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Just a tremendous A2A earlier today with Willem Middelkoop, author of the worldwide bestseller, "The Big Reset".

Among the topics Willem addresses over this 40-minute call:

  • The current global currency wars and the still-pending eventuality of "The Big Reset"
  • The Chinese yuan and its relationship with the IMF and the IMF's SDR
  • How the US has punished Russia economically and driven it toward a closer relationship with China
  • The ongoing buildout of a new global financial structure dominated by China and the BRICS nations

And much, much more.

I urge you to take the time to listen to this recording in its entirety and then be sure to order the updated version of "The Big Reset" for immediate delivery once it's available next month.



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EDIT: No worries Zilverstra, well done! It was a gamble, I just hit that send button with nowt to say (as usual!). It's a bit like HFT timing!

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From the Netherlands 

Edit: second, off course...

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Was checking to see

how much silver Texas Precious Metals still had and they are practically out - WOW! They had quite a bit just last week.

Edit: Thurd by the way! 

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Those maples didn't even last for one day last week.

I only purchase from them now. They are excellent. Always ship same day payment clears. Never post any metal they don't actually have.

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Absolute ZERO doubt in my mind


Between the very active and deliberate support of the USDJPY since 2:00 pm AND this story from ZH: http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2015-09-17/vix-etf-near-limit-down-again-biggest-3-day-drop-record

What have we repeatedly said are the two primary drivers of the HFT machines?

  • VIX

And BOTH are being actively managed. 

THE CLEAR CONCLUSION: Knowing that there would be no hike and KNOWING that this would cause a dollar drop, The Fed and other CBs are deliberately and desperately attempting to manage both USDJPY and VIX in order to keep the stock market from dropping off a cliff on the news.

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Hup Holland hup

Laat de leeuw niet in z'n hempie staan.... :)

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New York And London Gold In Backwardation

Forgive me if already posted.


KD chimes in down in the comment section.

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I've always believed that


I've always believed that there's at least a 50/50 chance that Kid Douchamite is written by Sister Christian himself. Those comments only seem to make it even more likely as Koos questions Sister in his article and then, out of the blue, Douchamite appears to defend Sister.

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Is  former employee of Duetche Bank, and he blocked me on twitter.

I said once a DB always a DB.

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Whoever he is...


He's a douchebag of the first order.

Nothing but half-truths and spin in his defense of the system. His primary tools are name-calling and character assassination. 

Response to: KD
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My heroic goldfish survived the day!!!

Time to feed my four lovely beauties.

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Random Thought Today~~~

To all those that might be crying about premium's over spot on PM's....


Yeah I know that paying like 45%  over makes people shake their head and say, "No Way!"

Been harping on availability being what it's going to be all about for a long time --and it's gonna be.

Won't be long and we'll be thinking paying 45% over is a fantastic opportunity.

I see the day soon approaching  when its 100% over spot--and spot is going to be a lot higher.......

Spot don't mean shit really...and neither dose premium. Be a DCA-er if ya need to crunch numbers...or better yet   --count ounces!


Stackers way out in front of the wave finally going to get a real nice ride!

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A is for DoucheBag

I was at the Beach for quite a while, did the TungstenTurtle crawl back in his shell or does he still lurketh?

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does he still lurketh ?

"doth he still lurketh" CPE

shame on you


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Spot, premium, and miners

Question for Turdville: If, as @4 oz. suggests, we must get used to high premiums for the monetary metals, who benefits most or not at all? The middle men or the miners?

FYI @CPE, Craig kicked his can out the door and right on down the road

@Bollocks 'Doth', eh?  Somehow this seems related and appropriate:

That is if you don't mind the silent 't' ;^)

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lurketh still

doth he?

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GT was banned


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I'm tracking the dealer buyback prices

I've been tracking the dealer buy back prices. I think we'll get a feel for premium time duration by the buyback price. Once they close up then we are good to go for the duration.

Those prices are all over the place right now...

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Turtle Headed...

Lol! Turtle Headed out the tfmr poop shoot for good lol

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I have a dutch oven and it

I have a dutch oven and it makes marvelous stews, chili's and stampot. Got to say, I wasn't surprised by the lack of rate hiking by the Fed. Just got to shake your head about it all. Great interview by the way.

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Turn of the tape

Since QE and ZIRP every time the fed says no rate hike, stocks ripped higher.  The "media" shills cry buy the dip on down days. Gold is smashed.  

Trading thesis for 9 years: Bad news = dovish fed = stocks up ++ BTFD.

"Crash" several weeks ago, because why? Algos gone wild? Derivatives implode? U.S. Treasury black holes?  Commodity deflation? China contagion?  Earnings miss? I am really not sure, but the trend was broken.  

Today: No rate hike. Gold up. Stocks down.

Muppet strings = USD-JPY and VIX smash. Prevents crash? But "fades to black".

The fed did not change but the pattern of response does!!!

This seems to be a huge frame shift moment in the "trading" psyche.  Sentiment shift and loss of confidence in the fed.

Have we really just witnessed the big crest on the wave towards mean reversion? 

Gold way down and a long way to climb.  

S&P/Dow/Nasdaq way high and a long way to fall.  

"I love it when a plan comes together."

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know what's the best part about the TV hacks and shills?

Picking the remote up and pressing OFF with a satisfying 'click'! :)

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Dutch oven

I am Dutch, and even wouldn't know what a Dutch oven is haha! smiley

I walk often on wooden shoes however! cheeky

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"In modern business it is not

"In modern business it is not the crook who is to be feared most, it is the honest man who doesn't know what he is doing." - Bill Wordsworth.

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Good stuff again, Craig.

I especially liked Willem's insights into the thinking of the chinese based on all his contacts.

There's no way the chinese are on the same team as the U.S.-U.K. oligarchs.

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Why do we want to be everyone's enemy?  Germany learned they bomb the crap out of you and kill your general populace, including someone's children.? Why do our leaders want that to happen to the US? Are there any candidates that find that policy a less than desirable option? 

A second thought:  people in other countries have children also and many of them would like to have their children to have a full life.  Seems reasonable to many of us.

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War Drums and Politicians

The beating of the war drums bothers me as well.

Carl Von Clausewitz was a brilliant tactician and thinker.  In his treatise, On War, he discusses certain principles.  In essence, war was to be avoided at all costs.  Diplomacy was to be utilized until the end.  If certain objectives could not be obtained, then a country went to war.  If a country went to war, the war was fought to win at all costs, and the country utilized "total warfare" to obtain the desired objective.  Total warfare in 1812 was understood to mean the mobilization of an entire nation's resources into the effort.  (Total warfare now would mean annihilation via nuclear arms and is not the current desired goal; or is it.).

We have things absolutely backwards now.

Our diplomacy loses from the beginning, and our wars are never fought to win.  

It seems our politicians always want us to go to war; war is then a rich man's pursuit but a poor man's fight.  Perhaps if they had to lead from the front lines, their views might be different.  Next time Lindsay Graham wants to go to war, he should be in the first wave.  He might actually realize that there are other ways to compensate for a lack of manliness than sending someone else's children into battle to die.  The elite have never had to fight, just ask Warren Buffet what he thinks about soldiers.  

To those veterans of Turdville who have worn the uniform, thank you for your service.  You are better than what we have become.

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In fact, Goldman was very clear...

....When said repeatedly that "Markets need to be better prepared for any rate increase....No surprises".

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politicians that vote for war, should be automatically drafted along with their families. 

See how the next family reunion goes.

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