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What a great day for an A2A with Bill Murphy. Is the bear market over? Are the bottoms in? Do The Manipulators have their collective backs to the wall? For these answers and more, come on in and have a listen!

Over the course of this 30-minute discussion, Bill addresses:

  • Today's turnaround in gold and silver after the QE announcements from the ECB.
  • Is this 2016 "the real thing" and the start of a new bull market in the metals?
  • Is there any limit to the seemingly infinite amount of paper metal in the world?
  • The huge additions to the major gold ETFs so far in 2016

And much, much more!

Thanks again to Bill for a rollicking good time on this call. And please be sure to support GATA. They are an indispensable ally in this fight against The Bullion Bank Cartel. You can financially assist their efforts by clicking here: http://www.gata.org/node/16



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Kuchek and Gore, The Barbarian Brothers rocking some gold!

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Mario tanks the markets uh oh....

What to do?


1st Kick PM's in the balls.

2nd Pump Dollar up and Yen down.

3rd Pump the hell out of DJIA, Nasdaq and the S&P 500.

4th prop up Oil and don't let it crater.

It's so predictable anymore...


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1th? nope

Foist?, nope


C'mon Marchas get that lucky 4th

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YEA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  LUCKY 4th Keep Stacking

LMAO People must think I'm waiting right at my computer waiting for these podcasts, I assure you folks, I'm not. It's pure LUCK.

Historic Day???? Metals Moving Up Now????  I wouldn't be to sure of that, you know what these bastards can do. Just Keep Stacking

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The daily candles Bill mentions


Green ones for gold and silver:

And a big old red one for the POSX:

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The HUI closed a point and a half


The HUI closed a point and a hlf off its highs but still up 6.5 points or nearly 4% on the day. At 179, the highest close yet for 2016!

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Well it has to do with the


Well it has to do with the physical market but, as we've discussed repeatedly, why couldn't the Chicoms be a key manipulator of the paper silver market, too? They've done it in grains for decades.

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Bill Murphy

That man is a delight.  What a hopeful spirit.  Sure he's a bit of a permabull on gold, but I sure hope he gets to see the commercial signal failure he yearns for. He has thanklessly fought the good fight for far too long to go unrewarded.  Couldn't wipe the smile away from my face the whole time he was talking.

And his uncontainable laughter following your request for a one-word adjective for Jeffrey Christian! Classic.  You could hear him struggling to produce a G-rated word he could respond with.  Great A2A, Craig.  Amazing how much someone with a positive outlook can brighten your day.  Thanks.  I needed that.


edit: BTW, if we ever do get a commercial signal failure, I think Turdville should pull together and buy him a gold-painted, single-bar, old-timey football helmet as a symbolic trophy for his victory over the gold cartel.

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China and silver

I think that once China has drained the vaults in west of gold, they are fine with letting that sucker rise, but for now? It makes sense for them to keep it low. But my guess is that it's mild manipulation or they just don't actively try to push it up. But silver, I don't know . Would they like to pay 400 an ounce when they are building out their solar grid? Probably not. If they take control of the market, hard to say. China and India love their silver stuff too. Just one more thing to ponder. I don't frigging know. It's why I have gone roughly 50/50. In addition, silver is a much better deal historically, gold is so much more portable, and also quite pretty in my opinion.

Had bought some Vxx calls that expire tomorrow. It should have flown today, But talk about manipulation. They monkey hammered the Vix with some serious serious firepower. Fudge! It sucks to be right except for ... Timing the date of the economic collapse is proving more difficult than I suspected.

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The Blackrock IAU problem is really being overhyped. This was not a failure of anything more than administrative foresight. Most ETFs these days are organized under the Securities Act of 1940 ("'40 Act funds", which includes most mutual funds), but IAU is a grantor trust under the Securities Act of 1933. This whole issue is more akin to the case when a company wants to have a stock split but needs to officially have a board vote authorizing an increase in the max number of shares outstanding. 

