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A tremendous and very informative webinar earlier today with the great James Turk of GoldMoney. We covered a lot of ground in 45 minutes and you absolutely must give this a listen.

Some of the topics covered include:

  • An update on the Bitgold--GoldMoney merger
  • The physical gold situation in London and around the world
  • The dangerous financial situation of the major European banks
  • The future of the US dollar as both an international and domestic currency
  • How a Saudi depeg and move away from the "petrodollar" might affect the US dollar

And much, much more. Again, please give this recording your time and attention and thank again to James for sharing his wisdom and insights with all of us.



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Turd & Mr. Turk

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Great A2A

Thanks Craig

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Turd. Go ahead Marchas.

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Maybe it's Time to Start Stacking Pretty Ladies??




Ya just gotta go with what ya know is good.....

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Don't try stacking pretty ladies, 4 oz

Precious metals cost a lot less up front, and you'll far fewer liabilities long term.

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Darn Turd

Your early tonight. Lol Keep Stacking

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Models in agreement


...and we're now less tnan 48 hours out.

DC to get 3'+

I hope it leads to a full-on Zombie Apocalypse where they all perish and eat each other. Then we can start again from scratch and make the country what it was intended to be.

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And suddenly....

...The S&P...without the continuous flood of cheap money from everywhere....looks so different.

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fwiw and a grain of salt


Without getting into the mechanics and fraudulent stuff re the GLD, consider this:

Since Jan 7, there have been nothing but additions to the GLD "inventory". Seven adds without a single drawdown and the total tonnage has allegedly grown from 641 to 662 mts.

The last time we saw anything like this was in late September of last year when there were six, consecutive additions for a total tonnage of +14.5 between 9/22 and 10/1. Almost immediately following, price surged $80 in 10 days, through the 100-day and moved toward the 200-day. See below:

So, did an Authortised Participant (Bullion Bank) rush to pay back some shorted gold to the GLD just prior to the breakout on October 2? More importantly, could the same thing be happening now?

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Mr Turk

Thanks so much for the time you took out of your day to share your thoughts with us.  I too believe you are creating a much greater, more useful and, hopefully, totally interconnected system to save and spend in gold.  I am anxious to gain a certain confidence level to begin the Goldmoney/Bitgold system.  I have total trust in you,  just want to feel that system-wide accessibility meets my expectations. 

I am sure, given time, you will get there.   Just a personal favor though.  Get there before these monetary knuckleheads screw everything up.   Thanks again for the interview.  I thouroughly enjoyed it.


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And this is certainly interesting


Especially as it pertains to the potential impact on silver.


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great interview

JT is great.

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To me it sure looks like equities haven't bottomed yet.  Good luck with your SDS calls tomorrow.  Gold should jump to $1135 and silver to $14.60, then both will be brutally capped.  The $HUI could make it back up to its 50DMA at 111 (assuming it is not pushed down with general equities) meaning that gold will be up $75 for the year and the $HUI flat.  At that point in time I would suggest the final flush for miners and metals will be at hand as equities are "miraculously" saved and undergo a relief rally for the next several weeks.

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5 stars!

Thank you TURD&TURK

and FUBM!

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Maybe I am just not a good capitalist

But it looks wrong that Schlumberger is spending 10 million per employee they are letting go on share buy backs - that money can just vaporize if the stock tanks and would keep those guys in a job for 10 years!


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Chairman of Aramco said at Davos ...

...That Saudi Arabia can handle low oil prices for a long long time.

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The golden cell phones you can buy in Dubai


   $1.3 million                                                            $310,000                               and the more affordable ones  $43,000.

                                                       I'd rather buy that cute Orangutan (pictured yesterday). 

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Ya just gotta go with what ya know is good....

Okay Matt, women are expensive & high maintenance;  At least in my life they have always taken far more out out of my life than they have contributed,  ---so thinking I should go with something that always satisfies and never disappoints!

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Now 4oz. That's worth fighting for!

Bacon, it makes Everything better!!

I went all in with Craig on the SDS, so here is hoping that the S&P takes a dump over night, so we can bring home some BACON!!!!

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Friggin Apple app. Duplicate post!!


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Words of Wisdom by 4 oz regarding Women

4 oz,

your words pretty much summed up my experience with women and made me laugh plus I do seem now finally to look more often for things that never disappoint me.   I wonder in the future after the dollar collapse that women will not be able to be so demanding as things could get very difficult in our future. Humor aside I am fairly prepared for a new world but wish everyday I could get others to understand what is quickly approaching.  

In 2015 I was in constant preparation mode on many levels and gave women much less of a priority.  However, a nice woman asked me out for a movie this week so their lure reined me in once again.  Damn!

Keep stacking and thanks everyone for sharing.  Thank you Turd for being a big part of my awakening to reality. 

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Off topic...Question

Women show a lot of solidarity to each other...But men can kill another man sometimes just for a "bad look"....And why is that my friends?

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@ canary

Because men don't have the "GOOD THANG".

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Let me guess....women are smarter....

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off topic question

canary and everyone else:  there are exceptions to every generalization.  in order to find the exceptions, give people a chance by keeping an open mind.  

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Great A2A

I really like Mr. Turk's point that currencies are no longer neutral tools of commerce, but political weapons. If anything should convince people to get the hell out of fiat, it should be the concept of politicians and weapons. 

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Should we expect Brazilian immigrants?

Brazil Sanctions Law To Confiscate 30% Of people’s Foreign Investments


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I agree...and highly value what you wrote. When I generalize (and it sometimes batters me) I still keep statistics in my mind.

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Turk sees the dollar split opposite of Jim Willie

Very interesting stuff.

At the 21 minute mark, Turk speculates that the U.S. Feral Government will enact capital controls and not let dollars outside the U.S. come back in, resulting in those dollars losing value.

IIRC, Jim Willie has speculated, on multiple occasions, that there would be an explicit dichotomy in the dollar and that the internal dollar would lose most of its value.

I'm not 100% sold by the point of view of either of these two very sharp guys.  I just think that it's interesting that two smart guys looking honestly at the same problem are guessing that it will resolve in opposite ways.

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Fred Hayek / Dollar Split

Yes I also thought the opposite views of both Willie and Turk to be interesting.  Which one is it?  If the US can pull off the "deep storage gold" slight of hand maybe Turk will be right. Occams razor seems to be in favor of Turk.  That position would obviously be beneficial to the US; however, were is all the manufacturing? Who is holding all the cards?  Who has the stronger military? Maybe the answers to these questions are not as obvious as we think.  Bottom line: The "debtor is slave to the lender"

New International Version
The rich rule over the poor, and the borrower is slave to the lender.
Proverbs 22:7

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