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As the New Cold War shifts from Ukraine to Syria, so does the weekly discussion between Mr. Batchelor and Professor Cohen.

This week's discussion was once again interesting and helpful. Much of the program, however, centered around a Wall Street Journal op-ed that was published last weekend. The author was Henry Kissinger and, in it, Dr. Kissinger discusses the declining American role in the region. This is important to all of us in Turdville due to the long-term implications for the petrodollar and the "petrodollar recycling scheme".

Dr. Kissinger's column can be found here: http://www.wsj.com/articles/a-path-out-of-the-middle-east-collapse-1445037513

Please, as usual, be sure to give this a thorough listen.


p.s. There should be no reason to flood this thread with all of the "Kissinger is the devil" stuff. Most folks are already aware of all of it. Instead, view the discussion through the prism of petrodollar demise as Kissinger was always reported to be the key architect of the system.


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Everyone should check out...

...the word of the day over at Dictionary.com:


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Fourth... Whatever

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Fifth... now to listen

Its really getting hairy out there and no one seems to know anything....

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What a helpful interview on trying to understand

what is going on in that part of the world. I have been a follower and avid listener to theseProfessor Cohen interviews for a long time but I found this interview to be one of the most important to date. Turd referenced a ZeroHedge article yesterday that included a link to a redacted and declassified DOD analysis of the philosophy of creating "moderate opposition" to Assad. I would recommend reading the document if you are interested in the origin of ISIS.


The preparers of this analysis knew that there was a real risk of creating ISIS by supporting the "moderate opposition".

The WSJ article of Dr. Kissinger is also interesting reading.


It appears that it makes no difference if we have Republican or Democratic leadership in the White House or Congress when we need to stop Russia from exporting its natural gas to Europe so that the U.S. interests can become the European supplier.

Keep Stacking.

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@Ozymandias Your last comment on..

the interview is appropriate. 

"It appears that it makes no difference if we have Republican or Democratic leadership in the White House or Congress when we need to stop Russia from exporting its natural gas to Europe so that the U.S. interests can become the European supplier."

I view this as evidence in action of the "deep state".  An unelected influence that remains after elections and years go by. 

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Re: Great Analysis - Angry Chef

Great article.

However, I would argue that "perhaps" Obama has "allowed" all of this to happen?!?!

Remember Obama telling the Russian President or Prime Minister (wasn't Putin, I don't recollect) that he (Obama) would have "more" flexibility after the election?

I think if McCain had won the first election; The US would be balls deep in Syria, Libya, Egypt, Iraq, and probable Iran right now... Right now, we are just ankle high...  

If Romney had been elected, we would probably be knee deep everywhere except Iran...

Obama seems to playing for the "other" side, which may be the elites pushing Putin's buttons, who knows? Just seems extremely to convenient that all of this has happened in such a way that makes the US look extremely foolish and impotent.

I'll go so far as "alleging" that Obama let Hillary run wild as Sec of State so she could hang herself in Libya, etc... I truly believe that Obama hates the Clintons and will do anything to keep them from coming to power. He wants a "proxy" to continue his "transformation" project here and abroad....

Just my .02

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Assad's visit to Moscow


If we can believe this article, how embarrasing is this to US intell?


Assad's visit to Moscow was conducted in secrecy and only officially announced after the Syrian president returned to Damascus. The visit was Assad's first trip abroad since Syria's armed conflict began in 2011.

The flight was conducted in complete secrecy, as security concerns regarding the transportation of a head of state could have been intercepted at a low altitude in Damascus, where terrorist groups including ISIL maintain a presence. Over Iraq, Assad's plane could have been in danger of interception by planes of the US-led coalition, and tracking of the plane could have revealed that he was no longer in the country.

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Why is it that politicians and "intellectuals see the invasion of Europe as a refugee crisis? It is quite obvious that 90% of these so called refugees are young fighting aged men. If they are fleeing horrible conditions, why are they leaving their women and children behind?

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@Meemer - What is the farsi word for draft?

I believe that any young man with one iota of education has probably been outrunning conscription into multiples of movements/armies at least since Libya if not previous.  I just used the language of Farsi as an example.

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Cluelessness on display.

I don't think Steven Cohen has a clue as to what's happening in Syria, or why. He can't even seem to grasp how the United States  initiated all the chaos, and therefore, is incapable of grasping why the US policy appears to be so convoluted.

Of course, this show is broadcast on WABC News talk radio out of New York, and the primary purpose of that radio station is to broadcast a daily dose of government approved propaganda.

As someone who's been paying close attention to this story for the past few years, I've got a videocast by David Icke, an English researcher and author who has a much better handle on the situation.

If you take the time to listen to this, you'll at least be up to date on what's really going on there, and why.

The David Icke Videocast: What Is Really Going On In Syria?

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Professor Cohen clueless?

Only to those lost in a US propaganda fog. His comment of Putin as a "rational actor" makes sense of his actions. Professor Cohen also speaks to US citizens and wants to be heard, therefore he tends to speak in a manner similar to diplomats and not hyperbole or an outrageous style.

I particularly liked his contrast of ISIS and moderate rebels as ISIS would behead you but the moderates would merely shoot you between the eyes.

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Kissinger - what a surprise

the long time Rockefeller man wants a New World Order to replace the 'chaos'.

Push for the League of Nations after WW 1.  

Push for the U.N. after WW 2.

Now all they need is to put 'the world on the brink of WW3', and they may establish their NWO nightmare, afterall.

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