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After taking a week off while Professor Cohen was traveling in Europe, the Batchelor-Cohen discussions of Ukraine Crisis resumed last evening.

A lot has happened in the past two weeks and John and Steve struggled a bit to keep up in the limited amount of time they had. Among the topics discussed last evening:

  • The ongoing "War Party" rhetoric -- the spokespeople of the "Anti-Minsk Agreement" crowd.
  • Is the second Minsk Agreement the only thing constraining all out war?
  • News that Russia had withdrawn from the conventional arms treaty (CFE), originally signed in 1990. &
  • The significance of Crimea and what plans the NAF may have for moving in that direction.
  • The extraordinarily high level of disinformation and half-truths that permeate "western" press reports.
  • Growing anti-Americanism in Russia and the current effects of the sanctions.

Please take the time to give this podcast a thorough listen.



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1st !


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Desperate times call for desperate measures

Goldman Sucks will now have 45 tonnes of Venezuelan gold... hmm, what to do, what to do?

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Didn't someone post that the

Didn't someone post that the US was after Venezuela's gold? 

Oh turd... 

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IV and had a nice surprise today

Pulled an pair of slacks out of closet to wear to office and put my hand in the pocket. A money clip with $85 dollars. SWEET!

Off to the LCS to convert this free money. Nothing greater in the world than finding money in cloths pockets you did not know was there yes


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Sure that's not my clip? Lol

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God help us


Just as Prof Cohen said in this podcast: Russia considers Crimea a part of Russia now, just as the US considers Hawaii a part of the US.

The Russian response to the latest sanction pending, but the response may have been hinted at earlier today when an official from Russia's Foreign Ministery said the nation has the right to deploy nuclear arms in the Black Sea peninsula of Crimea, however he added "he knew of no plans to do so."

"I don't know if there are nuclear weapons there now. I don't know about any plans, but in principle Russia can do it," said Mikhail Ulyanov, the head of the ministry's department on arms control, was quoted as saying by Interfax news agency.

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flipping out...

I decided a few years ago to just stack my metal, do my job and keep my mouth shut... I have made very few comments about anything for three years!  But I do come to tfmetalsreport every day, and reading all of your comments are informative, thought provoking, and make me feel a little less lonely intellectually.  Thanks, and god bless all of you... 

I was thinking today that if America were to tax the OTC derivative's exposure of our five largest banks at just 0.25%, our nation would be debt free in just 23 months... I am only estimating, since OTC derivatives are unregulated.  Dream on, right?  This post may one day be my ticket to a FEMA camp, but the NSA can't seem to be able to provide the data from Hilary's blackberry about Bengazi? Seriously?  

I am an american.  I have lived in Germany for the last 22 years, and have served as an elected union representative for Verdi (Germany's largest trade union) for the last 16 years... I got broad sided today by a co-worker.  He is a really good guy, a great worker and a dedicated individual.  He accused me of being an anti-capitalist because I fight for the middle class.  I should let the markets decide, yada yada yada... Where should I even start?

​Clouds are coming... rant off.

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double post

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would it be fair to say his sale of Au accounts for the current down-bubble?

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Denver Dave

The U.S. Dollar Is Going Parabolic – Something Somewhere Is Collapsing

March 11, 2015Financial Markets, Gold, Market Manipulation, U.S. Economyderivatives, dollar bubble, economic collapse, Housing bubble

The US Dollar index is going parabolic.  More often than not, markets that go parabolic will crash.  This is what happened with the dollar in 2008 (click to enlarge):


The common “narrative” out there is that the dollar squeeze is being fueled by European sovereign and corporate entities scrambling for dollars in order to pay dollar-denominated debt obligations. Yes, this is part of the equation. But, just like in 2008, it is a sympton of a castrophic underlying systemic problem. After all, the Fed has created close to $4 trillion in new dollars, $2.6 trillion of which are sitting in the excess reserve account of the big banks at the Fed earning interest. That’s $2.6 trillion in excess dollars that can used to fund any excess demand for dollars.

There’s also a repo collateral short squeeze plus a vicious Treasury short-squeeze going on, especially in the middle of the curve, where the Fed has removed most of the supply. But again, these are all “symptoms” of an underlying problem. Let’s not forget that the price of oil, along with many other key economic indicators are collapsing right now.