The only relationship to demand for 'gold' is that buyers of the shares push up the price above the 'gold' price, which leads to arbs selling shares (at a premium) and creating shares (at net 'asset' 'value') by delivering reams of paper to the ETF manager. Blackrock underestimated the accelerating desire for yellow colored processed wood products and didn't get SEC approval to issue more shares.

To be clear, there are plenty of paper doilies around! Do not worry about a potential signal failure, Weyerhaeuser is fully stocked!

In other news... 

I did not, in fact, get around to requesting permission from my employer to switch my Nova Gold shares for more Pretivm; an oversight that would have funded my CHMR (you laugh but we all know it's just a matter of time :) ) subscription for the next decade.

No, Bo is not 'right this time'. He is 'a Deutsche this time, just like every other time'. He has been so consistently wrong, and so disingenuous about his track record, that it is imperative to throw the flag when he is touted or touts himself.

MK is very smart but I find myself putting my hand on my wallet when he speaks, especially publicly. But I'm also just a very suspicious person generally.

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More "gold" for the GLD


An addition to "inventory" today of 5.95 mts.
This brings total "inventory" up to +156.40 mts YTD.

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Bill Fleck

Bill Fleckenstein Addresses The Fact That Most Gold Bulls Are Looking For A Pullback

Good point Bill.

Question: Hey Fleck – Sold large chuck of my miners this morning for tidy gains but now I’m feeling v naked and exposed! Need to get my clothes back.. =) Thanks for all you for us commoner traders!

Answer from Fleck:  Doing what you just did is very popular. Lots of people will get left behind. Try not to fight the last war.”


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"Give the very first adjective that comes to mind when describing Jeff Christian?"


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Bull Markets

Are defined by higher highs and higher lows. Before we get too excited here we need to see what the inevitable pullback looks like. FWIW I'm skeptical and think this just might be a masterfully planned Cartel bull trap. FWIW I'm nervously 60% long wondering why silver hasn't joined the party yet

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class act and a true patriot.

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Murphy Thank You

Turd,   Wonderful A2A with Murphy many thanks.   Have followed Bill for several years and his perspective is always full of angles and insight.    I just cannot fathom the craziness in the world so thanks for keeping us grounded as we go up and down.    An odd quote out of context from Helen Ready "I can't imagine it would come to this,  what's it all about"?    Old catch from the 70's I digress.    Listen to this!!!    My wife has Been cleaning houses for the scurrilous US dollar for several years and converting all into silver rounds,  geez I'm proud  of her and glad my gradual explanations over time had taken hold.   Her stack is healthy.   Hey Turdville, fasten you seat belts as they say I think Bill is correct.  Jweb 

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This could become a very interesting end of the week...

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Nice Asia open


Gold up 9 at 1282

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ECB made room in the Dollar Index

for the FED to raise another quarter point Wednesday if they chose

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"Give the very first adjective that comes to mind when describing Jeff Christian?"


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What am I missing

I can see where to buy a GATA poster on the sight, but can't find where to buy a couple of t-shirts. Any idea?

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Thanks SaratogaPrepper

Bagged a couple of shirts.

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Bankster style payback

It's no coincidence that three major BRICS nations are simultaneously under attack — on myriad levels: Russia, China and Brazil. The concerted strategy by the Masters of the Universe who dictate the rules in the Wall Street/Beltway axis is to undermine by all means the BRICS's collective effort to produce a viable alternative to the global economic/financial system, which for the moment is subjected to casino capitalism. It's unlikely Lula, by himself, will be able to stop them. 


Edit: Yeah, they are all compromised and part of the club (sarc off)! India plays by the Bankster's rules.

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The End of the Debt Supercycle - Colossal Market Crash Ahead!

Etai Friedman

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Draghi's Bazooka Backfires, Gold Explodes

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Evidence Proving the

Evidence Proving the Geoengineering Threat

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Don't Forget This Weekend


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