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Earlier today, Alasdair Macleod stopped by for an extremely insightful discussion of Brexit, negative rates and the future price of gold.

What a treat to have Alasdair return for another webinar. Few commentators in gold sphere possess such keen analytical skills AND the ability to express analysis coherently. Over the course of this 57-minute call, Alasdair addresses:

  • the possibility of a "Brexit" from the EU this summer (link to Alasdair's latest: https://www.goldmoney.com/brexit-and-a-hanseatic-league)
  • the global move to eliminate cash
  • how negative interest rates are effecting gold and silver as well as all commodities
  • which institutions are actually buying all of the negatively-yielding government debt
  • why Bitgold/GoldMoney offers such an attractive proposition for anyone looking to save in gold

Please take the time to give this recording a thorough listen. There's A LOT of quality information here and you don't want to miss any of it.



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Updated charts


Updated charts ahead of tomorrow's extraordinarily important BLSBS and accompanying price action:

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pass the who hash, please!  now to listen

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edit:  sloppy seconds

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Hit 1260. It's on baby.

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To be precise


The Apr16 gold intraday high of February 11 was $1263.90

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Silver closing the gap

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Where are you! Doin the RALLY DANCE?

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There it is


As you know, I was really doubtful that we'd make a new high before a CoT-related pullback, but here it is:

And gold immediately ran some buy-stops. HAHAHAHA suckers!!!

New high is $1267.20

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Actual Comex close today for


Actual Comex close today for the Apr16 was $1258.20. High so far this afternoon is $1268.90. Looks/feels like Friday Feb 5.

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Updated HUI chart

The technically bullish "ass kicking" pattern was observed on the HUI chart today.

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Caps Stop At NYMEX Close!

The Gold 1258 and Silver 15.15 caps abruptly stop at NYMEX close.


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Do you feel like doing a short podcast today and let us know what you're thinking before Jobs tomorrow?

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You should all know that gold is on a tear because I want to open a BitGold acct & fund it (with their nice little 5% bump in funding as a signup thank you)...  so, that would for sure cause gold to go up up up!


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@matt_ Re: technical pattern

ROTFLMAO!!! H/Tx1000!!!

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Thanks in advance Turd and Alasdair

i have been hesitant to wade thru all the media crap to try and figure out what is really going on with the Brexit.   Looking forward to hearing Alasdair's SITREP on the matter.  thanks again gents!

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Sorry Texmex66 no more posting in the top 10 I hate to upset the apple cart. Hell their just like the controlling politicians. Maybe I should call the the Turdite Police.Lol Keep Stacking

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Most of the small and mid caps are just now experiencing golden crosses.  There should be another leg up here soon to confirm.  If gold extended then the HUI is going to 190-200 before taking a breather.  It's looking more likely.

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Sad But True


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I wanted to apologize for posting third. And then for not saying third, or whatever it is. I am pretty new and respect the traditions. I was just excited because I knew gold was breaking out and didn't notice there weren't many posts. Anyway, go gold. And March Slv calls !!

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I really don't think it's necessary


Should be quite clear to everyone by now.

Just watch the black trend arrow and the blue secondary line.

Response to: Craig
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I see miners going up, up, up...

And I think that part of that must be short covering.

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And the GLD magically adds


And the GLD magically adds another 4.76 mts of "gold" to its "inventory" today. This brings the total alleged "inventory" up to 793.33 mts.

For those keeping score at home...

That's 30.93 mts so far this week.

That's 150.96 mts year to date.

And 163.16 mts since the recent low "inventory" of just 630.17 mts seen on 12/17/15.

Now, if you actually believe that the GLD has somehow sourced over 163 metric tonnes of clear, unencumbered gold in less than three months...(keeping in mind that that's more than half of what Germany is attempting to repatriate over seven years)

As a visual aid, 163 mts is 68 of these pallets, stacked with 192 London Good Delivery Bars measuring 400 oz each:

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Wall street dolphin

Central bwanksters should take heed as well...


As for the politicians...


My apologies for being overly gracious

PS. I make partial amends below

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It would make my day if we

It would make my day if we suddenly hear tonight that the GLD was discovered to be posting fraudulent numbers and was being shut down. So sick of all these lies!

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One more thing about the GLD


As mentioned above, the low "inventory" was 630.17 mts on Dec 17, 2015. The very next day, the first magical addition showed up to the tune of a whopping 18.74 metric tonnes. This raised "inventory" to 648.91 and it was the first addition to "inventory" since a 3.57 mts deposit on October 19th...two months earlier!

Hmmm...I wonder how that looks on the daily chart?

Well, whaddayaknowaboutthat?

(And in case you're wondering...Yes, we did make note of this at the time: https://www.tfmetalsreport.com/comment/525276#comment-525276)

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It's 'official'

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but this is what I'm really waiting to see


find the bwankster in this photo...

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has been in a Bull Market since it became money! Currency, well it's convertible until it's not.

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