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Earlier today, our pal "Denver" Dave stopped by for a terrific, one-hour discussion of current events and the precious metals. Great stuff from a wise and experienced analyst. Please make the time to listen.

Just some of the topics covered in this podcast:

  • the real state of the US economy and why the bureaucrats and MSM are working so hard to maintain the illusion
  • the cesspool of global derivative bets that threaten to collapse the financial system at a moment's notice
  • the state of the US housing sector and why some homebuilders will never recover
  • the prospect making gold ownership illegal and/or outright confiscation by governmental authorities
  • much, much more

And here a just a few examples of some of the great work that Dave has recently posted to his site:

I'm confident that you'll enjoy this show and find it a valuable use of your time.



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Now to listen

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And from Africa still no less :)

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the fact that you have such great guests on your show/site is a gift for me (us?). There is no doubt in my mind that the 10 bucks/month for being a Turdite is more than well spend. Dave Kranzler's site is a MUST for me every day. Jim Comiskey, Greg Hunter....all the good guys. You know 'em. 

Recently when listening to your podcasts (it is a daily routine for me when driving to office at 6am) I've sometimes got the impression that you have become kind of tired of fighting against the evil forces of darkness. Maybe especially as you need to see that some Turdite jump off he ship being screwed up by the metal rigging that has become quite severe and frustrating.

Let me tell you: I will be part of the Turdite army until this whole financial monster bullshit game blows up. I have been following your site now for at least the last 4 years, and your development  in analysing the metal markets, combining it with the geopolitical developments (e.g. Batchelor/Cohen interviews) ....... the wash and rinse game...and and and -let's say your learning process- is quite amazing for me, and to be honest to you, I do also profit from it.

Thanks, dude. You are doing an awesome job.

Viele Grüße aus Deutschland.

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Ya Vol Now to listen.  Keep Stacking

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What silverflower just said...

All for a measly $10 bucks !

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I believe one of the members may have posted a link at the end of Turd's previous blog.  However, I thought it would be prudent to repost it here for members who did not see it.

INDIAN SILVER IMPORTS: On Track To Smash All Records

This could turn out to be one interesting year as India and the United States both increase their silver imports... consuming more than half of the worlds silver mine supply.


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Does silver feel like

It's ready to explode higher ? 

Gamble gamble 

or wishful thinking , can't tell!

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And if derivatives have gone off...bond market is primed (not)

Short transcript from Don Coxe at FinancialSense - just to add to the mix - the points I got:

...20 companies manage 70% of the supply of bonds in the world. This is a concentration…

... last week it was revealed that of the corporate bonds issued in the last 12 months, 60% of junk bonds have what's called cov-lite or light covenants. Now, it used to be that less than 10% of them had that. That means that these are bonds that can be issued where if something goes wrong you can't get the company to buy them because they don't have a covenant to do anything in the meantime to protect you...

...More than 100% of corporate cash flow at the moment is being used in this country to buy back stock...


As somebody like Greenspan said last year - "...tinder..." for the fire

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I know it's early but can you look at the sweet spot for silver options expiration?

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Playing Yo-Yo.

The World Bank joined the IMF in urging the Fed to hold off raising rates until next year, citing an uneven U.S. recovery and the risk to emerging markets of tightening policy any sooner. (Bloomberg).   

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I could use another hour of that!

Great interview.  However, Dave tends to think before he speaks (more should), but Turd, you just had to fill-up the air and talk over him.  Dave is smart as all get out, let him think then speak.

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Great Interview


That was another great interview!!!  Turd, you are the best.  I rarely post but get here everyday to read and learn.  Thank you.

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When $100 Trillion becomes 40 Cents


Anyone worried about the exchange value of their precious metals versus FRN's should print that out and hang on the wall.

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Interesting Denver Dave Interview

Dave discusses a (possible) coming shortage of silver to process in London by October this year.


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The Penniless Billionaires


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U.S. Bonds ...

Yet another wacky day for bonds.  Since when is there that much volatility in the bond market?  I thought the bond market was bigger than the stock market?  Maybe I'm thinking of the currency market.  Don't know?  Quite a neophyte at any of it.  In any event, how much money would it take to drive a move in he 30-year from 3.23% down to 3.10%?  Where did the love for U.S. treasuries come from today?  This all very mysterious and a bit spooky, if you ask me.

About as spooky and mysterious as the disappearance of our (former) Secretary of State, John (the Haircut) Kerry.  Not a word anywhere in the MSM.  Elsewhere, nothing but speculation.  Must be on double-secret probation.  Hitlerry, you resigned way too soon!

wax off

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I was looking into Platinum awhile back and was considering it and then Team Woody slapped the Russian sanctions on. Then I heard to A2A with Mickey Fulp and thought hmmmm.... maybe I should reconsider. Then I heard about this prior to Zerohedge picking it up.

