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Coming at a time of peak jawboning by The Fed and peak price manipulation by The Cartel Banks, today's webinar with Andy Hoffman could not have been more beneficial. You simply MUST take time to listen to this recording.

Over the course of this call, Andy addresses a number of listener questions, including the current, disastrous global central bank policies and the ongoing precious metal price manipulation that has utterly destroyed the mining industry.

Additionally, Andy references these links and I strongly encourage you to read them all:

Again, this recording is a MUST LISTEN for everyone. We'll make it public tomorrow so that it receives wide dissemination over the weekend, too.



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T y guys~~


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This Weekend~~~


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Thank you Turd

I have been patiently waiting for the last days in buying more Silver due to your warnings that based on the COT structure a raid is imminent. So yes, here we are. So next week could bring a buying opportunity. Although as somebody that purchases his ounces in €, I must admit, price retreat so far is not that big.

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Comex Cartel Bank Fraud

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Now to listen!

This is going to be goood!yes

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Listened live

I had to laugh at our peerless leader's restraint as Ranting Andy ranted about how totally useless the COT has been since about 2008.  Apparently he doesn't visit this site (referring to a surge in price despite the bearish COT) and that old Turd nailed it (the pullback) last week based solely on the COT.  Turd you are a gentleman.  BTW WTF is 2&20?

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2 & 20

Hedge Fund fees are most typically 2% per annum of assets under management &

20% of profits

Good work if you can get it cheeky

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EDIT: This is a Turd-Free count.  Now to listen. (I really enjoyed all the posts on the Smart Car)

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For the Team

Ok folks, I bought my miners back, that should produce a decline for the rest of you to buy back into :D

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Looking forward to listening

Looking forward to listening to this tonight. With the current COT structure, when we've seen these bearish extremes previously, the downleg that follows has usually lasted a couple of months and for silver at least, seen a $3 price drop. The price drop that happens presumably is dependent upon how quickly the cartel are willing/able to close out their shorts and buy new longs so watching the open interest and cot structure change as price drops back will be interesting. Hopefully we're going to see the cot looking bullish once price drops back to the support lines. If we breach them, then maybe we're going to new lows in another deflationary wave. They normally try and drive the metals down into the end of the quarter, that would mean we won't see another proper up leg until Jan.

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@Blythesshrink Agreed

I think you are spot on with your analysis.  I've stated as much in a comment/question to TF last week:


I think that we could indeed see silver at a new low i.e. somewhere in the $13s and gold at $1045-50ish

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Giving Silver for Christmas 2015~~~~~

Going to my parents and also to my Sister and Brother------


And for each of the Nieces and Nephews----

2015 1 oz Great Britain Silver Britannia Coin

Not completely done yet, but darn close...like getting while the getting is good; Plus being done way ahead of time keeps me outta the long lines and bad weather too!

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enjoyed the podcast

I have always like Andy and I am glad we have folks like Andy on our side!  The mining situation looks is grim and I imagine if they start going under the Steve Liesman will announce that "folks just aren't buying the metals anymore". 

BOJ owning 52% of the ETFs is just mind blowing!  This is how bad it really it is and sadly it is only going to get much, much worse.   Central planning is synonymous with "FAILURE".   Only took a little over 100 years to find that out. 

Nice job with silver put Turd, you may as well make some fiat with your analysis!   Great ATA, thanks!

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I can't imagine gold/silver ...

...being allowed to "shine" before the big December delivery month for both metals.....That could be also the cartel's motive for that huge short OI buildup........I'm prepared for a loooooooonnnnnggggg November.

And the black swans are molting....not ready to fly yet.

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Worth reading

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Most excellent

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Venezuela Sells Billions In Gold To Repay Its Debt

Looks like Venezuela got a visit from the ball crushers.


All together now. Lets do the hypothecation, re-hypothecatian, re-re- hypothecate, and re-re,re-re-rehypothotehcate again shuffle.. da, do, do, da., do...

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I think it's interesting that Andy

Doesnt like anything that's in completion with what his employer sells.
Doesnt like pm stocks
Doesnt like bitgold
Doesnt like bitcoin

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RE: I think it's interesting that Andy

He was like that before joining Miles Franklin. Research some of his earlier writings. Andy is pragmatist and I don't agree with everything he says, nor Turd, hell I dont even agree with myself at times, but I don't argue with my conclusions :). Andy plays a very conservative hand, like he's 80 , LOL, and there is no time to recoup losses and I hope he's wrong.

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@Angry chef . . . but what did Venezuela sell?

Didn't some questions arise as to whether Venezuela truly repatriated more than a portion of its gold? 

Maybe Venezuela is just "selling" gold to the cartel banks that those same banks have already stolen from Venezuela's accounts and had melted down on its way to China. 

I know that the worry is that "oh my god, this gives the cartel XX tons more gold to use to attack the price!"   Maybe.  Maybe not.  One can't help but at least be skeptical.  I mean, think of it this way, whose gold would they steal first?  The asshole cartel banks probably look down their noses at the people of Venezuela to begin with.  And Venezuela made a big show of repatriating gold.  So, if the SHTF and there has to be *any* party that's shit out of luck then it will be Venezuela.  If anyone's gold was stolen right away then it was them.

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What if he is right?

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What if he's wrong?

Mr. Gold would bet against him.

So let me get this straight:

Andy's employer sells Gold and Silver

According to Andy, Gold and Silver producers will tail off into oblivion. All of them with out exception.

Then, where is his employer going to get the Gold and Silver to sell to his customers?

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Early Holiday Kitchen Tip

photo holidayturkeytip_zpsunyvzxrh.jpg

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Hayek...Venezuela Gold

Who knows for sure ? I was trying to be somewhat sarcastic. Whether it's phyzzz or paper does it matter ? As long as the Banksters can create what they want when they want nothing will change. But underneath the surface things are changing. Here in Canada some are touting the new Prime Minister's move of removing our F-18's from Iraq as a great and things are changing. In the meantime the USS Roosevelt has left the Perisan Gulf. For the first time in forever the USA does not have an Aircraft Carrier in the Persian Gulf. The truth of the matter our fearless PM had a choice. Grab a taxi ride or walk...

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