Another Ukraine Update

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Batchelor and Cohen offered another insightful summary and discussion of the Ukraine Crisis last evening. Please find the time to listen to this today.

Among the topics covered:

  • An excellent summary of how we got here is offered in segment one
  • The recent provocative statements from US United Nations ambassador Samantha Power
  • A fascinating/depressing new poll of citizens of NATO member states regarding military "options" in Ukraine
  • Putin's popularity in Russia and the recent surge of nationalistic pride there

This situation continues to deteriorate and it demands some of your attention each week. These discussions by John and Steve are the only honest commentaries that I can find in the "western" media. Please be sure to listen.



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must be sleeping in.


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It is

Amazing that confidence hasnt been lost already in this busted, God forsaken system!!!!!!!!!!!  Look at these markets, I mean what a joke.  No volume just rigged controlled movements.

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Batchelor and Cohen Last Night

This was a detailed and disturbing presentation. I know people in Estonia, Austria and Moldova. They have a visceral hatred of the Russians and term them, Slavs. I think Americans do not know the long history of conflicts in those areas and we wander in like we have in the Middle East.

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excellent comment


Great point.

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IMF Violates IMF Rules, to

IMF Violates IMF Rules, to Continue Ukraine Bailouts

In other words: a statement by Ukraine’s government that it wants to reach an agreement with its private creditors is being used by the IMF as if it were an excuse to extend into the indefinite future the IMF’s continued taxpayer-guaranteed financing of (‘lending’ to) the Ukrainian government, despite the fact that the IMF is violating two of the IMF’s own most-basic rules restricting its lending-authority — these rules are lending-restrictions whose purpose was to reduce the riskiness of the IMF’s lending, and so to minimize the amount that the IMF will be taking from taxpayers to fund its losses:

1: The IMF does not lend to nations at war — but Ukraine continues being at war against its former Donbass region despite the Minsk II ceasefire agreement; ceasefire violations, especially by the Ukrainian side, continue regularly.

2: The IMF does not lend to nations that are likely to default — but every independent source categorizes Ukraine as being virtually certain to default, and the only actual question regarding Ukraine is: when? The IMF’s answer: we’ll keep lending, building Ukraine’s public debt even higher, until our aim is achieved, and then we won’t — and that’s when the default will occur — the default will happen when we decide it will happen. It will happen when we will stop lying and saying that it won’t happen. 

The reasons for Ukraine’s actual insolvency are obvious. As John Helmer reported on 3 September 2014, “of the $3.2 billion disbursed to the Ukrainian treasury by the IMF at the start of May [in order to finance the war], $3.1 billion had disappeared offshore by the middle of August. The role of the leading Ukrainian banks, and of the Kiev officials allied with them, in arranging this was reported here.” His “here” linked to his earlier report, “Stress Test for IMF in Ukraine — 

More here:

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