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The Ukraine Crisis has reached an important juncture. Germany, France and Kiev are all attempting to implement the Minsk peace agreements from February. At the same time, ultra-nationalist groups are scheming to thwart the process and restart a hot civil war.

Last evening's program began with a 9-minute monologue and summary from Mr. Batchelor in which he brings everyone up to speed on recent events but also discusses the pending NATO "training exercises" in The Black Sea and across the Russian frontier. After that, John and Steve offer a terrific discussion and summary of the conflict inside and outside of the Ukrainian parliament back on Monday.

The conversation then turns to American and Ukrainian politics and it was funny to hear John and Steve openly ponder why Joe Biden has always taken such a keen interest in Ukraine. Hmmm...let's see. Do you think that this might have anything to do with it?

The program concludes with Professor Cohen mentioning a "powerful group in Washington that wants Kiev to attack the Donbass in order to prompt a full Russian invasion". Isn't it interesting that America's neo-nazi and ultra-nationalist "allies" in Kiev seem to be scheming for the same result?

This NYTimes article is mentioned frequently in the discussion:

And news of renewed sanctions just hit this morning:

As always, you simply must stay on top of this ever-changing and dangerous situation. These weekly podcasts are the single best way I've found to accomplish just that.



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OT but

Silver price is going berserk.

Up that is.

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So depressing that even second is no consolation

The silver up news helps though.

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Looks Interesting

Silver spiking that is. Keep Stacking

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It is a glorious day here, being forced against my will to go golfing this afternoon.

I realize my biggest problem will be not to make a double bogey today, it puts life here in North America in perspective


Stack till it hurts

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do we now have two war parties?

the D's are keeping up with the R's on this issue.

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Listen Carefully

Batchelor seldom contradicts or challenges his guests, so it is necessary to fact check them heavily.  Cohen is currently pro Russian, but he has flip-floped on that over the years.  There is a lot of good information in what he says, but I am unsure on some of the conclusions.  Like many professors, he likes to talk a lot, which may be a prerequisite for a radio show.  Remember that just because there is straw and horseshit in a box doesn't mean there is a pony in there.

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Aggression is in eye of beholder

West Beats War Drums Over Russian 'Menace', Overlooks Saudi Crimes in Yemen

If US policy makers are really concerned with the foreign aggression issue they should focus more on the Saudi-led invasion of Yemen and Bahrain, instead of pointing the finger at Russia's imaginary "threat," Canadian writer and political activist Stephen Gowans notes.

While the West is accusing Russia of an imaginary "invasion" of Ukraine, the United States, Canada and Europe remain suspiciously silent on Saudi aggression against Yemen and Bahrain, Canadian writer and political activist Stephen Gowans stresses.

Read more:

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When they start talking about climate change, I turn red. No warming in 15 years, boys. And a bunch of lies and false data.  It really is a religion. What other way can we explain how these smart people can be so blind?

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@mrviolin Re: Climate

"What other way can we explain..."?

Global carbon tax on us carbon based units is the ultimate source of government revenue... It is a potential cash cow beyond compare, and then couple it with a virtually infinite source of new regulations, it's a bureaucrat's wet dream.

Of course, for any thinking human being, it doesn't take an IQ > 80 to know that the primary factor by far when it comes to climate change on Earth, is the SUN!! DOH!!

And guess what, it appears our sun is entering another Grand Minimum...

That is why no warming in 15 years boys...

Perhaps that is also why Obama wants more icebreakers in the Arctic?

Spread the word... wake up! Wake other people up!

Don't let politicians and bureaucrats get away with this scam!

Edit: And then there is this from 2013, if you are still feeling confused

Can you feel the irony yet?

And here is one for all you bible thumpers (no offence intended :^)

So now you noah ;^)

Let it be known, the Plant Kingdom breathes CO2, and exhales O... get the picture?

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