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Over the weekend, I had the pleasure of once again being a guest on The Korelin Economics Report.

Though we recorded this last Thursday, the information discussed is still very much valid and timely. Please give it a listen.



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keep on stacking

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keep on stacking

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Yeah baby

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Your are out of line slobberingbull

I am Thurd, Sciter is a double post

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Keep Stacking Baby

I listened this weekend

Segment 3

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Great Conviction, Turd...

Very confident interview.  Certainly blessed to be associated with you and this site.

We're almost there, everyone!  Hang in there...

The fact that the Yen broke down in June and gold barely budged has massive implications; namely, that the physical floor is IN and staring us in the face!

Don't be a pimp and Sell Bottoms.

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