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Given this latest string of extraordinary events, I thought I'd just go ahead and make today's podcast freely available to everyone. Not that it contains any special information...these podcasts are something we do for subscribers every day. However, given the beating the metals have taken over the past month, I thought some non-Vaulters might find this helpful.

For today, a review of these charts. First up, these two from the comments of the previous thread:

Next, updated gold and silver daily charts with our new technical obstacles as well as an updated HUI:

But it wasn't just the metals for once, the Long Bond and the S&P got pounded, too:

And, after identifying the pending breakout and breakdown in the $ and € a week ago, things really got cooking today:

Finally, for your weekend reading pleasure, please be sure to check these links:

OK, that's all for today. Go now and pour a cold beverage down your mullet gullet.



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Time To Listen

Just Got Home Now For a Cuppa and a Listen.

Just realized I'm 2nd and I'm ahead off my friend Silver66   Darn I feel guilty as hell. O! Well Keep Stacking.

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Okay,  I won't say I told you so, but…

The dollar is in its death throws…fut_image.ashx?dx.png&rev=63561262954260 Yeah, I know, it's counter intuitive…

But the Dow bubble is definitely about to burst…fut_image.ashx?ym.png&rev=63561263137810

As the system collapses, gold will go down, not up…fut_image.ashx?gc.png&rev=63561263137810

It's all going according to plan. devil

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I go to ask the kids what they want for dinner and marchas45 beats me

I hope this is an epic podcast ..LOL


Edit: argh 4th

edit 2 : consolation I got rid of a small amount  of fiat today

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If Puts do you prefer GLD or SLV or both?

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6th... just a few more weeks?

Dang! I know the podcast is nearly ready...I am refreshing every few seconds... and the wife asks me a question. When I turn back to the screen, you guys have already beat me!

But I was intrigued by Andy's comments on KWN

"There has been a slight delay with the launch
but I will have a hard date for you as well as the name of the exchange by next week.

Within a few weeks this will change the way gold is traded as we witness large migrations of unallocated LBMA position holders unwind from high counterparty risk unallocated positions and then allocate into secure vaulted kilobar accounts outside of the LBMA bullion banking system. 

In other words, real allocated bullion will have to take the place of fractional reserve holdings. This leverage unwind will wrench the reins out of the bullion banks' hands and force a cash settlement."

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Thanx Turd

Ya, it worked out just fine. Sold some PM stocks and now have some extra fiat to add to the stack. No use hanging around to get run over by the banksters.

​Stack until it hurts. Someone said that and I like it!

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Raoul Pal

Thanks for the link.

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One last thing


Understanding this is pretty important:

"We would be less politically correct: when the same management teams that sell record amounts of their own company stock to the companies they control - companies which are now buying back record amounts of stock, this is not only the worst possible conflict of interest, it means, for lack of a better word, that the Nasdaq, bubble or not, has become the biggest circle jerk in history!"

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Only Positive About Today Is...

Season Finale of Gold Rush tonight.....

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Not convinced that we go down much further!

It looks bad but many black swans are circling that could end up gold positive. The CRIMEX COT report doesn't look too bad circa last Tuesday. Of course the bullion banks were probably shorting again today. I think HSBC closing its bullion vaults is a significant forward indicator of the end of gold manipulation. What will happen to GLD? Now to listen to the wisdom of Turd the Witch. 

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Bizarro Land

Apparently, silver is so scarce and hard to find, that premiums are dropping like a rock on many items, across dealers, as dealers seem desperate to unload and get rid of this worthless relic.

Honestly, since this statement has as much truth as sarcasm in it, I'm not even sure a /sarc tag is proper on it.

Bizarro Land Indeed!

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Moral of the story...

The crooks are still in control.  They'll be in control until they aren't.

Don't count on the CFTC, Congress, the GAO or God Almighty to help you.

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8:30 preset chart move perfect example of FAKE programmed charts

Is there a difference between

1- a myriad of big bank and investment fund trading programs (manipulated) and... 

