A Discussion with Ivan Bebek of Auryn Resources


With the ongoing rally from the 2015 lows, we're trying to focus this year on some individual mining shares that may do well in the months ahead. This month, our focus is on Auryn Resources and its chairman, Ivan Bebek, was kind enough to stop by TFMR for this informative discussion.

Over the course of this call, Ivan discusses:

  • His outlook for gold and the seasonality of price trends
  • The future of the mining industry and share prices
  • How he evaluates which mining companies offer the best investment potential
  • His own company, Auryn Resources, and what makes them different.

More information can be found at the Auryn Resources site: https://www.aurynresources.com/ You can also click the ad on the right sidebar of the homepage for additional details.

Thanks again to Ivan and we wish him all the best with this latest venture!



Feb 28, 2016 - 9:34am

First (From the previous thread by request of the Mayor)

2/28/16 - Musings on what it's really worth

Submitted by Barfly on February 28, 2016 - 9:05am.

Hat Tip!


I worry that stackers will sell out far too cheaply when the "market" reaches some arbitrary number. How many Turdites would be turning cartwheels in the streets and dishoarding their entire stacks when silver reaches, say $100? What about gold at $5000? I worry that the guys out there who are staking their retirement hopes on a rising price of gold and silver will do exactly the wrong thing at the exactly the wrong time. Let's think about that for a few minutes and let me explain.

Let's think for a moment about the central premise around why we stack. We know that the entire financial structure of our world is essentially a ponzi scheme. It is fundamentally flawed in it's design with the express purpose that those who designed it could steal the wealth of every other human being on the planet. Nothing that is a unit of exchange can possibly hold its value over any human timescale. Infinite debt can be conjured out of thin air and it's costs are immediately socialized while it's profits are privatized. I could write thousands of words here on the immorality and criminality of such a system and how it victimizes everyone, you and I included, but you get my point.

This system, while it existed beyond the comprehension of most of humanity and stealthily stole their labor and lives, has become visible, at least to some of us. The knowledge of it is present in our minds because it is beginning to fail. Like all ponzi schemes, this one, though very good, relies on ever an expanding resource base in a finite world. It is mathematically doomed to fail. Those who are in charge of, own, manage, and benefit from this rigged sham of an economic system will grow increasingly ever more desperate as their game comes unhinged.

In the next phase of the unraveling, gold and silver will be used to "restore faith and trust" in this unfair and immoral power structure. Those who are at the top will seek to accumulate gold and silver from any source that they can. They will attempt to entice sellers to dishoard their precious metals by offering large sums of worthless fiat currencies, right before they make them even more worthless. The idea has been floating around of a "domestic dollar" and a "international dollar." The "international dollar" would be the one backed with gold but the "domestic dollar" would be effectively prison script. And that's the one they are going to pay you in, or convert your domestic bank account into right after you fork over all your precious metals. Then, they're going to devalue the shit out of it, leaving you with a pile of worthless nothing. Once again, they will work their scams and do the old switcheroo on the unsuspecting suckers who are willing to part with their metal because they buy into the false paradigm of keeping score in dollars.

So, what price should you demand for the one resource that is going to be required by the international community to participate in commerce? Here's a hint. It isn't dollars. The owners of the system are going to be in the hurt locker. Their power and ownership and ability to exploit the citizens of the dead republic that used to be the United States is going to be teetering on the brink of catastrophe. It already is. When they revalue the charts, it will be an act of pure desperation. There are several plays that could be made.

The first and most obvious play is to wait them out. Simply hoard your metal in a place(s) that only you know about and do not dishoard any significant amount of it that isn't absolutely necessary. As a physical precious metal holder, you have the tools to hold out a long, long time. Gold and silver never expire. They don't disappear slowly over time or loose their mass or physical characteristics.

Don't do business with them. Skip the prison script and demand to be paid in another currency. How about piles and piles of those banned $100 bills that aren't printed any longer so they won't be losing value? Those have got to be good on a black market somewhere.

The third play is the most bold. Demand to be cut in. Demand ownership in the bank that is asking you to recapitalize it. Demand ownership of the company that needs your silver to produce their little robot or slave tech mind control device. And I'm not talking about a few hundred shares that pay dividends in that ever devaluing prison script. I'm talking about a significant ownership stake. I'm talking about being on the board of directors. A real place at the table. Profit sharing. Unbreakable legal title. If you're selling to Uncle Sam, how about never paying taxes again? If you demanded blood sacrifice of their children, these psychopathic cunts would probably be so desperate that they'd do it for you. Without you and your metal, it would all come to a grinding halt. Do you think they'd rather share a stake with you, or go down with their ship, so to speak?

That's the real value of your stack. And you shouldn't sell out for cheap. It's taken you years of discipline, determination, mental fortitude and delayed gratification to arrive where you are at this moment in history. The real price for your stack is true freedom and the privilage that comes from ownership of real property and real economy. You should take nothing less. The present owners and decision makers of Western Civilization have squandered their positions and privilege. It is now yours for the taking. You deserve it.

You saw this coming. You were prudent and informed and wise when all those around you were anything but. You will be a far better steward than those who are passing before you because of it.

