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After overcoming the audio difficulties that plagued the end of Part One, Jim Willie returns in Part Two with an open mic and lots on his mind. If you're looking for something to do this holiday weekend, here's 90 minutes of free-range Jackass to help you kill the time.

Just a few of the topics covered in this call:

  • The Shanghai Gold Exchange, Chinese gold intentions and a discussion of the dollar
  • The Bakken shale fields and crude oil in general
  • The continued growth of swap facilities for the yuan and the growing Chinese bond market
  • Grexit and the EU and the euro and Russia and Turkey...and how these parts fit together

I hope you enjoy listening and I promise to have Jim back soon so that he can answer more of your questions directly.



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Yes, this is Pining's artwork


Here's a better look:

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Free Range Jackass!

Just love it...and SECOND

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I'm second, your First

Thanks Turd will listen to this tonight.

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Great photo!

Another Pining masterpiece? Edit: Ahso!

Is that Charlie with the fist pump?!

Now for a coffee and a listen :-)

Edit: I am so sorry Charlie, I took a closer look...

Love those aliens lurking in the background! Pining, you're simply the best!

Dr. Jerome, might you feel inclined to do a deconstruction of that photo?

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whoo hoo

looking forward to this


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Thank You..

Craig, thank you for your hard work. You continue to provide the best insight from your guests. Jim Willie never fails to provide almost unbelievable interviews and thoughts. Other interviewed guests provide insightful information and views. 

The articles and links posted by others have helped me grow, and challenged my beliefs. Your 'improvements' of late have added value to the site. Turdville has become a home away from home.  Thank you again.. 

Safety Dan

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Seventh Heaven…

Never do seem to be able to get enough of this guy. Thank you Craig.

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Some interesting ideas about the tetrad of blood moons  occurring and the cabal and their interest in the supernatural (Christine Lagarde and her speech on the cycle of sevens).  Last blood moon and the Shemitah  take place September of this year.  Lots of things happening in the middle east right now with Passover on the same date as the third blood moon.  This maybe a very interesting next few days.

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Excellent Jackass

In the past I listened to JW more as a fantasy support for my gold bug belief system. The thing is that a good percentage of his predictions keep coming true and he started talking about the US allies that would be turning their back on us some time back and I wasn't quite sure but is looking more likely that is the way things will go down. How quickly things are changing now is also one of his predictions and there is so much impetus that is apparent now that further supports what he says.

The big question is how much longer can the criminals behind the charts keep smashing price. 

The other interesting point that goes beyond the unraveling of the carry trade instruments going back into the dollar was the big bank derivatives in their attempt to get out of harms way. I didn't think the dollar should have been that strong without this sort of demand put on it as explained by JW. Some of his insight is truly amazing.

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Just finished listening

I subscribe to his newsletter and can confirm he is not rehashing old stories every month

I like his list of global newspapers he reads, I read a few of those myself but have added the others to my favorites bar.


Stack till it hurts

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As good as Jim is on Finance and Geopolitics he has a typical American's insight into Geography. The Bosphorus strait is overlooked by Turkey from both sides.

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Minor corrections

JW never hesitates to own up to them. I like that!

South stream was slated to go through Bulgaria.

despite tech problems, this was a butt-slapper!

Both play by play and color commentary! :-)

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Equal time for this bogus hypocrite....

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One for the road.........

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Excellent but distorted view of world events

The events we are discussing here involve massive changes in the way the world operates a virtual explosion in commerce and in societal sophistication.  this requires a tectonic shift in  the way parts of civilization relates to other parts

All this takes massive amounts of time and morphing of civilizations institutions. Jim talks like it is all going to happen presto change and the Chinses are masterminding the whole thing and it will just happen. The truth is the world is going to have a massive depression during which the old is washed away and gradually the new evolves. Dmitri Orlov writes about this element in what we are going through.Jim does not address it.