Channel Stuffing The Economy: There Has Never Been More Cars "On The Sidelines" | Zero Hedge

That's a lot of Platinum that has already been bought and paid for.

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The GLD has abstained from eating more of its tail today.  No change to the book entry.

Carry on.

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RealVision interview with Andrew Maguire

Real Vision has great interview with Andrew Maguire about gold suppression

gata_painting_small.gifSubmitted by cpowell on 10:58AM ET Thursday, June 11, 2015. Section: Daily Dispatches

1:58p ET Thursday, June 11, 2015

Dear Friend of GATA and Gold:

Singapore-based fund manager Grant Williams has just done an outstanding and detailed interview with London metals trader Andrew Maguire in the Real Vision series of in-depth interviews with leading figures in the financial markets.

Among the topics discussed by Maguire and Williams:

-- The intention of the Bank of England's gold sales to drive the price down 15 years ago to rescue bullion banks from a short squeeze.

-- Maguire's attempt to get the U.S. Commodity Futures Trading Commission interested in documentation he provided about silver market manipulation in London.

-- The shocking impact on the metals market caused by CPM Group executive Jeffrey Christian's admission to a CFTC hearing that bullion banks are leveraged by as much as 100 to 1 in their shorting of metal.

-- The official interventions against gold in April 2013

-- London's loss of control of the gold market to Asia, where the physical market will overwhelm the paper or "synthetic" markets of the West.

-- The new Asian exchanges that will draw metal away from the West and break the price-suppression system.

-- What Maguire considers the financial trade of the decade.

The Real Vision people have kindly posted Maguire's interview entirely in the clear here --


-- in the hope that you'll want to consider subscribing to their service, whose price is $400 per year. But a $100 discount is available to GATA supporters who use the discount code GATA-RV when subscribing. Please check out Real Vision here:


CHRIS POWELL, Secretary/Treasurer
Gold Anti-Trust Action Committee Inc.


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re: Platinum & Palladium

Nanotech is making huge strides, having already made several catalysts better than either platinum or palladium. Once they figure out how to scale the processes, that's the end of both as industrial metals. Anyone holding might seriously consider searching nanowerk.com for relevant information and rotating into Ag/Au.

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Hey, where is my Bo Spike?


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Coin Lovers, and Other Kind of Associals and Lunatics... ;-)

I was reading this great piece of journalism from Bloomberg on Yahoo --

Even Coin Collectors Have Given Up on Gold


A then, I went to check what's new in my good ole communist Fatherland, and to my surprise, there is this, on the front page --

PORADNA: Investiční zlato: Ideální nástroj na spoření na důchod

(ADVISORY: Investment Gold, the Ideal Way/Tool to Save for your Retirement)


There is something really wrong with this world. ;-)

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Silver about to explode higher?!

Too much Blow Pony lately?

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Thank you


I really, really appreciate it.

Response to: Turd,
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Been out all day


LT#2 and I have been "bach-ing it" while MrsF and LT#1 are off to a college visit. So, LT#2 and I went golfing this afternoon.

Doesn't look like I missed much. Gold $1181. Silver $15.98

Wednesday's final silver OI was only an increase of 146 to 189,670. Regardless, still a new ATH. Please be patient. Recall that I wrote the article about the "pending short squeeze" for April on April 15, warning then that it was still a few days away. The actual squeeze began on the 25th. Same deal here as the squeeze, if it's going to happen, looks timed for after the Fedlines next Wednesday.

This is fun: http://www.goldcore.com/us/gold-blog/indian-silver-demand-explodes-to-us-silver-owners-delight/

This sounds familiar: http://news.yahoo.com/currency-dies-zimbabweans-5-175-quadrillion-local-dollars-153844646.html

And this is frightening as well as sad: http://www.theburningplatform.com/2015/06/11/americans-sign-petition-to-nuke-russia/

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One fun thing about the PMs


You never know what might happen next in the world's most managed and manipulated markets. Here's one I've never seen before. For the past three days, here are the closing Comex price changes for the July (front delivery month, most active) silver:

Tuesday: -0.002¢

Wednesday: +0.002¢

Today: +0.001¢

Again, just when you think you seen everything...Your 3-day NET change is $0.001¢. No, that's one cent. That's 1/10 of one cent. <giggle> <chuckle> Unbelievable.

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Even more bullshit


And JPMorgan books into their eligible account another perfect and precise, no-need-to-measure-because-they're-brand-new-kilobars...FIVE METRIC TONNES.

Give me a break. What a gigantic scam this all is.

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Has it usually been JPM that is moving the precise tonnage?  If they are acting on behalf of the Fed, the could all of these precise movements in fact be the swaps in question.?

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