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Earlier today, The Golden Jackass himself (Jim Willie) spent over two hours here in Turdville, discussing everything from the Yemeni Crisis to the new AIIB to a potential Nicaraguan Canal. This first recording is just the opening 30 minutes, as Jim was getting warmed up.

During this segment, Jim discusses:

  • The origins of the war in Ukraine and the emerging conflict in Yemen
  • The increasing velocity of the global moves away from U.S. dollar hegemony
  • The importance of the new Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB)

Toward, the end of this segment, the audio quality drops off dramatically and we had to work to fix it over the rest of the call. Once I'm able to edit the remaining recording into something useful, I'll post it as well.



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I smell

jackass roasting on an open fire

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To Listen. Dang it Turd I Need More. Post! Post! Post! LMAO

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perfect for the ride home

And third?

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Way cool~~

Love the insights of JW!

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Thanks TF and JW

To the  interview

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TURD... looking forward to PART 2

I wanted to share this with the fellow Turdites on this special Holiday interview with Jim Willie.  For anyone who wants to know what the Death of the Bakken Oil Field will look like, this will probably give you all a good clue:

What Will The Death Of The Great Bakken Oil Field Look Like??

Initial shale oil production at the Bakken started in 2007 and by 2027 will be back all the way down from WHERE IT COMETH.  By 2035, it will be a stripper play.  Nothing like using 4th grade math to destroy the notion of U.S. Energy Independence.

SRSrocco Report


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I will look forward

to the second listen, to see what I missed the first time


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I ditto Silver 66

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Thanks, SRS!


Jim discusses Bakken a bit in Part Two.

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Major Yemen update here


Full update from ZH:

I think you can tell that, when I start to pay a lot of attention to something, it's usually pretty bad and significant. This is definitely BOTH.

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shake shake shake ...

Shake shake shake...
Sheik Djibouti!

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Something wrong ? Only 30 minutes would download

opps sorry, I missed the sentence where Craig said this is just the beginning of the interview

More Jackass !

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Even more fresh Jackass

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Jim makes the statement that 25%

of the American population don't know what's going on.

Craig corrects him on that statement.

I would say 1 in 100 know and maybe 1 in 500 or 1,000 know.

Ignorance is epidemic.

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Yemen Central Bank / Zerohedge article

"Chaos In Yemen: Chinese Troops Arrive As US-Armed Rebels Set Sights On Central Bank"

As this comment states

"I wonder how many tonnes of gold Yemen is going to be "liberated" of before this is over with."

I wonder too.

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I think 1 in 1000 is accurate, I think turdite level of understanding is 1 in 10,000

That's what makes it terrifying.  I'm not worried about me, I'm worried about the free shit army missing an EBT download

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Traded the oil shares today

Waaaaaay easier and predictable than the pm shares!!!!

just saying 

gamble gamble

Made a nice 800.00 bucks by noon!

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Nicholas II Tsar of Russia

Nicholas II of Russia
Former Emperor of All Russia
Nicholas II was the last Emperor of Russia, Grand Duke of Finland, and titular King of Poland. His official short title was Tsar Nicholas II, Emperor and Autocrat of All the Russias. Wikipedia

Born: May 18, 1868, Tsarskoye Selo, Russia
Spouse: Alexandra Feodorovna (m. 1894–1918)
Assassinated: July 17, 1918, Yekaterinburg, Russia
Children: Grand Duchess Anastasia Nikolaevna of Russia, More
Parents: Maria Feodorovna, Alexander III of Russia

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Make a bullshit deal and then lie about it to cover it up and distract everyone from the actual details until interest passes. What does this sound like? Obamacare, maybe?

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Ignorance is bliss!

Easily less than 1% of the country has any clue what's going on!

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Take a lesson

All you 'others' who do interviews of Mr Willie(I know you are reading this) take some lessons from Turd on how to do it. Most of you should NOT be interviewing him because you don't know how!  Thanks Turd for a great one.

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Jackass on Iran?

Does anyone besides Louie remember when TGJ said that the US would pivot away from Saudi Arabia and towards Iran?
What reasons did he give?
What podcast was that?

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Agree great job letting the Willie Run. Can't wait to hear the rest

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Tsar Nicholas II

According to what I could find the Tsar's gold was lost in a lake. That concept should be familiar to most vaulters.

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Yemeni Gold

They don't seem to have any, according to the WGC.

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Quite true, if the capitol grounds are bombed.

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Jim Willie and the Tsar Nicholas II Gold

Jim was talking about this gold already, in 2012. He was told by a voice, that the Tsar's gold is in chambers under Kremlin, stucked up to the ceiling. Here is my reply from 2012 --

Willie, JFK, and the Tsar's Gold in Kremlin -- Part 2

Submitted by Bohemian on May 12, 2012 - 5:00am.