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A Fav Quote~~~

"Real life happens while you're making other plans"

--John Lennon

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We are envisioning the tragic end of a great civilization

The historian Arnold Toynbee wrote a classic series on the rise and fall of civilizations and he outlined the reasons why civilizations succeed and then why they fall.  In  his view western civilization which includes European and its American extension had its ascendancy because of the rise of industrialization which this civilization capitalized on. However Toynbee did  not live to see this civilization die.Howecer,it is a distortion of history to think it is dying because of criminals in control of government. No, it certainly has those and they are accelerating the decline to its tragic end. But,consistent with Toynbees view we can see that the advantage our civilization had is a disadvantage as the world move out of the mechanical age to a more community oriented age which the Chinese and eastern civilizations are much stronger at.  However,as Jim points out the Chinese way of  doing business is let's work together,a community is what they are developing .  That is what is needed.  The robber barons who were pioneers in Western civilizations advances using social Darwinism  or survival of the fittest principles are what have evolved into the criminals I charge of Langley just as Jim points out.  Also,they have no place in the world as it willbe,again just as Jim points out.  My point,however,is that this is a tectonic shift inthe way civilization operates and will take a very long time to evolve with a dark age after the collapse of western civiliAtion starting now emerging into the world as Jim begins to outline it.

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What I'd Like.....

What I'd like is to zero in on what exactly JW means when he referred to "The Dallas Fed crashed"

Anyone know what he meant by that?

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“We want to move away from the same old, same old way of doing things. What currencies the capital will be held in is something that will be part of the Sherpa process with the pace set by Brazil, but we expect substantive progress by the time of the next BRICS summit in Russia,” he said.

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Greatings from

“We want to move away from the same old, same old way of doing things. What currencies the capital will be held in is something that will be part of the Sherpa process with the pace set by Brazil, but we expect substantive progress by the time of the next BRICS summit in Russia,” he said.

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Troll-proofing Turdville

Some excellent observations and suggestions here:

E.g., Barfly recently reported a #3, helping CPE to stand down. Kudos to you both!

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@tyberious - good find!

I think this was one of the sources JW mentioned in his list of go-to publications. Worth a look for a different (non-Western-mainstream?) perspective.

So... More applicants for inclusion in PM-backed trade settlement system, eh? List should be interesting -- and probably similar to AIIB member roster.

An Arab (Egyptian) perspective. Tiptoes around the truth or in some cases is mistaken IMHO, but not something one often reads in Msm

In case anyone has not seen, Vineyard of the Saker has a snazzy new site with a variety of articles & analyses:

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Bill Murphy: The Man Banned From CNBC For Telling The Truth

Shadow of Truth Ep 14 – Bill Murphy: The Man Banned From CNBC For Telling The Truth

Dave Kranzler
and Rory Hall Podcast - April 4, 2015

Anyone who denies that gold and silver are manipulated either has not spent time examining the evidence or is financially incentivized to refute all allegations.   In other words, they are either ignorant or willfully corrupt. This includes the entire universe of politically corrupt western Central Bankers and professionally criminal Wall Street bankers. But first and foremost it includes all three branches of Government.

The manipulation is seeded by the U.S. Treausry’s Exchange Stabilization Fund, which was first established in 1934 as a currency “stabiliaztion” mechanism. Well guess what? Back then gold and silver were used as a currency. The Commodities and Futures Trading Commission was set up to enforce the rules in place to prevent futures manipulation.  For some reason, the CFTC has discovered and prosecuted manipulation in just about every  futures market except gold and silver, despite an inexhaustible effort by many organizations and individuals,  which have flooded the CFTC with compelling evidence.

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I don't really care....

.....but Much St. Is getting roomed by the calls and no calls....duke is tough tho

vonburpenstein's picture

I don't really care....

.....but Much St. Is getting roomed by the calls and no calls....duke is tough tho

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Greetings from Manila

I love this place, but AIIB need to hurry the f¥£k up and build out the communications, electrical, water and sewer!

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How does he keep it all straight?

I've been listening to Jim this morning and I am amazed at how he is able to make all the connections.  So I looked around a bit and found this pic of Jim in his research office:

My apologies to Pining for this anonymous person who stole a portion of his  fine work...

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