A Visit with Rick Rule

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Thursday afternoon, I had the opportunity to visit with Rick Rule, Chairman of Sprott US Holdings. This conversation covers several topics in a short amount of time so I urge you to find the time to listen.

Among the topics discussed:

  • The tender offer made by Sprott for the outstanding shares of Central Gold Trust and Central Silver Trust. Does this tender offer present a possible arbitrage opportunity?
  • The current state of the mining shares and how today's condition resembles past cycles of doom and despair.
  • The new fund Eric Sprott is assembling to take advantage of miners and properties that have become "distressed" at these extraordinarily low paper prices.

More information can be found at the Sprott Global website: http://sprottglobal.com

I also encourage you to visit the Sprott Money website whenever you are thinking about adding to your physical stack: http://www.sprottmoney.com?mw_aref=f4acdd227eeba8225953094002d08d78



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I will now listen

Thanks Turd


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second which is now third

sorry for double post


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(No subject)


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5 in Maori, also a tree

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@4 oz

Looks like a SCOTUS justice to me.

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I was Busy

Elsewhere and missed this thread, now to listen. Keep Stacking

Felt more like an ad to me but heck what do I know. Keep Stacking

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what a great interview.

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Rick Rule says we haven`t had a capitulation yet but strangley enough, just yesterday, I found myself thinking "f**k this, I think I`ll just get rid of it all and quit worrying". I`ve never wavered before and it occured to me that I was/must be close to capitulation, without even realizing it. I have since recovered my senses but wondered if anyone else had similar fleeting thoughts.

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Great Interview

Thanks to Rick for taking the time and Turd for making it possible.

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I moved to Sprott. 

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If the essence of building wealth is to buy low and sell high,
Doesn't selling high presuppose that one bought low,
And doesn't this feel like low?

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Haven't been counting but I think I have capitulated about 15 or 20 times since 2008.  I think they are beating a dead horse if they want capitulation. I think they just prolong a bad idea because of personality disorders.  Never met a narcissist or a sociopath that ever made a mistake.  Jail would have cured this BS.

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