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With confidence in central banks beginning to fail and with negative interest rates being instituted around the globe, what a great time for a visit with renowned author and precious metals analyst, Dimitri Speck.

What an honor to visit with Dimitri today. Over the course of the discussion, Dimitri addresses:

  • the global buildup of debt and fiat currency
  • how negative interest rates impact gold prices
  • the likelihood that gold and silver are seeing a resumption of their respective bull markets
  • the risk/reward profile of silver in this environment
  • and much, much more

Please make the time to listen to this entire recording. You'll be glad you did!



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Just happy I got my regular physical Au buy  2 days ago

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dimitri picked a good day to be on!!

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Or fourth

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how about that


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1812 S&P one point from falling

Cry havoc, and let slip the dogs of war.

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oil printing new lows as we

oil printing new lows as we speak .. 26.16 atm

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Stepping in with a stick save right now.

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Stepping in with a stick save right now.

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It's because another rumor of OPEC talks

Gotta make those algos do your bidding.

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Yep, they startin early today

PPT that is.  Sell those mini-rallies while you still can.

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What a joke these markets are

Let's just put it off ... one more ... day

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DOW > 16,000 and Au < $1242

The push is real, and it's on.

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Hunsader's all over it

Eric Scott Hunsader

Eric Scott Hunsader–  ‏@nanexllc

Screaming rally taking place $ES_F $SPY


Does this mean everyone gets a pony?


that was a monster dump of market data..


Correction. That was a monster, record setting dump of market data​


Green screen or bust


You have to wonder if Saudi's are making up for oil price shortfall by manipulating our market..

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Comment ripped from ZH

"Stocks will collapse in March....

We've never seen a global collapse like we are about to witness.  The central banks went full retard and have been buying stocks with both hands; in the case of the BoJ they have been a main buyer, same with the Swiss.  All stock indexes will collapse over 50% in March after continuing down for the next few weeks.  Trading will be halted and after a week or two it will be decided by the deciders that the dollar is too strong and an FDR like devaluation will ensue.

This will lead to a currency crisis in April....  

All currency is decreed by government in its value by how much there is and at what velocity it moves.  The underlying problem is this fiat standard - of decree - does not substantiate wealth and value.  Currency will be priced against one another in the last battle of the currency wars at which point they will all collapse versus gold.

This will lead to a bond bubble bust in May....

This will happen when people realize bonds are only as good as the currency they are denominated in.  When the value of a currency falls by 50% then the value of the bond does as well, as do the payments.  These are not specie payments, they do not have gold backing, they are fiat and the value is such.  Rates will rise as all paper is dumped.

This will lead to an astronomical rise in the price of gold....

Gold is money.  It will be sought after in physical form after all paper claims be they stock, bond, land deed, and paper claims on gold go up in smoke.  No one knows the true value of any paper claim because the underlying paper asset, the reserve currency - the dollar - is also by decree.  This is circular reasoning, that is to say the dollar is by decree so such and such is as well.  

By mid summer the world will revalue paper to gold but only gold has revalued at what today would be $50k.  At that point who knows how many zeros will be behind it."


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First comment after that one

"Or Not"


If it happens that fast there'll be rioting in the streets.

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Hi Bollocks

If it doesn't happen that fast there will be rioting in the streets.  No matter what happens there will be rioting in the streets.  I don't know what the welfare state is like there in England, but here, as soon as the EBT cards stop working, or the full monthly amount won't buy a blunt and a 40 ozer, and almost 50 million people have no idea where their next meal is coming from, there will be rioting in the streets.  And if we were in Spain, or Greece, or Italy, or any one of the ME countries we have bombed the piss out of to bring them freedom, there is already rioting in the streets.

So yes... or no.

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Dr. Strangelove

Dmitri sounds like Peter Sellers as Dr. Strangelove  and I am dying....

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Turd's Bottom

hey, it has been a great day in the community but I can't help but reflect on the Turd's bottom, ie selling two thirds of his miners at 99 HUI


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Turd's Bottom

Be very careful not to confuse "Turd's Bottom" with a "Good Entry Point".

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Dyna mo hum's picture



Dyna mo hum's picture



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Getting kicked in the nuts as

Getting kicked in the nuts as gold fell from $1,800 they became numb, and continued kicks have not been felt in many months.  However, I'm happy to report when I checked what gold did today I think I felt a tingle.

Danforth Coxwell's picture


I have been kicked so often, I have callouses in the aforementioned area.

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Yes, glad I could help everyone in that regard


But I've been steadily buying them back over the past two weeks and I'm back to only about 40% csh in that IRA so I'm happy to report that I've not been left at the station.

Response to: Turd's Bottom
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Talked to a long time friends Son today

who is  selling commercial real estate in So Cal ( recent graduate from UCSD )

I explained what is going on right now in the markets

He responded, " well it's good the dollar is backed by Gold, right?"

I told him Nixon ended any backing in 1971.

He said, " I didn't know that"  ( Great job University system )

When this really comes apart, imagine the chaos.

Nobody has a clue.

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How about a "Fed Pool"?

Now that the Super Bowl is over and I lost my $300 a square pool to a guy with bad wig, bad breath and an attitude that "gold sucks, I would never invest in it",  Let's start a new pool:  When do we think the Fed re-starts the money printers?  My bet is when the DOW breaks into 14,000 (very soon).   Also once the announcement is made I expect Goldman to replay that fateful night, we all remember back when, but this time launch 3,000 tons of paper gold in the middle of the night.   The next day the "Japes" with knuckle down on silver and all the talking heads will put away the shiny once again and tell you why you need to buy some STAWKS!!!.   This shit reads like tomorrow's paper!!   (if this really is the big turn and run up I'll eat the big yellow hat).

We are certainly going to see the "GREEN MAN" once again!!

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A gold favourable economist linked

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