2- a single system program that runs the charts (fake charts)??

There is a distinct difference.  Does it really matter whether folks realize the degree to which the charts are rigged?, maybe not.

But behind the charts, where only logic and intuition can see, it clearly looks like --2-fake charts-- from here. 

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Bizarro Land

Maybe I'll have to pay somebody to haul away my stack when I get sick of looking at it...


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Lack of Participants is Alarming

When panic strikes the equity markets, genuine market participants are usually the ill-informed investors cause capitulation.

There aren't any now.

Circle jerk to only get bigger.

Dow 30K.

What we're witnessing is the greatest theft of all time.

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RE: "Don't count on the CFTC, Congress, the GAO or God Almighty to help you."

It's an error to lump men and God Almighty himself into the same category. God knows and sees all. Good and evil. He is not surprised. He is not mocked. He is not fooled or deceived by schemes of man.

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@Doc PM

Are you sure?  Lloyd Blankfein says he's doing God's work...

In Goldman Sucks We Trust!

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Making money the old fashion way

Working for it!
LCS called and one of the employees, the boss, took a dump and plugged the only crapper in the place. I had to make a quick run by and crank it loose. Only cost him $5, in shiney uncirculateted dimes. Closing in on my goal of $1000 in dimes. Gotta love this business!
Great job TF! Already sent out to email list. Hopefully get some more subs.

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DYODD... watch list material.


Gecko Research, Mar 6, 2015

As we dig deeper in our due diligence on Gold Canyon (gcu.v) and tell the story from our perspective, it’s evident to us that one or several institutional buyers have been (and still are) buying shares in the open market. In this article we will try to shed some light to that thesis and what they might find so attractive that the retail investors have missed.

Institutional Buying

We have been following the day-to-day trading of GCU very intensely for a while now and when we were buying shares around 16.5-17 cents, we noticed that someone was iceberging (see below) their order at 16.5 cents. This is a typical strategy for deep pocket institutional buyers and we think they weren’t very successful at that level. They probably picked up 400,000-500,000 shares before GCU started to move higher.

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RE: "says he's doing God's work..."

He (Mr. Blankfein) knows exactly what he said, why he said it, and what he's doing. God is not mocked. All will stand in judgment before Him.

Edit: If you have bothered to read any of the links I've posted, or the "Shemitah" books, would see quite clearly what is happening. And my saying this isn't any endorsement of any of those links, or those books. There are many agendas of man, you just have to sort them out, if you care to. One agenda is quite clear, at least.

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Thank you for mentioning bonds...they portend many a market transition and reflect policy regime change.

Look at that head and shoulders starting in December in the long bond!

Bubble popped.

Now for one more down the Mullet.

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When the music stops.

Thanks Turd - Adult beverage in hand. Crazy week is over.

All one can do is laugh (or curl up into a ball).

[Queue music] 2011 seems so long ago. Those were certainly the good old days when Gold jousted with $1900 per ounce and silver topped $43. Mullets were all the rage (huh?) and the cartel appeared to be losing control. Now that the economic outlook is so much better and the future is shiny and bright (Heck the Fed will hike interest rates soon and the markets are on fire) - I've lost interest in the PMs and realize that Trader Dan was right all along - I have been misled - there is no manipulation. The world is fair. Banks are good and only want what is best for us all. Greed no longer exists in the human population. The world is at peace.

[Music abruptly stops]

WHOA there (shakes head) - we are all screwed.

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In Summary

This then perhaps is relevant to the discussion above:

"For what will it profit a man if he gains the whole world and forfeits his soul? Or what will a man give in exchange for his soul? - Matthew 16:26

That cuts right to the heart of the matter, pun intended. Everyone will do good to consider that question.

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I saw a $10 million gold coin today!!!

I went to the National Money Show today in Portland Oregon and saw a 1787 MS 63 Brasher Doubloon which is insured for $10 million and apparently sold for $4 million on 1/14. Is that Jan 14th or January OF 2014? IDK, but it was amazing to see something so small holding so much wealth... The coin looked to be about 1 OZ AU, wow.... just wow. There was mostly numismatics at the show which I mostly steer clear of because I just like weight lol.

