Ukraine Crisis Update

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The situation remains tense in Ukraine as both sides position themselves for confrontation. Diplomatic efforts behind the scenes have intensified, too, so please be sure to check this week's discussion and update.

Among the topics covered last evening by Mr. Batchelor and Professor Cohen:

Again, this crisis could erupt into full scale civil war on a moments notice so please be sure to stay abreast of the situation by listening to these weekly discussions.



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Gamble gamble

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thanks Turd!

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THURD!!! What could be

THURD!!! What could be sweeter than my favorite spot in the line up?!?

Begins to look like sub $14 Ag is in the cards....I never thought that would ever be a possibility again. Getting close to time to back the truck up! Anyone care to join me? You know, safety in numbers and such...

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Superb informative discussion.tonight.

Thanks for continually downloading these Craig - difficult to tune in live from here in France. Got me away from the s**t for a

while as well. 

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Alasdair Macleod: China

Alasdair Macleod: China Chooses Her Weapons

"Instead, to understand why she is changing the yuan-dollar rate we must look at currencies from China’s perspective. China is the world’s largest manufacturing power by far, and can be said to control global trade pricing as a result. It then becomes obvious that China is not so much devaluing the yuan, but causing a dollar revaluation upwards relative to international trade prices. She is aware that the US economy is in difficulties and that the Fed is worried about the prospect of price deflation, so lower import prices are the last thing the Fed needs. Now China’s currency move begins to make sense.

The mini-devaluations were a signal to Washington and the rest of the world that if she so wishes China can dictate the global economic outlook through the foreign exchange markets. China believes, with good reason, that she is more politically and economically robust, and has a better grasp over the actions of her own citizens, than the welfare economies of the west in the event of an economic downturn. Therefore, she is pursuing her foreign exchange policy from a position of strength. And the increments that will now be added to gold reserves month by month are a signal that China believes she can destabilise the dollar through her control of the physical gold market, because it gently reminds us of an unanswered question always ducked by the US Treasury: what evidence is there of the state of the US’s gold reserves?"

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Re; Alisdairs article

Great insight by AM in that piece. Stashing it away with my stack for future reference

Probably read it a half dozen times and it gets more plausible each time

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