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As the New Cold War expands from Ukraine, north to the Baltic states and south to the Mediterranean basin, Batchelor and Cohen also expand their weekly discussion.

Among topics objectively covered last evening are the changing Ukraine crisis, the growing standoff in Syria and the tide of middle eastern refugees that is flowing into Europe.

As always, this is an extremely informative 39 minutes and I urge you to listen each week.



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Shouldn't be any surprise...

They are Hungry!

(Okay, although sad but true, that is also despicable... I'll stop now)

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Listening to this is like beating yourself on your thumb with a hammer.....It feels so good when you stop.

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Well I'll Take

4th seeing no one else wants it. Keep Stacking

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Is anyone paying attention?

My wife, a wonderful person, has a heart the size of Jupiter. She is very smart, but sometimes her heart overrides her head. It seems that Europe has the same problem. Put a pitiful picture of a drowned two year old on the front page of all your papers, and they seem to want to give up their sovereignty for what? The child will never be brought back, but the press, pundits, and intelligentsia all want to throw open the doors and let thousands of very ill equipped folks just come right in. The costs will be staggering as will the infrastructure hurdles. Now, most of these folks are looking for jobs, or at least a check, and food, health care, and housing vouchers. Angela Merkel says it's fine with her, because I guess she needs her lawn mowed. However, some reliable sources report that aside from the refugees who are, as far as I can tell, are relatively benign, quite a few members of ISIS were sprinkled into the mix. This little trick has been played since the Days of Troy. and if the Europeans fall for it, I guess they deserve what comes.   

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