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A2A is our weekly webinar series for Vault subscribers only. The format offers an opportunity for participants to ask questions in real time. Yesterday's guest was Jim Willie and the conversation was so extensive and far-reaching that it lasted nearly two hours.

So, here's the full, unedited recording of the show. As mentioned above, it checks in at 110 minutes so break it up into several sittings, if necessary. Topics covered include:

  • Everything you ever wanted to hear The Jackass discuss

I hope this helps to make your three-day holiday weekend even more enjoyable.



StevenBHorse's picture

Love it

Have a great weekend errbody.

proformatrillionaire's picture


Love me some # 2 coming out of the jackass. Happy Labor Day weekend.

amark's picture

Dollar happy


Pleased to hear more about his scenario for the dollar, thanks!

Robski's picture


My first Thurd

*edit (oops, no thurd, and I took Marchas spot, now I feel bad)

Everybody have a great weekend!

marchas45's picture

4th Nope 5th


NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My whole day has been going Negative. Lol O! Well Keep Stacking

Clarki Stomias's picture

How sweet would a serious sell-off into the close be?

That along with this extensive sit-down with the Jackass would make for one helluva good start to the weekend.  Put some fear into the PPT and let the populace stew on it over the extended weekend.

Though, to Horses' point on the other thread, I do rue what is barreling around the corner at us in September. It's just that I long for the truth to finally be revealed.  But I don't relish the probable horrors soon after.

Here's a fun bet for Turdville: What's the over/under on the NFL actually completing all of it's games this season uninterrupted? 10 weeks?

LostMind's picture

I enjoyed listening

to the GJA in person yesterday (ok, via phone), but it was cool listening to him nail it... if here ever wanted to change his name, Golden Jackhammer may work!

pm_newbie's picture

LOTR - the deep breath before the plunge

Peregrin Took (Pippin): "I don't want to be in a battle, but waiting on the edge of one I can't escape is even worse. .."

Picabo's picture

I wonder what happened to the Golden Turtle

Loved the A2A

SS121's picture

with a couple of hours to go....

The DJIA stock chart-


-303.68 (-1.85%)

The big stock chart(s) is how tptb moves the thoughts and emotions of the masses.  

The herd had been quietly grazing at 18,000 for a long time, with only an occasional little drop to keep them slightly paying attention.

Then the big attention getting drop that wasn't enough to end the world as they know it, but was big enough that NOW they are watching that chart every single day.  "whew, it's going back up... glad i didn't get out"  "Oh No!! now it's dropping again, should i have gotten out?"  "gotta stay in the game, it's off it's lows"  "i hear it's manipulated by a PPT, they'll bring it back" "... ..." "... ..." they are programmed to think these things when they see these things.

Now we're going into the long weekend and the stocks charts are currently big red numbers.  There will be no rest for the herd this weekend with big red numbers.  maybe a little spike up toward the end for some false hope?? we'll see.  tptb are masters at moving their congregations aka herds, aka 'investors'.

luckily we're all in a 100% physical Silver and Gold position, ...so those chart shows by tptb have no pixel related ties to our thoughts and emotions.  right?

Chiron's picture

Miners crawling up

Might eek out a close in the green today.  The suppression algorithm  is relentless again.  

Yellen to the PPT pit:

"DO NOT LET THE MINERS FINISH GREEN IF THE S&P IS DOWN BIG.  Must not let the PM sector rally.  The $25 billion we caused to flee from the PM stocks last 6 months must not be allowed to return."  

Do not kid yourself.  The PM sector would have rallied a long time ago if not for this constant flogging of the miners.

Turd Ferguson's picture

Just saw this tweet from ZH


If Specs are the most short since 2008, that can only mean that the Commercials are the most long since 2008, too. Hmmm. And just who are these "commercials"? Mostly, the Primary Dealers of The Fed. What does THAT tell you???

cupcake's picture

Gold Dog

I've been lurking here for 3 years but not much for the past many months... what happened to Gold Dog? I miss his comments.

chrtoo's picture

Thanks Turd!

Public Jackass! Those words go so well together.

