Cold War On Many Fronts

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As the New Cold War expands, so does the range of our weekly update from Batchelor and Cohen as the discussion turns from Ukraine to include The Baltics and Syria, as well.

As usual, please try to make time to listen to this week's update from John and Steve. The geo-political component of The End of The Great Keynesian Experiment is something that deserves your regular attention.



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Today is the day


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up early today, good morning all!

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With so many predictions of the end of the world today, I figured I'd get up early so I didn't miss it.

Maybe I missed it, but does anyone know exactly what time it's supposed to happen? angel

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"Gov. Romney, the 80's called. They want their cold war back!" so said our feckless leader....

Excellent video of Warren Pollock -Greg Hunter

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I'll put down my fifth

Am I still here?  EDIT: I thought I was feeling a significant seismic rumble. -  it turned out to be gas from the sausage stuffed red pepper I ate for dinner. 

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Yes, I felt it too.  Please watch what you eat!

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mr fix

11:00 am  sharp!  just dont know if its eastern or central or ??

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Just what the world needs

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VA issues

Question?  You back there (pointing to me):

"yes.  Have you guys done the numbers on what the VA issues would have been had we not invaded the Middle East?  Just wondering.....oh, and has Carly done the numbers on what the conflicts will be once we stick every one of our appendages in Russia's eyes and actually start lobbing real weapons back and forth?"    I seem to recall before we went on W's tour of Iraq Rummy ruminating about a quick 5 month venture, with 40 or 50k soldiers and costing less than a $100 billion.....$100 ?  bwahahahaha...that barely pays for a disabled vet costs many do we have?  100k?  Try over is insane.   A million times two thousand is $2 billion.  per month.   These guys live for 50 more years.  Try $2 trillion npv.....Rummy, you still punchin those numbers???  And who even wants to talk about the million plus dead civilian Iraqi's?  They will celebrate us as liberators!!  Even if it kills them!

I was actually liking Fiorina up and to the point of her complete rollover to AIPAC and condemning Putin, and wanting to blow up Iran and the rest of the Middle East.  She is a clown.  It is silly to be so adamant about pro-life and yet be so eager to kill so many Middle East people and our vets.  Did I mention that Bibi cheated on his first wife while she was pregnant and did the same thing to the next three (includes the one he was doing while married to the first!) 4 for 4!!   Just a holy man, that dips his wick in anything that moves.  Scripture and all.  Is his middle name Shalom?    BS is right!  How can anyone even begin to converse with someone about biblical issues that is so steadfastly unfaithful.  Infidel, by definition.  rant off.  Americans need to wake up and be Americans - and let Israelis be Israeli.  Now about that USS Liberty incident.......

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The USA, Russia and China should all talk

and ask the question who is pushing us to war?  If any single entity hits the list for all three nations, then just destroy that one entity.

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Paul Craig Roberts on Russia's Mistake

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Cold War On Many Fronts

Thanks for posting these  presentations each week Turd.  I enjoy listening to these guys and  find them extremely interesting.


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