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With the fragile ceasefire in Ukraine holding for another week, last evening John and Steve recorded a discussion that was straight out of Turdville. This podcast focuses upon the BRICS Summit last week in Ufa, Russia as well as the Shanghai Cooperation Organization and what all of this means for the future of "the west".

Among the topics covered last evening:

  • The Iran Nuclear Deal vis a vis Russia/BRICS/SCO
  • This Iran Deal could not have happened without Russia's support yet, just this week, top US leaders branded Russia as "the greatest threat to US national security":
  • How we are all witnessing a transformation of the post Cold War world order with the US not involved. "Living through an epic change", as Professor Cohen puts it.
  • The symbolism of Putin's trip to Beijing for China's V-J Day in September

In the final segment, a discussion of what we've been following here, namely a growing Right Sector rebellion in Ukraine that Professor Cohen describes as "a direct threat to the Poroshenko presidency". Not only is the US still 100% behind the Poro/Yats junta in Kiev, they've actually doubled-down this week. After Yatsenyuk visited Washington, an announcement was made that the US might soon begin full training for the regular Ukrainian army. Ugh.

As always, please be sure to give this show a thorough listen in order to stay on top of this very dangerous situation.



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Concerned about today's price smash?


Don't be. Regular and predictable:

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I saw the price smash this morning and tried to buy, yet prices for smaller amounts (with heightened premiums) are still $1 or so above where I like to buy them. So, yeah, funny how lower prices don't always lead to lower physical prices. I'll have to go to my local coin shop later to see if I can find any good deals there. Or maybe I'll have to wait for higher prices to get cheaper metal (??!).

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Sign up for an account here:

You get a little free gold for signing up, but you also can buy at 1% over spot in any quantity.  It's the cheapest option I've found.

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There is no cease fire

Update from the parents is that the last 3 days have been the loudest since last winter. Donetsk and Gorlovka have shelled hard the last few days from heavy artillery and mortars. Ukraine has tried to make some reconnaissance-in-force in Peski and Spartak yesterday (villages North of Donetsk). Bottom line, very big spike in intensity in the last few days.

I'm also not so sure this Right Sector thing has legs. It seems really odd that this is happening while the Ukrainian army is intensifying operations in the east. If Poroshenko and Kiev are so threatened, why push in Donbass when you need the forces elsewhere? (Not saying nothing will come of this Right Sector stuff, but at this hour, things just seem odd everywhere). Near-term, don't expect Right Sector to overthrow Poroshenko. More likely is that power gets consolidated under Poroshenko with Ukrainian Interior Minister Avokov getting canned. A compromise with Right Sector is more likely than an overthrow right now.

There were also 2 assassination attempts in Donetsk yesterday. One was against DNR premier's secretary, the other against a DNR ideologue. Apparently there's some in-fighting going on in DNR (and anecdotal evidence suggests that different parties in Russia are competing for their respective plan to be pursued in Donbass). Someone I haven't talked about before, but the man Putin has put in charge of managing the Donbass conflict from the Russian side was in Donetsk yesterday. That parallels Nuland making a sudden trip to Kiev today as well.

So, in summary, there's chaotic developments all over Ukraine and none of it makes a whole lot of sense right now. But things seem to be breaking loose and the situation in Ukraine looks to set to start changing here really fast. Can't say with any confidence what's going to happen, but the whole damn country has tremors right now.

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The beatings will continue until morale improves!


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Not a price smash if you are a Canuck

A spike up for us northerners...

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Hey Turd

Mucho thanks for your pushing these Bachelor-Cohen discussions and keeping us up to date...It is so important to get their insight on the most important geopolitical events of our time 

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Thank you

Silver Sooner! Nothing like on the ground reports.

May your family be safe.

Edit: And of course Thank You TF. Without which we wouldn't have this place where we all can learn so much.

Especially at a low, low price of 10 USCredits a month.

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And all that anybody cares


And all that anybody cares about are the meaningless mutterings of an Old Bag.

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Military junta

The current quasi-gestapo government (Poroshenko, Yatsenyuk, Geletey) makes me sick....but the last thing Ukraine's people need is the ultra-nationalist military junta making any decision about their lives. They are nothing but brainless bloody creeps to me....sort of like Slavic fanatical ISIS.

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This is excellent

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