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It was a pleasure to be on with our pal Dr. Janda again yesterday. We crammed a lot of important information into this one, 25-minute segment and I urge you to take a listen.

As Dr. Janda likes to say, this is information you're not going to hear anywhere else in the media. You may already be familiar with these topics but, chances are, you know a few people who aren't. Please take this link and send it to them. Maybe we can help open a few eyes.

Dr. Janda also had the great Rob Kirby as a guest yesterday. You can listen to a recording of that segment here: http://www.davejanda.com/guests/rob-kirby/sunday-november-8-2015

Thanks again to Dr. Janda for all of his tireless efforts!!



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I love Dr. Dave! Thanks Craig! smiley

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Always interesting listening to Dr. Janda

Very Interesting information.

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May as well take it.

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India and Gold

I just read a note from Jim Rickards weekly market insights. He indicates the central bank of India is offering people "redeemable" paper certificates that pay interest for their gold.

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They can't push it down any more?

And miners hold (with DOW -150).....Happy Tuesday tomorrow...to relief backwardation and paint the COT.

But it's going to be only a short-lived bounce.

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Indian gold plan

are the holders of gold in India stupid enough to trust their government to hold their gold?

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Let's hope not

Response to: Indian gold plan
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Super interview to pass along to anyone who might be close to figuring it out.....

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From the mind of Rickards,,,






The central bank of India does not have that much gold. But the people of India posses the largest gold hoard in the world – estimated at over 20,000 tons. This is more than double the gold hoard of the United States! Now the Indian government has devised a plan to confiscate that gold. First they lure the gold in with the promise of “interest” on the gold. They give people a “redeemable” paper certificate in place of the gold. We all know what comes next. The government will renege on the redemption promise and keep the gold. What’s worse is this gold will be available for leasing, which is part of the global central bank gold price suppression scam. Hopefully the India people will see through this fraud and hang onto their physical gold

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Deeply embedded

I awake each morning with a stark clarity of the cause of the problems I am facing each week and often with ideas for solutions. Today I recognized that we have been deeply embedded in the old economy (ownership of rental real estate) and we find ourselves unable to extract ourselves through sales of said properties. That inability is impeding our family progress toward stability in the new economy.

Today I received an email from a state county sanitation engineer explaining how the county is being forced by the EPA to install a rural sewage system (total cost of 7 million) to solve a contamination problem. I own a 12 unit trailer park in that area and they are insisting that I pay the standard 17K hook-up fee that everyone else has to pay--for each of my 12 units: total cost 204K.  Value of my property: 120K. There may be grant money available...  But ... I do not share the optimism of the county officials who operate as if all is well in America.

At this point, it may be wiser to fully extract ourselves from the current failing system through some strategic foreclosures, while I have a stable job and can quickly rebuild, rather than waiting for recession to take over additional economic sectors.

Not depressed here, just being realistic. Decisions must be made.

Things are tough out there for small businesses--especially in real estate in the mid-west, in an area where factories have been closing steadily for a decade. Just venting a bit here, thanks for reading.

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Thanks Turd

Listened to Rob Kirby portion first - now off to listen to Turd's commentary.

The info Rob presented about the SNB buying Billions of US equities is mind-numbing. (Knew it was happening of course, just astounding when you hear it articulated.)

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A friend was at his conference yesterday and sent me latest forecasts . Bench mark cycles in gold/silver are last week of Nov or first week of Dec are cycle lows.      Second cycle is  last week of March/ first week of April. IF gold is 680 at end of Nov cycle that is low,  if 900 gold in march that is low.  After these lows it is off to the races for gold and silver!!!!!!!!!!!!

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@ReachWest and everyone else

First we have privately-owned central banks printing money out of thin air to monetize government debt, then we have them printing money out of thin air to purchase toxic mortgage backed securities from the banks that own them... and now these privately-owned central banks print money out of thin air to purchase shares in publicly owned companies? WTF!! What's next? They print money out of thin air and buy the entire f#@kin' world?! How the hell are they getting away with this?

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posting again


All at TFMR were told/warned about this six months ago. Just because Rickards is finally catching on doesn't make it news.


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last year it was the stupid bastard Z or X or whatever letter he goes by calling for Ag to take off like a rocket ship, this year we have the dollar vigilante jumping up and down about shemita... like many others on this site, I'm pretty well fed up with all these prognostications... I'm resigned to just standing pat and waiting it out.

wake me up when Au gets back to 1250 and Ag gets back to 18.50

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Turd Posting Again... Rickards


I'm just forwarding/sharing info from Rickards. I will be the first to admit that I get better "copy" from this site, than I have and probably will get from Rickards. I just note who sent it to me...

Actually, I am very disappointed in Rickards overall "bets." He was one of the first that I "read" when I was getting back into the realizations of the world. I was persona non grata for 5 years and needed a big helping hand... Have donated way to much to him for those lessons. I do find his overall "revelations" spot on, but his "impact" system is shit!

Anyway, I get a ton more here. SO take a bow!


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No problem


And I didn't mean to make that sound critical of you. That wasn't my intention.

This is a public thread and I simply wanted to draw attention to this from site visitors.

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Are you sure you have numbers correct.  $680 gold!   I havent seen jailbird armstrong with targets that low.

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Rechecked text sent to me yesterday.   Initial text stated that low will be in low $900 at end of  november/begnning of Dec. Later text stated that if euro dives then dollar will soar with gold bottom at $680.

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I am not saying that I agree or disagree with him, just giving the info.  If nothing else he is giving a definite time frame for this crap to stop.  The next 3-4 weeks will be here in a flash. I hope he is correct so we can move on with our lives.  Good luck to all!!!!!

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@ Doc Jerome

WHERE IS THE CONTRACT? Doc, at this point it may behoove you to extricate yourself from 'Matrix Think' and ask these county do gooders where is the contract? This progress from outhouses to sewer systems is indeed wonderful but where is the contractual nexus? It is time to stand your ground, realize who you are and what individual sovereignty means. This method of requiring a contract which shows your signature & consent has been quite successful. You will find that there is no binding agreement which requires you to empty your pockets at the county's whim.

Of course you can always let these communists simply repo your property in fulfillment of their manifesto............

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I have a good lawyer. I don't mind paying a fair hook-up fee (that sounds bad) because the new system will solve some maintenance problems. But you have a point about the "contract." Everything in this nation is dictated by contracts.

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