This is your place in history. It is your destiny, your legacy to your progeny. Your time is soon coming to reach out and take it.

Feb 28, 2016 - 9:41am

Can I Get

My Favorite 4th, Waiting! Waiting! Waiting! Gooooooooooooooooooooooooo

Darn they all must be sleeping in. O! Well Keep Stacking.

Awesome Read BF

Sorry Donno I was first. Lol or was I 4th

Feb 28, 2016 - 9:58am

3rd in like flynn

I think I was the first to hat tip you Barfly (or at least second behind Turd).

I was reading our SMH (Sydney Morning Herald), not so much reading, but scanning.

It upsets me too much to read, gets me foaming, fuming and frothing, sets me up for a rant, which invariably lands me on the couch.

The title of the article is usually enough to do it, so no need to indulge in masochism.

And, it's not usually just one article, but the entire rag!

In the approaching new paradigm, I just speculate whether the shill MSM outlets fall from grace finally, and become recognised for the dessemination of disreputable untruths and biased misinformation by the greater public.

I have nothing but contempt for the bulk of the Journo's - another corrupted profession.

Goodnight and DONNO Out.

Feb 28, 2016 - 10:02am

Kudos, Barfly

From which it follows...

Only monetary metal mining companies are real banks! GLTA!!

And kudos, Craig... it would be great to see interviews like this become a regular feature!

Feb 28, 2016 - 10:03am

To 5 on a weekend

Creepy week ahead

Feb 28, 2016 - 10:11am

Fasten Seatbelts, a rough patch is ahead.

the One Bank efforts will raise the pressure a notch to retain control.

Feb 28, 2016 - 10:38am

Everyone should watch this

For those of you that followed DOTS and follow IWWTI, I have been following since last summer the murder of holistic doctors. Abguy just posted this in Alternative health, and it is not only an update on the dead doctors who discovered a cure for cancer and autism, but also the dead microbiologists and journalists.


For those of you that have not been following along:

There is an macrophage called GcMAF that is produced naturally by your body. It is instrumental in binding Vitamin D to your immune system which supercharges your immune system to fight auto immune disorders (Cancer, Autism, Diabetes, etc.).

An enzyme called nagalase blocks this protein (GcMAF) from binding Vitamin D to your immune system, therefore compromising your immune system. This enzyme is found at elevated levels in cancer patients. Dr. Bradstreet (one of the suicided doctors) was successfully treating autistic kids with GcMaf, and Doctor Nick Gonzalez was successfully treating stage 4 cancer.

All within days last summer, a bunch of doctors working with GcMAF were suicided and the lab in Europe that was producing GcMAF was raided and shutdown. Both Gonzalez and Bradstreet's offices were raided by the FBI right before they were suicided.

Since last summer, at least 33 Holistic Doctors, all in some way working with GcMAF or Cannabis oil, or both, have been suicided. Bradstreet discovered that Autistic kids also have elevated levels of Nagalase, and according to his family, he was about to expose that Nagalase was being introduced to children through vaccines.

This is the really short version of what has gone on in the past year. Doctors threatening the very profitable cancer industry with an actual inexpensive cure are being killed, and it is high time that everyone know the truth of what is happening.

Here is the video from Abguy's post linked above:

Murdered Holistic Doctors Update

This video also updates the dead microbiologists, journalists, and free energy inventors, as well as the dirty whore Clinton's murder history. MUST WATCH AND PLEASE SPREAD THE WORD! The more people that know what is going on, the quicker we can end this bullshit.

Edit: Barfly, that was awesome!!!!! Thank you.

Feb 28, 2016 - 10:39am

Sacred Stack

Will probably never sell my stack. My kids might when I die - however, I couldn't sell if it was $100 or 100k per ounce. It's got a feverish grip over me. Shares on the other hand are there for trading. All in or all out. Couldn't give a rats ass about relinquishing or whatever seems the right strategy at the time ( buy, sell or hold). If I'm wrong - hell, I'll just keep on persevering in a long term game. I'm in no danger of selling the stack. It's just too heavy, real and beautiful. I understand why it's in our DNA as humans to love these metals. So TF metals is actually only useful to me for PM share trading really. There's no influence on me at all concerning physical metal and why should price matter to us at all - we all understand the banker game. Plus I really enjoy the content and wouldn't miss as a part of the daily routine. Barfly is certainly correct that I could sell out of my mining shares too early. However, I'm happy to place my faith with Turd's read on the market - well above my own for share trading signals.

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Safety Dan
Feb 28, 2016 - 11:00am

The 12 Most Awful Products

The 12 Most Awful Products Made By Monsanto



When it comes to pretty well every health-related alternative media platform, the agricultural mega-giant Monsanto is more than a recurring subject. On Collective Evolution alone you’ll find over 9 pages worth of articles at least loosely addressing the company by simply typing “monsanto” into our embedded search.

The reasoning as to why this multinational agrochemical and agricultural biotechnology corporation is such a hot topic is more than well-documented by this point. It’s so well-documented that an entire global march has been founded in protest to the stance and actions taken by this company, the March Against Monsanto. However the focus of this article is to shed some light on some of the most harmful products that Monsanto has had at least a part in bringing to market, some of which they still stand by to this day.

