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The first A2A of 2016 could not have been better timed. The great Chris Martenson stopped by TFMR earlier today and answered questions on everything from the global economy to personal well-being to the ongoing disaster that is Fukushima.

Chris is always a tremendous guest in this format and this presentation doesn't disappoint. I have no doubt that you'll enjoy every minute and you'll leave much smarter for having listened.

When you're finished, be sure to use the link below to buy at least one copy of Chris' great new book, "Prosper!". Written in collaboration with Adam Taggart, the book is aptly subtitled "How to Prepare for the Future and Create a World Worth Inheriting". It's a great book and, frankly, you should buy two copies...one for yourself and one to give away to a friend or co-worker.

Thanks again to Chris for his time and expertise!



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After all these years could I be top 5?

What a treat - while the world seems to be heading exactly where Chris thought it was going

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Ok! 4th?

We will see. Nope 3rd, O! Well Keep Stacking and now to listen.

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Ugly, ugly day for the stockroaches


Maybe some support at 1920 and they'd better hope/pray that 1870 holds...

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Top song in Australia - For the Sunni Extremists... 

Love dem Aussies. 

Top song in Australia


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couldn't ask for a better A2A

these two i consider generals in the truth army. can't wait for this one!

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Ohhh sometimes I get a good feeling ... yeeahh

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Great A2A Turd

Someone was worried about Silver Wheaton a few days ago. It finally responded today going about 6%. This Gold Report is pertinent. https://www.theaureport.com/pub/co/291?utm_source=delivra&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=Gold+Final+1%2D7%2D16

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GOLD & SILVER: Up In A Sea of Red… Get Used To Days Like This

If we look around the majority of the market today, not much is up besides gold and silver.  Not only is the Dow Jones down big time, so are the S&P 500 and Nasdaq.  Hell, even oil is lower by more than 2%.  What we have here is that gold and silver are up nicely in a sea of RED.  Oh, by the way… the U.S. Dollar is down a hefty 100 basis points.  Well done.


Turd... I have not listened to your interview with Chris... but plan on it.  Thanks.  For those who have not listened to Chris interview Gail Tverberg called, Something Has Got To Break.  I highly recommend it as well.

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China is suspending the

China is suspending the circuit breakers on its stock market from tomorrow. If you held Chinese stocks wouldn't you say, "right, I'm getting out now while I can!"

I think we're going to see the mother of all crashes there tomorrow.

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Lead Story at MarketWatch: Faber


"Faber advises buying gold and shares of gold miners"

Western Market sentiment is finally returning.

Things just got real.

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When they sell the proceeds need to go somewhere.

It goes to Yuan. Once you have that in your hot little hand and you don't want to put into stock market. Perhaps you will spend it or buy gold???

A boost to consumerism ???


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Tweet from Cliff High

4h4 hours ago

Ack! i think reality has proven BTC 2 Ag emotional link! Now Ag 2 rise, then BTC heads for GOLD! (later in 2016, post Mar/April 'popping')!

8 retweets 16 likes

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This China circuit thing...

Has me thinking.....

It is almost tooooo obvious. I want to be short for tonight but can not help being suspicous of these crooks.... You know what I mean!! Maybe they all pile in and buy it... No idea..... I am inclined to agree with you really but seems almost a gift..... 

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Another Cliff High Tweet / Tomorrow seems critical

5h5 hours ago

Ack! ST data shows 'equities 2 political fracturing' link just like 'BTC (428 floor) 2 AG floor' link! Signs of 'fracturing' seen over wknd!

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China open at 8:30

Does anyone have a good website that will track the open tonight in real time?  Without circuit breakers in place tonight and the US ETF funds having them 5-6% down on the open.... it could be very interesting.

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China open at 8:30

Dupe... apologies

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Don't Expect Fireworks from China

Lifting the circuit breaker clearly means they've completed their devaluations for the current run and have instituted proper mechanisms to curb selling and manipulate a RALLY.

I anticipate a healthy bounce in the HSI.

BTW, I love how Fisher indicated that he and the Fed manipulated markets up...and continues to manipulate them by saying he manipulated them! He's also a manipulative catalyst for the current down trend (along with the PBOC)...amazing.

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2016 Black Monday - January 11th

I hope we have a Black Monday on January 11th.........Down the Rabbit Hole......

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bid / ask on bitcoin

Talk about gamesmanship.... btc was about to make a monthly high and then someone put 949 coins on the ask to block the movement.  But then 10 seconds later someone else put up 1031 on the bid and the new high was made.  These are the largest numbers I've seen since I've been following... crazy games and crazier times

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To Him That Has Ears~~~~~


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good, but still not a game changer

Dow Jones
16,514.10    -392.41    (-2.32%)
S&P 500
1,943.09    -47.17    (-2.37%)
4,689.43    -146.34    (-3.03%)

they were lower than this on the last drill

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knife catching

Why not. Bought weekly calls on DIA with Dow around 16,520. Expire tomorrow. Figured a little ramp up in the morning.

Great ATA, thanks TF. I listen to all Chris's YouTube casts and need to buy the book.

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My trusted Yahoo! Finance Lead Story

The stock selloff is happening in a parallel universe

It has almost nothing to do with the U.S. economy, which is doing pretty well.

(made me laugh)

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NYE:AGO and NYE:MBIA took a tumble today. Problems in "Derivative Land" perhaps?

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Elliot Wavers

When this blows. And it will and I am not saying this is it but I cant wait to tell you to take your charts, and your wave counts, and time frames, and shove them up your collective asses because it wont matter anymore.   Then I willl say Avi Gilburt F-you, Martin Armstrong double f-you, and all the rest.  Rant off.

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What a great podcast Turd

I have enormous respect for Chris and that was a superb interview.

Thank you smiley.

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Great A2A

Thanks Chris and Craig.

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And the top performing currency of 2015 was....



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