Thanks for making this post public so that I can forward on a link to interested parties; who then come back here, of course.


Barfly's picture


That was some great Jackass.

Boatboy's picture


Great Job, as always, Thanks Turd. I'm  a long  time member - Sponge. I'm very grateful for your effort, diligence and fortitude (thanks to all the Very Intelligent and Knowledgeable Poeple you have assembled). Happy Labor Day to All

Dyna mo hum's picture


GOLDDOC's picture


I am now sure Tyberious is correct about an attack on China is taking place.  Three times is no accident!!  The same time at night as the other explosions can be explained by the positioning of a satellite.  God help us all!!!!

Dr Jerome's picture

Daily preparations

Went shopping with my wife yesterday and bought salad dressing and coffee in copious amounts. Felt good.

Today some friends are coming over. We are headed up into the mountains to load the trailer with firewood where the Forest Service has been thinning the trees. It is just sitting up there in big piles waiting for the FS rangers to do a controlled burn. No more chainsaws in the mountains. We'll cut it all into short pieces with a chop saw in the driveway back home then split out the load. Probably do th is again several more times before the cold weather arrives.

A large silver bar arrived in the mail. I really love to just hold that thing. My daughter uses it to strengthen  her biceps while we watch TV.

Joseph Warren's picture

@ Dr Jerome - you know what they say about firewood . . .

it warms you twice. When you chop & split it and when you burn it in your stove.

Not being able to use a chainsaw will definitely add to the 'warming' factor !

I've always liked the whole process. 

Orange's picture


Interesting, I queried the BBC news site and couldn't find Farage mentioned except order articles.

If I was British I would vote no in the referendum


Blythesshrink's picture

Orange, the BBC are just a

Orange, the BBC are just a propaganda outlet for progressives now so Farage never, ever gets any coverage - except when they something negative to say about UKIP.

J Siefert's picture

@ Dr Jerome

Interesting that! I see that silver bars can also add to the 'warming' factor !

SS121's picture

freaky fact: if u say "gullible" slowly it sounds like "BitGold"

who'da thunk it?

Wait a minute!  ...isn't that how this whole mess got started in the first place??  With bankers holding the people's Gold for them in exchange for giving the people a token representative of the gold??

say it again, s l o w l y . . . keep repeating it " g u l l i b l e "  

. . . " g u l l i b l e "  (try looking in the mirror while you say it)

. . . " g u l l i b l e "  " g g u l l l l l i b l l l e " . . . you'll hear it, eventually.

Danforth Coxwell's picture

Problems in the derivative market on friday?????

Both MBIA and AGO finished in the red yesterday.

Dr. P. Metals's picture


h/t. I've reduced my GM holdings by over 50% since the takeover...prob going much lower also. I don't know who BitGold is, and I can't think of a SINGLE company that hasn't screwed me over regarding money and financial things (think ANV for example and the staggering fraud happening right in front of everyone, and all shareholders), so...  And I posted what I think is a fatal flaw on GM, and no one has refuted me or it. Sent to Holter also, and he could not say it may not occur either (losing value because GM prices ONLY to the fraud paper COMEX pricing while REAL physical, especially coin, premiums soar causing a divergence). The answer posed to me was to take delivery of the big bars and chop them up. Not ideal. And...BitGold to me just seems like another "tech startup" and should they fail (nearly all startups do), your "assets" held by them may (will) disappear down the drain with them. Suggest all be careful.

infometron's picture

@Dr. P. & SS121 Re: bitgold

Sounds like wise advice to me (sorry CPE ;^), that is why I haven't opened (and won't open) an account. I have only taken a modest stake in their shares at this point, as I anticipate they may do quite well once the sheeple and muppets start waking up.

Dr. P. Metals's picture

Holding shares and holding assets in them

Are diff though. But I don't think assets held are in "your" name, hence one of my concerns. Maybe some knows otherwise.

AlienEyes's picture

Bit Gold, Bit Coin, bit of sh!t....

Include me OUT.

Unless it clinks, it stinks !

(sorry CPE)

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