Originally put together by GMO Awareness, here are the 12 most awful products made by Monsanto:

1. Saccharin

What is it? – Plain and simple saccharin is an artificial sweetener. Around since the 1800′s, saccharin did not become widely popular as an alternative to sugar until the 20th century -thanks in large part to the efforts of Monsanto whose initial intention as a corporation was to produce saccharin for Coca-Cola. (1)(2)

Why is it bad? – Initially praised for its ability to provide sweetness without the calories, saccharin fell under fire in the 1970′s when a study revealed that saccharin caused cancer in test rats and mice -causing it be listed on the NIH’s carcinogen list. However, after mounting pressures, the study was disregarded as flawed in its conclusions, the sweetener was removed from the list and can to this day be found in a lot of what we consume. (1)

Where is it being used? – Drinks, candies, cookies, medicines, gum, fruit spreads, toothpaste and more.

2. PCB’s

What is it? – PCB’s (polychlorinated biphenyls) belong to a family of manmade organic chemicals known as chlorinated hydrocarbons. They were first used by Monsanto in the 1920′s to produce coolant fluids for widely used electric transformers, capacitors and electric motors. They were domestically manufactured from 1929 to 1979 at which point they were banned. (1)(3)

Why is it bad? – PCB’s have been linked to causing cancer as well as contributing to a number of adverse health effects on the human immune systems, reproductive systems, nervous systems and endocrine systems. (3)

Where is it being used? - Banned since 1979, PCB’s are no longer being used, but their damage continues to persist as a 2011 study showed that it is still being found in the blood of pregnant women. (1) Prior to the ban PCB’s were found in widely used items such as, but not limited to: cable insulation, caulking, plastics, adhesives and oil-based paints. (3)

3. Polystyrene

What is it? – Still widely used to this day, polystyrene is a synthetic polymer. Polystyrene production became a focus of Monsanto’s in 1941. (1)

Why is it bad? – Polystyrene is non-biodegradable and is responsible for the most total hazardous waste worldwide. Chronic exposure to it has also been tied to depression, headache, fatigue and weakness. (4)

Where is it being used? – Literally everywhere, but most commonly in food packaging where it is known as styrofoam. It has solidified its place in the market as being more durable than paper products and most cost efficient than plastic (which isn’t much better for the environment).

4. Nuclear Weapons

I don’t think these need much of an explanation as to what they are, why they are bad or where they are being used, but it is interesting to know Monsanto’s involvement. Shortly after they acquired Thomas & Hochwalt Laboratories, Monsanto developed a department that played a key role in the Manhattan project from 1943 to 1945. The Manhattan Project was responsible for producing the first atomic bombs for the second world war. (1)

5. DDT

What is it? – DDT (dichlorodiphenyltrichloroethane) was a commonly used pesticide designed to combat malaria-transmitting mosquitoes. Monsanto just happened to be one of the first manufacturers of the insecticide that would fall under heavy scrutiny. (1)(6)

Why is it bad? – Banned in 1972, DDT has been linked to damaging the liver, reducing reproductive success and temporary damages to the nervous system amongst others. (6)

Where is it being used? – Unfortunately DDT can often take more than 15 years to break down and is still being found in some soils and many waterways. Our exposure to it would more than likely come through consuming contaminated fish, crops, or through atmospheric deposition. (6)

6. Dioxin

What is it? – Dioxins are a group of chemically-related compounds that some see as amongst the most toxic chemicals known to science. Monsanto found themselves involved in 1945 when they began promoting the use of chemical pesticides in agriculture. (1)(7)

Why is it bad? – Dioxins are most notably bad for their ability to accumulate in the food chain, and an EPA report once confirmed dioxins as a cancer hazard to humans. (7)

Where is it being used? – Rather than used, dioxins are primarily being found in meat and dairy products due to how integrated they have become within the food chain. (7)

7. Agent Orange

What is it? – A herbicide/ defoliant primarily used as a form of chemical warfare during the Vietnam War. Monsanto conveniently happened to be one of the two major manufacturers of the lethal weapon. (1)

Why is it bad? – Agent Orange is said to be responsible for over 400,000 deaths and 500,000 birth defects with over a million suffering from health problems of some kind. Agent Orange’s issue lay in its dioxin contamination -something that Monsanto apparently knew about when it sold it to the US Government for use in war. (1)(8)

Where is it being used? – The implications of Agent Orange in Vietnam are still being felt with a formal clean-up effort not beginning until 2012. A shocking side note is that some chemicals found in Agent Orange can still be found in certain herbicides being used today. (1)

More here: https://www.realfarmacy.com/12-awful-products-made-monsanto/

This document has sources for each product and statements at the bottom of the article.

Feb 28, 2016 - 11:18am

Bebek interview

Thanks for the interview and the link to the presentation, Very interesting. Glad to hear you'll be doing more of this going forward. After being beaten up so badly over the last few years I kinda gave up on the miners and decided to stick with physical metal, but I have to agree with you guys, it's starting to feel like maybe it's time to take a cautious look at some of these again.

thanks again

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