Ukraine Update from Batchelor and Cohen

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The fighting may be on hold but the Ukraine Crisis continues. For a full update of recent events, I urge you to listen to this podcast.

Last night, John and Steve gave a comprehensive review of the current situation and dangers. For example:

The Wesley Clark stuff is particularly disturbing given his background, the statements he's made in the past and the outrageous recommendations he gives as war preparations.

Sadly, this crisis is far from over. War Parties in both the US and Russia are working to undermine the Minsk Agreements and renewed conflict is all but assured this spring. You simply must stay up to date on this situation and these weekly podcasts between Mr. Batchelor and Professor Cohen are the best way to do it.



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Really beginning to look forward to the program live & in the TFMR chat room.....Its a great feature Craig.... Thank you!

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Yes Really

Your First

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Pepe Escobar

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My goodness


Everyone PLEASE read that link that unclepete posted. PLEASE forward it, too.

Response to: Pepe Escobar
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Turd's Fav.. Ol Horse Head..


No offense meant to you Steve Horse.. 

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in the cold war

There was never all out provocation like this since the Cuban missile crisis. There was a reason. Imbeciles.

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This is it, the war of wars!

I have great respect for Batchelor and Cohen but what they don't seem to understand is that, this is it! This is most likely the war of wars for the US.

If the US walks away from this the US wil lose world hegemony (witch's is inevitable anyway) No NWO, total economic destruction for the US people. No more Petrodollar, no more IMF. And a way of blaming Russia on failing western financial policy. Crashing financial markets. Who's to blame! Our politicians? Our bankers? Our capstans of industry? No Putin!

The biggest problem is, it's all self inflicted. Sins the end of the cold war the US has tried to push the western trade and financial system thru the Russians throat and it's not working. Poking the bear over and over, submit ore face the consequences.

But the US does not understand Russian culture and history. Russia will never submit, ever!

I think Rand Paul knows this, a horrible choice, the American way of live or poverty and a multi hegemony world.

But the US is fighting a losing battle, the rest of the world is turning away from the dollar, the IMF, from American repression. The US dollar reserves, the US bonds, nations and ally nations around the world are selling. All these dollars are headed back to the US causing mush higher prices on imports, hyperinflation.

The US is desperately compensating by trying to impose TTIP and TPP, so called free trade partnerships, on the Europe and Asia.

Likely a last effort will be done by the US to get Europe into the war camp against Russia  by planing a big false flag attack.

We need a big reset, of our financial system, in trade, free of greed, free of warmongers, free of geopolitics. Utopia?

What can we do? Keep stacking?

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All patriotic Americans should listen to this podcast ...

These interviews with Prof Stephen Cohen are remarkable.  As Turd says, it is every patriotic American's duty to listen to them - and especially today's one.  The bottom line is that we are not being fed the truth about what is happening in Ukraine and why.  Furthermore, Putin is being villified when in fact he is behaving like a statesman in the face of the American neocons.  Very disturbing.  WW3 looks inevitable.  The stage where Russia will be able to do nothing else by retaliate - and the nuclear option is on the table.  Very, very disturbing.

Furthermore, because of the MSM distortions, there is no effective opposition in America.  Where are you Rand Paul - WHERE ARE YOU?

Turd for PRESIDENT !


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Middle East War Room


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The more the threat of

The more the threat of 'nuclear war' is banded about on alternative media the more worrying things become for me. It's truly astounding  that the sheeple go about there day to day completely oblivious to these events. It's becoming more apparent to me from respected media sources that the American war mongerers are prepared to use nuclear weapons against Russia. 

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Breaking News.. Hillary Accepts Russian Asylum Offer..


April Fools... wink

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Is it me or

does Hillary look like Miss Piggy?

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It's not just you ;^)

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The Fed admits its policies

The Fed admits its policies are actually causing problems.

"During the first and second quarters of 2014, the velocity of the monetary base2 was at 4.4, its slowest pace on record. This means that every dollar in the monetary base was spent only 4.4 times in the economy during the past year, down from 17.2 just prior to the recession. This implies that the unprecedented monetary base increase driven by the Fed’s large money injections through its large-scale asset purchase programs has failed to cause at least a one-for-one proportional increase in nominal GDP. Thus, it is precisely the sharp decline in velocity that has offset the sharp increase in money supply, leading to the almost no change in nominal GDP (either P or Q)."

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