establishment

And much, much more.

Thanks again to Dr. Janda for his continuing service to freedom-loving people everywhere and we wish him well in all of his future endeavors!



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1st in Japan

Ohayo boy's

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1st in the USA - great A2A ! (So guess I'm 2nd)

We only need more time with the Doc !

Please have him back anytime he has time freed up  smiley 

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Thanks Turd and Dr. J!

We appreciate your insights!


Edit:  and a 3rd!

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4th, all you have to know, is to KEEP STACKING!!!!!!!

Did Marchas 45 take the day off? surprise

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Doubt it

He is always lurking.... :D

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one of your best

Dr.  Dave is a very brave man and an inspiration for anyone who cherishes his freedom.

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Seventh Heaven?


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Honorable man indeed.

If only we could have a 1% of his type willing to take the stage. We would be the greatest country and we would then have so many more willing to stand. 

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Craig, send this discussion to the Trump campaign or perhaps Dr Ben, who might have Trump's ear.

Dr Dave has all the credentials to help if Trump gets into office.

Dr. Dave, yes I also take Turmeric.

Of course I also take MMS! I don't want cancer and have no desire to see a doctor, just can't trust them.

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like clockwork

here is today's ZH offering from the globalists and bros. (political "system").

Same old ZH story-  It's the Governments, Presidents, Military Men and Women, etc  that are the false flag running bad guys.  NOT the good old New World Order club.

Governments Admit that Much of Modern History Has Been Manipulated By False Flag Attacks

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Submitted by George Washington on 03/31/2016 00:56 -0400

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A Doc early to an appointment. Never! On time, Never! Late, always expected. The question is how long. Now I know why my blood pressure is sky high if I have to see a dcotor.

No worries, I lower it with potassium that our lovely FDA decided to limit to 99 mg per pill. A banana has about 470 mg and we need about ten times that.

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Where can I go.....

to get my banana peeled?

Where can I go.....to get my poodle clipped?

Where can I go......

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Just kiddin... Couldn't resist :)

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So...you feel sick

How many guns do you have?

Now I feel sicker


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I'm Working @Mr. Fix

Need to make some Fiat so that I can Keep Stacking. Old Age don't stop me.

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1st in Tasmania

Something I can claim at any time: few challengers?

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Antony von Clearwell / Y M C A

ROF-LMAO ! Now THAT was funny ! laugh

Thanks ! I needed that.


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my one question to Dr Janda

How do we speed this shit up?
Let's get the show on the road. Hopefully giving a better life for my children in the end.
When I talk to my dad about this stuff (or my wife) they cannot believe that with so many persons involved, that no one or several someones, do not take steps to call it out. I point to people who are calling it out and they say those are fringe loonies. Argggg
I guess we shall see first hand after January 1.

Thanks Dr Janda for what you do!

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Question I wanted to ask Dr. Dave . . .

O.k, there's plenty of evidence that indicates the current 'medical' system is designed to impoverish us, steal our privacy, make us sicker, and eventually kill us - 2.25 Million people killed by approved meds & procedures every 10 years.

So, how to you best avoid their fascist Nazi medical machine ?

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Dr. Dave Janda

Thanks. Great interview. I don't have time for a lot of comments but I want to thank Dr. Janda for his work and honesty and his continued fight for our freedom.

If anybody is interested, Eustace Mullins wrote a great book back in the 80's called " Murder By Injection, The Story of The Medical Conspiracy Against America "...highly recommended.

If you or some one you love has been subjected to autoimmune disorder you may want to check out Dr. Tent. He is also located in Michigan.

As far as trying to stay healthy I would recommend the same approach you take to dealing with Banksters and stacking. Become your own Central bank. Get educated just like you did about PM's and the Fed. Become your own Doctor and your own Farmer. If you have to deal with the Nazi's...good luck. Preventive medicine is the best approach. Eat healthy. Work at something you love. Exercise regularly. And get some love in your life. And finally get right with God. Whoever or whatever you believe he to be.

Finally. They're going to come at you with force. Dr. Dave can attest I think to that. You have a 2nd ammendement. Use accordingly.

And don't vote for Hitlery !

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Dr. Dave is one of the good guys

I loved his heartfelt story about his grandfather and the lessons he taught.  Wonderful stuff.

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Dr. Janda

for Trump's surgeon general. Dr. William K. Black for attorney general of the Justice Department.

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my 1 question

The more people who are aware of the facts.... the more who are protected from the Globalists and the faster this ends.  I realize it is difficult to convince others of the facts but that does not mean any of us should stop. Refer them to tfmetalsreport.com..... refer them to davejanda.com..... make Craig and Janda the bad guy "conspiracy theorists".... they will come around.... some too late..... but they too will come around 

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@Dr. Dave

Thank you for your A2A with Craig today. Very educational and inspirational to listen to such a principled, informed and outspoken man such as yourself.

Your comments on the insidious fascist motivations behind Obamacare reminded and led me to wonder if you or any other of our fellow turdites see any similarities and/or connections in this excellent though very disturbing opinion piece regarding the ongoing devolution and destruction of higher education?


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Question I wanted to ask Dr Dave

I believe Angry Chef a couple of posts above this is right on target. Learn as much as you can about a particular symptom complex you are experiencing and then if you have a trusted doc enlist their help..... if you don't then speak to family and friends to see if they have a doc that they trust for some help. Also of help can be nurses, PA's, NP's..... there are thousands of us out here who are not bought off.

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it's simple...

When your dr. Asks you the questions for the stasi, simply say that you can neither confirm nor deny the existence of sexual preference, firearms, etc, etc. If pressed, invoke your fifth amendment right and start demanding to know how any of the questions have anything to do with your health. Don't cooperate with the beast. If refused care of any kind, stop paying your insurance premiums. Sue the bastards, too.

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@ Angry Chef

I've watched that Dr Tent video FIVE times. I've sent it to friends. It is life changing. Period.

The Title should be;

".......It's Not Auto-Immune - You Have Viruses, AND You Got Them From ALL Your Vaccinations As A Child, Before You Even Had A Choice~!!"

All his other videos are more than worthwhile also.

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My goodness further down the rabbit hole we go. I hate you ;) and couldn't thank you enough for posting that video on Dr. Tent. Guess I will be ordering my Rife machine after all and killing everything in my body with frequencies. Also ordered some Tumeric. Yeah I should probably start hitting the bong again. Good grief these bastards need to burn.

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Please make this public ...

I'd love to share Dr. Dave's Wisdoms

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