JBSFC Discuss Ukaine, UN and Syria

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As The New Cold War expands from Eastern Europe to the Middle East, these weekly discussion between Mr. Batchelor and Professor Cohen take on even greater significance.

Again, this is the single best way to stay abreast of the situation. No other outlet in "western media" provides such a consistent, high-quality and objective review of the situation. Therefore, we post these every week. Your responsibility is to try to listen every week.



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Good Morning


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Had to do it.

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Interesting day with the markets.

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I'll takethe Fifth....

Nope, nothing to say, I took the Fifth!

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I agree that this discussion (the podcast)

is very important.  This is what political discourse was before the shout-down news became the norm.  I'm pretty sure that the Whitehouse has been gaining layers of concrete in the ears to varying degrees since the creation of our political process.  I can only hope that the concrete is poorly laid.

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Not to get all bibley on you...

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@Turd Re: Not to get all bibley on you...

Interesting reads... totally okay by me, agnostically speaking ;^)


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I found Professor Cohen's final comment on intelligence particularly telling. I also doubt that the CIA no longer has Russian experts but think it more likely that the narrative is being formulated to match the policy. The same has recently been reported regarding ISIS.


Once again this is an aspect of the fraud that permeates Western society at all levels. One can only hope that the adults will soon once again take charge and reality will replace the fraud and deception.

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Pentagon Tweet

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