My budget was $400 because that's all I took, with that I bought a roll ASE's (2 of which i already gifted) AND my first roman coin (just because I thought it would be cool to have a Roman coin), the guy wanted $40 and I got it for $30 but not as an investment, just because its' interesting.

Where will metals prices go from here? well if a "trend is your friend" then it will go down some more. My own reason for stacking is because last time the system cracked and exposed it's weakness the FED printed a big old band-aid which has held things together in the MOPE world we inhabit. I expect that a decade from now us stackers will look wise in retrospect. I do not and will not expect things to fall apart tomorrow or next week/month etc. I am  thinking long term with my metal purchases because I believe that either by steady inflation (long time line) or by systemic collapse we will see the value rise in USD. I came late to the game and began purchasing mid 2013 and am dollar cost averagin all the way down so far.

I haven't posted in quite some time but I do lurk often and listen to most podcasts. Turd, I hope this doesn't sound ridiculous but you are the best friend I've never met lol! I appreciate all you do! good luck shopping universities with LT #1!

Also thank you to all my fellow Turdites for all of your interesting posts and opinions! God speed, and stack on!  

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Winner, winner, winner... 

I'm definitely moving up in Turdville. wink

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Big Pharma’s Mass Vaccination

Big Pharma’s Mass Vaccination Agenda: Propaganda Assault on Informed Consent


Major US news media have presented a grossly distorted and misleading interpretation of vaccines and their relationship to public health since early January. These journalistic organs have suggested the recent measles outbreak in the Western US has been a crisis of monumental proportions.

This flagrant and cynical sensationalism has become a foundation for intense advocacy on behalf of the pharmaceutical corporate and regulatory cartel targeting patient informed consent—a founding principal of modern medical practice and personal freedom. Keeping in mind the close to 300 vaccine products now in the pharmaceutical industry’s pipeline,[1] closer analysis of “measles outbreak” press coverage suggests a conscious effort by corporate news media to virtually banish such notions and practices from the public mind. A news media dependent on over $1 billion in advertising dollars from big pharma must almost by necessity indulge their clients’ broader agenda. 

Read more here:

25 Facts About the Pharmaceutical Industry, Vaccines & "Anti-vaxers"

During the recent measles outbreak, the mainstream media blamed the epidemic solely on non vaccinated children, even though people who were vaccinated caught the disease and some vaccines have proven to be inefficient in the past. Without the slightest nuance, the mainstream media constantly portrays people reluctant to accept just any vaccine as “anti-vaxers”, irresponsible and misinformed people, relying on irrational fears and the one and only “fraudulent” Andrew Wakefield study linking autism to vaccines. (Watch Lina B. Moreco’s documentary Shots in the Dark, which features Dr. Wakefield and thankful parents of his young patients with autism.)

In reality, many so-called “anti-vaxers” are not ALL totally against vaccines. While some people may be totally against any kind of vaccination, many, including doctors and health specialists, question certain vaccines, ingredients in the vaccines and/or the vaccination schedule. This is not based on a survey but on my own perception resulting from the fair amount of articles on vaccines and the pharmaceutical industry that I’ve read over the last five years as a journalist. There are a large number of doctors and health specialists who have done truly independent research and who criticize vaccination based on scientific studies and solid evidence.

Why is the media so keen on portraying Big Pharma critics as crazy, uneducated, unscientific and irresponsible people?

Dr Marcia Angell worked for over two decades as editor of The New England Journal of Medicine.  She was fired after criticizing the pharmaceutical industry, which had exerted an overriding and negative influence on the scientific literature. She said:

“It is simply no longer possible to believe much of the clinical research that is published.”

Numerous journalists say the same goes for the mainstream media.

Here is the CDC chart available today on its website:

An MIT researcher has linked autism to glyphosate, the chemical herbicide used in Monsanto Roundup.

Read more here:

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