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With the Minsk Peace Agreements all but dead and the crisis no longer contained to The Black Sea basin, please take the time each week to listen to these informative discussions.

Last night's discussion primarily focused upon the two, primary reasons for why I have been stressing the importance of this crisis since February of 2014.

  1. The U.S. foolishly and arrogantly acts as if it "holds all the cards" and, in making every effort to "isolate" Russia, is instead encouraging and accelerating the development of a new Eurasian Alliance.
  2. The start of a new Cold War brings with it the very real risk of Hot War. There are now US/NATO troops stationed in the Baltic States and along the Russian border and there is even casual talk, from both sides, about the possibility of using battlefield or "tactical" nuclear weapons.

Please listen to this entire podcast but pay particular attention to segment #3, which begins at the 18:15 mark. This situation in Ukraine and Eastern Europe is extraordinarily dangerous and you must remain alert and aware.


p.s. Two items where Professor Cohen slipped a bit last night but, having done a lot of live interviews myself, I'm willing to cut him some slack. First, he routinely confuses B-2 bombers with B-52 bombers. In the end, does it matter? More interesting, he states that "the Iron Curtain was more about keeping The West out that keeping The Soviet Bloc in". I'd say that's debatable...particularly if you ask the political prisoners or anyone that lived in East Berlin.


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First! First! First! First! First! FIRST!!!!!!!!!

Home sick today.  Physically feel like a total TURD!  

Now feeling much, much better!

By the way


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2 nd

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Fourth and accounted for


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Yes it does matter


It is not the difference between the BUFF and the B-2, but the missions for which they were designed, two totally different platforms for totally different missions.  That's why the buff is still in inventory.  I get that he is trying to make his point, but at a cost of his credibility.  While I do enjoy their show as it echoes many of my own opinions, I think they bend the facts to support some of them.  If nobody holds his feet to the fire, he will continue to make stupid mistakes.  This is what happens with historians more often than is comfortable.

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Excellent points.

However, I do think that this is the only fact-based, honest and fair discussion of the Ukraine Crisis anywhere in US and European media.

Response to: Yes it does matter
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Russophrenia - an illness in need of a cure

Russophrenia - a condition where the sufferer believes Russia is both about to collapse, and take over the world. Since 2013, instances of this ailment have reached epidemic-like proportions in certain parts of Washington, London and Brussels.

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And in case anyone missed this


And in case anyone missed this in yesterday's podcast discussion:

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Let's not all forget what in

Let's not all forget what in my opinion was one of our more distinguish presidents said of the twentieth century warned us all of, the military industrial complex(machine) the Halliburtons ect of this country. What do you do to prolong fiat currency and strengthen this economy WAR.Dangerous game there playing this time. Just my opinion. Bob123

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I Love This Show...but....

None of the Presidential -so called candidates - are in any position to stop this. I'm not an American. But believing in the Electoral System at this point is like believing in the COMEX. as a price discovery system based on free markets. Come on guy's. we're beyond that... aren't we ? Rand Paul dry humping the Great Wall with his Yamulke on ? Nobody represents you any longer. Take it back or stop with this nonsense. You are being used. All of us in the West are fodder for the "Greater Israel Project ". Have you been to Israel ? It's the most racist country on the planet bar none. The monetary system and the World's Reserve Currency system is being used to propagate WAR. Period.  How many terrorist attacks have the NSA, FBI, TSA, CIA etc... etc.... ever Geez.. what a coinky dink.... Get rid of "usury" and take this Country and all freedom loving countries back. Or die. That's you're choice. But puleezeeeee stop talking about Bush, Hillary, and Rand Paul and Trump. This clown show has run its course.

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