Tensions And Stakes Are High

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As we watch the Minsk peace accords be assigned to the trash heap of history, Batchelor and Cohen returned last night with their usual, excellent discussion of the situation in Ukraine and the danger it presents for all of us.

Just a few of the topics covered Tuesday evening:

  • A summary of the recent military activity all along "the Donbass frontier"
  • The significance of the current visits by both Putin and Medvedev to Crimea
  • The (emergency?) meeting being held in Berlin on Monday between Merkel, Hollande and Poroshenko...noting the absence of Putin from this group that originally negotiated the Minsk2 accords back in February
  • The nearly endless and unanimous, Cold War-style "red-baiting" and propaganda in the US media

Please be sure to listen to this entire program and then be certain to stay on top of the headlines as the situation in Ukraine continues to deteriorate.



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Not gonna say it

So there!

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Neither shall I

But I am wondering why all the precious metals analysts have a strange first name, like Avi or Bo.

I guess John or Jerome is not an exotic enough name for one who can decipher the deep mysteries of fundamentals, cycles, technical and sentiment analysis. Avi's argument in the article the other day was particularly absurd as he claimed to reject fundamental analysis and rely instead on sentiment. Sounds like "following the crowd" to me--an effect and not a cause. If I was his editor, I'd have rejected it.

Thanks for your comments yesterday Barfly. I, too, had been getting swept along in the negativity of collapse talk.

I also appreciate the comments of cashonly this morning putting Jonathan Cahn's thesis into a nutshell. Yet, at the same time, Cahn's warnings have another argument that warrants them that he doesn't even mention: The "coincidence" of these important dates on the Jewish calendar with the fact that FED leaders, as well as international and Wall street banking leadership is heavily populated by Jewish people...  Hmmm...   If these PTB people were to pick a reset date that adheres to a cycle model, what day might they choose?

Cahn also argues that if the people do not follow the law of the Shemitah and forgive debts, a day that should be one of celebration transforms into a day of judgment--hence the market pullbacks each 7 years, getting more intense with each cycle. Just in case, I'll cash out of my 403b ETFs on september 11th before that "fateful" weekend.

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Nice spike in silver

Nice spike in silver especially, but you have to be rather skeptical this will be allowed to stand with the economic driving Fed Minutes coming later on. Also options expiry is approaching - and below 15$ looks preferable for the cartel as things stand.

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Nice little pop

Barfly's post was excellent. We are heavy in cash and puts on the S&P.

New money in to the firm is sitting in cash with a review date of Oct 1 2015 to look at allocating


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$1128 last


$1130-1132 resistance. Old bottom from November 7 and July 17.

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They are bout to pull the dollar.

Watch it all go boom.

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Hillary Mocks FBI Claim She

Hillary Mocks FBI Claim She Wiped Email Server Clean, "What With A Cloth Or Something?"

Submitted by Tyler Durden on 08/18/2015 - 18:49

The stunning imbroglio of Hillary Clinton's path to The White House took another absurd twist tonight when just hours after The FBI confirmed an "attempt" was made to wipe the hard drive of her email server (or in other words, remove all data on it), the former secretary of state seemed to mock the claims in a press conference. When asked specifically if she wiped the server, she 'ummed' and 'ahhed' then jokingly said "what with a cloth or something?"


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After 6 Years Of QE, And A

After 6 Years Of QE, And A $4.5 Trillion Balance Sheet, St. Louis Fed Admits QE Was A Mistake

Submitted by Tyler Durden on 08/19/2015 - 07:12

"Evidence in support of Bernanke's view of the channels through which QE works is at best mixed. There is no work, to my knowledge, that establishes a link from QE to the ultimate goals of the Fed inflation and real economic activity. Indeed, casual evidence suggests that QE has been ineffective in increasing inflation."

For the FED:


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One Trader's FOMC Take - "A

One Trader's FOMC Take - "A Rate Hike Is Coming And It Is Not Priced In"

Submitted by Tyler Durden on 08/19/2015 - 09:29

A rate hike is coming. It is coming because the economy is not in crisis and zero rates are crisis rates, Bloomberg’s Richard Breslow writes. It is coming because the benefits of starting down the path to monetary policy normality are vitally important to the future health of the economy and restoring the Fed’s reaction function. The world can share the benefits and the costs. But one thing we do know, is that with all the hinting and polling and talk of trajectory, it is not priced in.


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Adult Jokes 18+'s photo.

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This is excellent


These 'Reality Asserts Itself' sessions on Real Network News are the best

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Well here you go


DPR set to hold secession vote from Ukraine. Here is your casus belli for the renewed war:


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