Another Ukraine Update

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Another must listen program last night from Mr. Batchelor and Professor Cohen. Just because the MSM has moved on to other stories DOES NOT mean that this crisis has been resolved or is any less dangerous.

The show begins with an excellent summation of recent events and then topics covered include:

  • The threats to the Poroshenko government from ultra-nationalist and neo-nazi groups such as Right Sector and the Azov Batallions. Could this be leading to a second "Maidan" and outright civil war?
  • Efforts within the Ukraine parliament to somehow implement the proposals of the Minsk 2 Agreements.
  • How Buffoon Biden would be the worst possible presidential candidate for anyone hoping that peace and stability might somehow prevail in Ukraine.
  • Only a recognition that the U.S. is complicit in the crisis can bring resolution and peace

As usual, there's a lot more discussed than those those four points. Please try to make the time to five this a thorough listen.



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