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I cannot emphasize strongly enough how critically important it is for you to listen to these weekly Ukraine discussions and last night's episode was no different. Please make the time to give this a thorough listen.

Among the topics covered last evening:

  • The inside details of the peace negotiations held last week in Minsk
  • A thorough summary of the devastating UAF retreat from Debaltsevo
  • The increasing possibility of a coup to depose Ukraine president Poroshenko (and it is this possibility and aftermath that has me most concerned right now)
  • The ongoing demonization of Russia and Putin by the war parties of the west

Again, for those just joining the conversation, more information of John Batchelor can be found here:

And background information on Professor Stephen F. Cohen can be found here:



Turd Ferguson's picture

Hyperinflation in Kiev


And this is an obvious signal of instability and crisis in Kiev and will only serve to ratchet up the pressure on Poroshenko:

Again, please open your mind for a moment. What will be the reaction of the U.S., the EU and NATO should Poroshenko be overthrown by the extreme neo-nazi and fascist elements of the Right Sector and Svoboda parties? How will that change the dynamics of the situation?

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Review When Money Dies -- Adam Ferguson

Times are interesting


Silver Sooner's picture

re: Hyperinflation in Kiev

Headed to 36 today.  Failed state. 

StevenBHorse's picture

Black market looks even worse

That's the official rate.

Here is what I assume to be a legit site. Black market currency dealings in Kiev.

Someone posted this on saker' site. 

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Could well result in food shortages - which frequently leads to regime changes.  

I imagine that parts of Ukraine will just switch to the Rouble or Euro though (?) and they have experienced hyperinflation relatively recently so maybe know better than most how to cope.

Blythesshrink's picture

"Again, please open you mind

"Again, please open you mind for a moment. What will be the reaction of the U.S., the EU and NATO should Poroshenko be overthrown by the extreme neo-nazi and fascist elements of the Right Sector and Svoboda parties? How will that change the dynamics of the situation?"

You know it reminds me of Syria in a way, where the west backed rebels only to see them become ISIS. If something similar happens in Ukraine it will be humiliating for certain Western leaders (not sure if Dave Cameron qualifies as leadership material to be honest).

Safety Dan's picture

Gold Prices for the Last 90

Gold Prices for the Last 90 Days in Ukraine Hryvnia (UAH)

Ukrainian Equities Market

Turd Ferguson's picture

I'll give you an even scarier possibility...


What if Right Sector goons decide, instead, to remove Poroshenko "permanently"? What if they then blame this all on "Russian spys/agents", just like MH17? What if The West goes along with this lie? It would be considered a clear act of war and all hell would soon break loose.

Can you not see how some folks in Right Sector and Svoboda wouldn't see this as a perfect way to drag NATO into the fight?

Be very wary.

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@ silver66

I was way too busy this time to be first. As I was shoveling and it wasn't shit.Lol

Orange's picture

LOL Marchas45

I have to mow the lawn, however it's a little nippy out here, so I will wait for Sunday when it will be 78 degrees.

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Excuses, excuses...LOL

growing up I mowed lawns in the summer and shoveled driveways in the winter for extra scratch. I moved a lot of snow in my life.I told my Dad that when I owned my own house that I was not mowing the lawn and I was not shoveling the driveway.

Hence why the drive gets plowed by a local company...smiley

But I tell jr silver66 that he should not confuse not wanting to with not being able to !!!

Get a hot chocolate into your belly and catch up


6-1 but who is counting, maybe 5-1

I'll be watching for you tomorrow...LOL

Orange's picture


Orange's picture


Listening to her now, so if I fall asleep, I hope you will understand.

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UK, US and now Poland... send troops to Ukraine. Minsk agreements forbid foreign troops. Just sayin'.

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My CSPAN channels (3 of them)  are not covering the Fellen.  CNBC cut to the hearings and covered until Maxine Waters quoted Volcker concerning the inappropriateness of the Banks being involved in commodity and other markets, exposing those markets to manipulation, rather than tending to traditional banking functions.

Back to network regular programming and a telecon interview with John Bogle, retired CEO of the Vanguard  Group.

Don't want the serfs to hear anymore nasty questions from those mean old House Members, like yesterday.  And Fellen continued to say that their stuff is a big secret for the good of the people.

Long live the King.

Safety Dan's picture

Something you won’t see on

Something you won’t see on the news: Ukrainian soldiers who don’t want to fight and who try to surrender are shot at by their own from behind – called “Barrier Squads” – Separatists then give the surrendering troops cover fire so they can run to them. And yet Ukraine is the good guy in this conflict

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Silver Sooner's picture

New Protests in Kiev

Turd Ferguson's picture

Uke currency trading halted/banned


Desperation time…

Turd Ferguson's picture

God help us


This has "Archduke Ferdinand" written all over it....

Turd Ferguson's picture

Everyone please make sure you


Everyone please make sure you watch the video in the link from Safety Dan above. Even you, Libero...wink

lakedweller2's picture


Thanks for the hearings site.

lakedweller2's picture


Thanks for the hearings site.

Mr. Fix's picture

Don't worry, this is actually good news.

One by one, the banking Cabal's attempt at  creating a  global  conflict is simply not working.

Too many people are on to them, and as a result, lies and deceptions have become their only weapons.

The actual “military might” that these thugs have hired are running for their lives.

You can't have a war when no one wants to fight it.

I am happy to see that there is no “cease-fire” for the bad guys to simply rearm.

Evil must be defeated, for good men to live free.

I propose that that is all we are witnessing right now, as the worldwide community is starting to organize against Western banking, the CIA, and the Washington DC crime syndicate.


the crime syndicate will soon have no choice but to “fall back” to our own shores.

They are actively trying to create a “civil war” since their hopes of a “world war” are being decimated.

Hopefully, the results will be quite similar, in that no one will fight to support the Evil Empire.

Agenda 21 is in a state of collapse.

Try not to be afraid, it's the only weapon they have against us now.

Turd Ferguson's picture

Libya and Ukraine


As most of you know, Libya is an absolute disaster...foisted upon the world by interventionist NATO and US policies. A few days ago, I posted this excellent summary from Mike Krieger. Please review it now if you haven't done so before:

Recall that all of this occurred during the spring of 2011. Since many of us were focused on the incredibly rising gold and silver back then, you may have forgotten this next item...Woody's doctrine of "Responsibility To Protect".

It was under this guise that US/NATO intervention to remove Gaddafi was "justified". Therefore, it is this same phony UN-inspired doctrine that is the root cause of the now failed state of Libya and even worse "humanitarian crisis".

Please keep all of this in mind as calls for "humanitarian intervention" in Ukraine grow louder.

James Crighton's picture


Mr Fix - what good news.  I do hope you are right.  Your source?


Mr. Fix's picture

@ James Crighton

Watching long-held assumptions coming to fruition one step at a time, is all that I need.

I have never believed that the “new world order” could ever be assembled, and those that are trying are nowhere near as powerful as they appear to be.

No, I don't have a source. There is a news blackout on reality right now, or haven't you noticed?

to figure out what is going on, takes an open mind, and a little bit of imagination.

Maybe I've just been “connecting the dots” for a few years now.

I am now my own source.

DeaconBenjamin's picture

You can't have a war when no one wants to fight it.

Which has been my prayer for the past few months for Ukraine.

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