A Visit with Charlie Johnston

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Standing on this Watchtower, we all sense that we live in an uncertain and dangerous period. Some of us have found confirmation of this through the study of market cycles and/or the works of Strauss & Howe. Charlie Johnston speaks of these perilous times in more religious terms and it was quite interesting to visit with him earlier today.

Let me just state up front: This is not your usual podcast. If Christianity (and religion in general) isn't your cup of tea, I urge you to reconsider whether or not you want to listen to this recording. The idea behind presenting Charlie to everyone was to demonstrate another avenue of finding confirmation of the perilous times ahead. Therefore, this thread is not designed as a vehicle to argue about religion and faith, The Church and The Pope. You can do that in the forums. Instead, when Charlie mentions his prophetic visions of "The Storm"...the current period in which we live, lasting through the end of 2017...try to consider how this coincides with all of the other secular and agnostic theories of what is coming over the horizon.

Ultimately, the good news is that Charlie doesn't see this as some sort of End Times apocalypse. Instead, it's a type of purification that leads ultimately to a more honest, trustworthy and caring society. And we can't we all agree that that would be something far preferable to today?!?

So, again, I hope you enjoy this different type of podcast. I very much appreciated having the opportunity to visit with Charlie and I hope we can speak again sometime soon.



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Regarding the audio quality...


It's not the best but sometimes, with Skype, you just simply do the best with what you have. I cleaned it up the best I could but my apologies if you have to turn it up a little bit to hear Charlie clearly.

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my lucky day

sorry ss121, my pm stocks are making my heart sing this week, after years of torment


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Gold Stocks

Seabridge has always been a "gold call option" without an expiration. 

Besides, you have to buy the physical metal with something don't you? ?

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Father Paul Kramer

gave a gripping interview yesterday on Caravan to Midnight.

He calls out the current Pope, effectively the anti-Christ.  Well supported by comparing the Pope's words vs Scripture. It is a hard pill to swallow, the facts are undeniable.  I had never heard of him, but there are many interviews:

​seeing the hippy dippy, liberal social positions the Pope has taken begs some serious questioning.

I see questioning the leadership of Catholics no different than questioning the leadership of the USA.  You can love Catholicism and hate the leadership.  They lost me when they refused to prosecute the pedophiles.   If you can't appreciate and protect children, you are without hope.

The V looks like an I

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Silver66 "Oh No!!!" :-)

I hope everyone's pixels do great!  AND that they convert them to phyzz at the time that yields the most ounces!

The risk (imo) is obviously that the time to convert might kill the yield.  Or worse, the phyzz window closes before one even makes it to the pixel exit.

Again, i hope you hit 'em for maximum ounces, but wow.

Keep me posted on how "staying in the game" works out, and i'll try to remember to occasionally nag you about getting out!! ::'drip':: ::'drip':: ::'drip'::  lol

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OK fine. Whatever.


I'll leave your comment up realitybiter but this thread IS NOT ABOUT THE POPE and I don't want to the discussion to dissolve into religious bickering.

This is simply about seeking confirmation through different channels that things truly are as messed up and dangerous as we all think they are.

Response to: Father Paul Kramer
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Re The Storm


If you want to read more on Charlie's insights, you might start here: https://charliej373.wordpress.com/2015/01/09/the-fullness-of-the-storm/

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I know, I know

don't worry I will let you know


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From outta the Storm

“We should be buying silver…..It’s an amazing story what’s happening……We are on Silver fumes! And people don’t realize it."

---Steve St Angelo (SRSrocco)  End of April 2015


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Johnston Podcast

Thanks Turd, that was a most interesting discussion.  This site continues to amaze me as to the breadth and diversity of the subject matter.  By far it is the best $100. I spend all year.   Regards to all participants.

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That's 20 minutes

I won't get back 

gamble gamble

hey how about talking metals on a metals site!?!?

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Charlie Johnston visit


Bravely done, thank you!

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Farm and Fire Update


If any of you believe in prayer, those of us in Eastern WA could sure use some prayers right now.

The air here is a thick brown due to the many fires. The wind has picked up and is swirling in many directions. Three nights ago a deputy sheriff showed up at my Mom's house (where I was milking my goat) and stressed that we needed to evacuate ASAP. I had a near fit as I didn't want my goats to be burned to death. I hosed down the barn as best I could.

Then... a huge horse trailer pulled up and four people got out. They said, "We heard about a lady on XXXX Road with goats who needed someone to rescue them." I was blown away. I didn't know these people at all. I had never seen them, yet somehow though the rumor mill they heard about me.

It was Hell getting the goats into the trailer. They were very uncooperative. They are also big goats and fought every step of the way.  My husband landed on his butt. He was not happy.

Then, the women in charge asked, "Do you have a place to house your goats?"

"Only on the deck of my husband's home." I replied.

"I've got goats." she said. "How about they come home with me?"

And that is exactly what happened. I made a new friend. Her husband is a horse trainer and was out rescuing horses. Soon her property was filled with other people's animals. Wow! Just Wow!

