Putin Meets Kerry - Some Thoughts From JB & SFC

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Did the sudden meeting yesterday of President Putin and Secretariat Kerry catch you by surprise? I know it did me and it also surprised John and Steve. They had some ideas as to why this meeting occurred so you should give this podcast a listen.

Just a few observations:

  • Were there some high-level "discussions" between leaders at the Victory Day rally last weekend? Did these discussions prompt the sudden scheduling of the Putin-Kerry meeting? And what did Putin and Kerry discuss yesetrday? Could this be the final effort to fortify and implement the Minsk Peace Agreements brokered a few months ago?
  • Professor Cohen was quick to point out that Chinese Premier Xi was seated right next to Putin during the Victory Day festivities. Not far away could be found Mr. Modi of India, too. Can you say "SCO"?
  • John and Steve also discuss the ongoing situation in Greece and Turkey and the likelihood of a new alliance with Russia that would include a new "South Stream" gas pipeline that would bypass Ukraine.

Lots of other interesting information here so, as usual, I urge you to give this a thorough listen.



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Ha, no work for me today...off to a charity golf tournament

Hope this early morning pop goes on all day

Perhaps Kerry can get some Man lessons from Putin


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Just started listening

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Will protect us.

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"God's Work"

I'd like a second opinion from an insider.

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it has become such a comfort

Listening to John Bachelor nose breathe into that microphone.

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I had two thoughts about this while listening:

1) Why oh why, if Kerry was going to be in Russia didn't the educated dopes that run the goobermint get him there a couple days sooner to be part of the 70th celebration....


2) I could see Putin the Chess Master allowing  Kerry the Dufas to get the pomp, press, accolades and soundbites of being some  'Great Statesman'  all while quietly giving the USA any easy out/free egress to end sanctions & this bs in Kiev....

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The Only People In The World

...that don't know how corrupt the US Federal Gov is, are the US Citizens.  Give us some help here serfs!

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Glad to see you enjoying yourself. Me, I'm trying to hold deals together so that I can get paid so I can buy some Shiney. Lol Keep Stacking

P.S. @Turd I stayed up late waiting for your podcast, so that's why I'm grouchy today. lol

Lol I can't believe I listened to the video as I don't usually follow them but I guess I'm starved off Turdism LMAO

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Does that mean that today we can call you Grouchas45?  laugh

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It's A Runaway

To $1219.50 where it hit the wall of the care takers.

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How about Nausechas as I'm feeling sick today for a couple of my Contracts are falling apart. Lol

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If you have the time, please vote for us here:


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it's clear

It's clear, on Asian side, who the allies are.   That was a very strong showing of support by China and India to Russia.  BTW, those 3 nations combined have over a quarter of the world's population and one of them is the LARGEST economy on earth.  The answer to the most relevant question is:  Where do those who seem to be our allies now stand in the future?  That will really decide if war is in our future or not. 

ps - ( I casted my vote for TFMetals, of course!!)

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F William Engdahls view of the Moscow VE Parade

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You only have 34 votes come on you people vote. and Keep Stacking

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53 Now

Keep voting

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Kerry and Putin

The Diplomatic Dance. LMAO

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I was

#101 on the votes @ the time of this post.

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Thanks everyone for voting


Remember, you can vote once per day through 5/29 wink

Response to: I was
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re: "why I wept..." piece

Thanks for posting Turd - a fine (and noble) piece.  Does give one hope....


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129 votes...

and counting  wink

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VE day

Given that this was the 70th anniversary I suspect that in happier times the Western European Allies would have sent significant representatives to the Moscow event. That no such representation occurred shows how much a vassal state Europe has become, with the exception of Merkel, who visited May 10th after the show of arms.

It was the Europe that bore the brunt of Hitler's war machine before he turned toward Russia, as had Napoleon before him, which in many ways saved Britain from conquest. This was long before the US entered the war and then claimed victory.


EDIT: #180

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