Well, Willie believes that the Tsar's gold is in some secret chambers under Kremlin, and I would say, just for fun, that some of it is in -- Fort Knox, or somewhere around. :-)))) But if it is really here, I would never, and I mean -- NEVER, bring it up. Some people could get very upset. Here is the story, in a nutshell --

Let's make sure that we understand what we are talking about. It is the Russian state treasury gold, the Imperial Russia gold reserves, some 1,600 tons of gold coins and bars (it could be more, according to some sources). Russians are trying to locate it for nearly 100 years already, and they won't give up. There were books on this subject, there are dedicated web sites, wiki articles, newspaper articles, but often -- quite misleading and wrong. For example, here is an article from the British Mail Online, from September 1, 2010 --

1) Kolchak was a hero in the First World War who later led the pro-Tsarist White Army against the Bolsheviks after the 1917 October Revolution.

It wasn't a pro-Tsarist Army. It couldn't be. Tsar Nicholas was OUSTED in February 1917, then arrested by Duma's Provisional Government and kept under house arrest. Duma is something like the Parliament. Duma named the Provisional Government, Kerensky was in charge. Kolchak was sent from the Great Britain to help Kerensky to fight Bolsheviks. Kerensky gave the gold reserves to Kolchak, to safeguard it, and use it, if needed (to finance the military operations, to purchase guns and equipment).

2) He had a few early successes but was eventually arrested by Lenin’s henchmen and executed by firing squad in January 1920.

Kolchak was NEVER arrested by Bolsheviks. They would NEVER get him alive. It means, if Bolsheviks didn't arrest him, they didn't get that gold. Kolchak was detained by the Czechoslovak Foreign Legions; they were fighting Bolsheviks too. Siberia was under their control, from Ural to Vladivostok. So, what happened to that gold?

The legions had its command in France, and also in the U.S. (the Legion leader, T.G. Masaryk). They were in contact with the U.S. president Willson.

Kolchak sent some gold to France, to buy military equipment, but the French guys didn't send anything and confiscated Kolchak's gold; to pay for some Russian outstanding debt. So here we have some Russian gold, in France. Legions got quite pissed on France and Kolchak, and decided to leave. They exchanged Kolachak, his army and some gold for trucks and boats, and left from Vladivostok; some directly to Europe, others to the United states. Where is that gold?

Not to make this story long, Japan got several boxes of gold, too, when one Kolchak's train with troops surrendered to Japanese. One train had an accident, they were using trucks, and it is possible that some IS in the Baikal lake, as stated in this article.

3) The Russians reneged on a promise to hand him [Kolchak] over to the British military mission in Irkutsk. His body was hidden by revolutionaries under the ice of the Angara River which flows out of Baikal. Had he escaped, it is likely he would have sought exile in London - bringing the gold with him.

Sure. Here we go! :-) They are trying to make a case, that -- IF EVER the gold is found, it should go to the Great Britain.

4) If the alleged treasure has been found, it could spark an ugly scramble between the Russian state, descendants of the last Tsar Nicholas the Second, and countries - possibly including Britain - that could argue they are owed outstanding debts by the fallen Romanov regime.

That's what I am talking about. The problem is, that it wasn't Tsar Nicholas personal gold. I know, there is a picture of the Queen on all Canadian Maples, but it doesn't mean that all the Maples belong to the Queen, right?

5) In 2008, historian Sean McMeekin outlined how the Bolsheviks seized the Tsar's gold bullion - which was Europe's largest strategic gold reserve - then sold it off to help pay for the revolution. In his book History's Greatest Heist, McMeekin claimed Lenin's henchmen secretly auctioned off the treasure abroad.

Sure. :-))) And from whom the Bolsheviks seized it? They confiscated gold from private citizens, their private gold. Private banks could have some. That's not gold we're talking about. Why would Russian keep looking for it till today?

So, where is that gold? I would say -----

From Wikipedia:

"After Russia left the war following the Bolshevik Revolution of 1917, the Allies sent troops there to prevent a German or Bolshevik takeover of allied-provided weapons, munitions and other supplies, previously shipped as aid to the pre-revolutionary government. Wilson sent armed forces to assist the withdrawal of Czechoslovak Legions along the Trans-Siberian Railway, hold key port cities at Arkangel and Vladivostok. Though not sent to engage the Bolsheviks, the U.S. forces engaged in several armed conflicts against forces of the new Russian government. Despite the apparent innocuousness of Wilson's motives, revolutionaries in Russia resented the American intrusion."

Isn't it interesting?

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Jobs are a lagging indicator. The March report tomorrow will be the first to show the decline in energy, and hospitality due to the strong dollar.

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