Folks were helping folks they don't know. Hundreds of men showed up at the fire lines to help fight the fire. They were all turned away. "No resources." they were told. My county is on fire. As is the neighboring county. There is a fire within a mile of where I am typing.

I have seen the spirit of my neighbors. They are generous and kind, and willing to lay down their lives to protect the lives and property of their neighbors. This experience has given me a renewed hope. I do not believe TPTB are going to fully get their own way. At least in this Red Neck county, the spirit of America is alive and well.

Here is a link to a map of the fires. They are growing.


Here is a link to the county website with fire updates:


We are experiencing a terrible drought. The crops are burning up. Those who have followed my updates know how important alfalfa is to me. I had three tons in reserve. They are being used right now. There simply is no food for the animals out in the pastures. I am feeding 5 lambs and 7 goats alfalfa. Yikes!

I am blessed to have 5 tons of irrigated organic alfalfa on order for this winter. Every year it gets more expensive. I want to get as much as I can before the crash.

I have been sharing on the Alternative Medicine Forum here the miracle that is happening with my husband's cancer. I have learned a lot about that terrible menace.

So, if any of you can find it in your hearts to pray, those of us up here could sure use them. There is nothing fun about being in the midst of a fire storm, and that is what the weathermen are all saying is coming our way due to 35-40 mile per hour gusts this evening and tomorrow-all day tomorrow.

The forests are dry. The pastures are burnt up. I've seen more deer than I have ever seen here. They are out in the alfalfa pastures helping themselves to the farmer's alfalfa. There is no food for them in the forests.....

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Charlie Johnston

Thank you for this Craig, would it be alright to share this with

family and friends?

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You have hundreds of other threads for that


As stated on this podcast page...If this isn't your cup of tea, then just move on. Plenty of other threads to comment on.

Response to: That's 20 minutes
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It's a public thread.

Response to: Charlie Johnston
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What doesn't impact PMs?   :)

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Thank you..

It would be fantastic if someone could convert the interview to text.

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I wonder how the SNB is going with the current market action?

After all they own a lot of AAPL stock, and didn't they sell off a lot of Gold?

It must be hard being someone else's bitch in the Gangster world of Central Banking.

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Not bickering

just sharing information.  It is quite clear, that something is afoot, from the top on down.  It is not a whatever.  The "whatever" attitude is the same attitude that suckers folks into thinking that markets are free because the honest folks at the sec and cftc do their job, or that Congress represents their constituents, or that their religious leaders represent their religion and their flock, on an on - FDA, EPA, IRS, all are shining examples of absolute power corrupting absolutely.....and if folks adopt the "whatever" attitude and fail to do their job and judge deeds, not positions, then we are all doomed.

It all has to be on the table.

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So good to hear from you again, and of the great sacrifice and community spirit you have described.  You and all your community will certainly be in my prayers for safety and minimal damage!!

I am sure though, that you didn't see any bankers or insurance execs on the fire lines.  My belief is that they are sipping champagne and scarfing caviar, as they gloat about how many insurance claims they can deny, so as to maximize foreclosures.

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Funny from ZH


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With a grain of salt...


But Charlie has always been concerned about North Korea as an instigator of trouble.

This may just be the latest act of BS and bluster. Maybe, maybe not. We'll see, I guess...

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The Chinese game plan for

The Chinese game plan for attacking America

Based on what I've learned from multiple sources, the Chinese game plan for America consists of a triple-layered simultaneous surprise attack -- an "electronic Pearl Harbor" -- as described below. For the record, this information is gleaned from a combination of things I've been told, things I've read and the exercising of "connect the dots" logic that anticipates likely tactical moves targeting the United States.

Here's the triple-layer assault America may soon face:

Layer #1) An attack on the dollar and U.S. debt instruments.

Layer #2) A massive cyber warfare attack on the U.S. infrastructure.

Layer #3) An attack on U.S. military satellites to maximize the disruption of military communications, banking transactions, emergency services and other systems that depend on satellite communications.

I discuss each of these in more detail below:


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Stunning One-Day Decline In Shanghai Futures Exchange

Stunning One-Day Decline In Shanghai Futures Exchange Silver Inventories

Steve St. Angelo|

August 19, 2015 - 10:38pm

In a surprising update, the Shanghai Futures Exchange reported one of the largest single-day withdrawals of silver off its exchange today.  As of yesterday, the total amount of silver stored at the Shanghai Futures Exchange (SHFE) was 256 metric tons (mt).  If we look at the chart below, we can see how the SHFE silver inventories grew slightly over the past week and then dropped significantly today:

Shanghai Futtures Exchange Silver Stocks Aug 19


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Additional color


More on why Korean "tensions" heating up. Seems 'lil Kim doesn't like the loudspeakers at the border... http://www.cnn.com/2015/08/20/asia/koreas-tensions/

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All world leaders are nuts and perverted sickos.

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Chinese Game plan

On Tyberious' 3rd point the disruption of communication probably through an emp, I have been looking for an aluminum garbage can but cant find any.  Will a galvanized steel one work or would i have to coat it with heavy duty aluminum foil and line it with cardboard also?

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