I believe that the collapse in the energy sector has triggered a silent derivatives counterparty bomb that we can’t see because of the intentional opacity of the OTC derivatives market. But you don’t have a 50% collapse in a key economic commodity like oil – a commodity which has $100’s of billions in OTC derivatives securities wrapped around it – without some kind of counterparty default tsunami that has been triggered. Throw on top of that the Greece situation and you have a recipe for a derivatives financial nuclear meltdown.

Wall Street has been stunningly silent about the meltdown in the energy sector. There has not been one utterance about any derivatives connected to the situation. But we’ve seen at least two big energy junk bond issuers blow up. One of them did not even make the first interest payment on its debt. Without question there were OTC credit default swaps connected to this debt.

The parabolic dollar “short squeeze” storyline is what they want you see. I would suggest that something much bigger and catastrophic unfolding behind that curtain…

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Keep Your Eyes

On The Derivatives and the Interest Rates those are the  big signs for WTSHTF  IMO. Keep Stacking Everything

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IMF approves Kiev bailout


"​To summarize: Greek pensioners are now paying the IMF, which is paying Kiev, which is paying Gazprom, which is paying Putin."

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Euro and Nato Collapsing?

From what Batchelor and Cohen discuss, it seems clear that Merkel, Hollande, and the other pro-peace leaders of the Euro nations realize (as well as some of the European bankers) that war is being forced upon Europe by the U.S.. They may also realize that one way to derail this drive to war is to cause the break up of the Euro and NATO. There are some (Dr. Jim Willie) who state that Germany has already made the decision to leave the Euro and NATO, and instead is looking East to Russia and China. Perhaps the USD is going parabolic because the Euro is diving--possibly because some might suspect that the Euro and NATO are coming to an end and are getting out of the Euro? Could Merkel, Hollande and other "pro-peace" European leaders be willing to break up NATO and the EU in order to avoid WWIII with Russia?  IS THIS THE CATASTROPHIC EVENT YOU ARE LOOKING FOR?

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FPÖ man denies saying yes to Russian forum

A senior politician from the populist Austrian Freedom Party (FPÖ), Johann Gudenus, is claiming that he never planned to join a gathering of far-right parties from across Europe at an International Russian Conservative Forum (IRCF) to be held in St. Petersburg on March 22nd.

I guess the European media would say that the fascist/Nazi right are gathering in support of Putin as well.

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New Sanctions

Did anyone look at the list?

The good professor Dugin and the Eurasian Youth Union made the list. There's another name connected to Dugin too that I'll cover in part 2.

Guess my Dugin theory isn't so crazy after all.

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a little OT - JB and Gordon Chang on China

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Merkel shuns Moscow WW2 commemoration

But Merkel has decided not to completely ignore the occasion. Die Zeit reports that she will instead travel to Moscow on May 10th to visit The Tomb of The Unknown Soldier at the wall of the Kremlin with Putin.

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Was it purely public comment

Was it purely public comment and outraged that encouraged the ATF to recall their ban?  I think it certainly created a thorn in their side, but remember this exclusive article: Common AR-15 Green Tip Ammunition Already Banned in New ATF Regulation Guide?

In that article, it proved that the exemption of M855 ammunition in the 2005 ATF Regulation Guide was removed in the 2014 version way before they even notified the public of their intent.

2005 ATF Regulation Guide Screen shot from





2014 ATF Regulation Guide Version with exemption removed (



Have we been duped?

As I’ve expressed in my article Why There Will NOT be Peaceful Revolution, the government has had its way with us regardless of public opinion.

Remember how the public was outraged when we did not want to go to war with Syria?  Guess what, we are bombing Syria because we are after ISIS….

Remember how outraged we were with the NDAA and Patriot act.  Yeah, those are still active and removing our constitutional rights.

You know about all the public outrage of our military police state?  The pentagon 1033 program which is facilitating the transfer of military arms to local police departments is still occurring.

Perhaps this is just a coincidence and this Supreme Court Ruling is in no way linked to the ammunition ban.  However, just as Justice Alito said in the quote, we should be afraid of this ruling as it allows the Feds to run wild with “interpretations” of virtually any law that is already in place.


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