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The perfect A2A guest at the perfect time. Earlier today, Chris Martenson stopped by for a frank discussion of current events including Ukraine Crisis, ECBQE and global gold demand.

This was an extraordinarily good A2A. Chris is as smart as they come and the reasoned opinion and analysis he offers at his site, PeakProsperity.com is second to none. It was an honor to have him back in Turdville and the timing of his visit could not have been better.

Please take the time to give this podcast a thorough listen. You'll be glad you did.



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Podcast Today?

Comments on the CME silver margin hike?

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Been waiting for this since I missed the actual.

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See I'm Still a Winner, Fuck The Cartel. Keep Stacking

Darn Turd, I had a hard time hearing Chris on his end, you where fine.

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 I feel.... violated.

Excellent A2A Turd!

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No podcast today


Re the margin hike...

Last week, the silver CoT showed a Large Spec NET long ratio of 3.9:1. I mentioned back on Friday that this is almost always a big flashing red signal and...not surprisingly...it was. The margin hike will also serve to drive any late-coming spec longs back out of silver, if there are any left after today.

Beyond that, rates were already very low after having been lowered so many times last year so today's hike isn't a very big deal. I mentioned in the previous thread that I would expect (hope) for an opportunity to stack/buy near $16.65. That's the old resistance. Some might even see a neckline of a broad, reverse H&S bottom. See here for the full comment: https://www.tfmetalsreport.com/comment/466450#comment-466450

Response to: Podcast Today?
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Quick question

Why is it always 'Ukraine Crisis', and not 'THE Ukraine crisis'? :)

But seriously, why?


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RE: Margin Hike

in thinking about this, isn't this kind of "good" in the long run? I mean, if this market is driven only by speculation/speculators, thereby causing these volatile moves up/down (mostly down I realize), then wouldn't putting margin at 100% actually be ideal for "phyzz" stackers? Then only those wanting real metal would even be in this stupid market. Of course, they couldn't then naked short this either.

I guess hurts a lot when it happens, and no-doubt "insiders" were tipped, as it drives specs out of the market en-mass causing a waterfall, and not that I think CME is doing us any favors, but  higher margins are actually longer-term better for us. Or am I reading this backwards.

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How come?

I was asked today why the metals are down big time and many of the stocks

down just a bit and some even up. i.e. Kinross, Yamana, Agnico, Pilot Gold...and others. Well,

as Jim Wille would likely retort "Because the big boys don't believe the paper metal sheisse price!!"





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 LBMA Data Points to Gold and

 LBMA Data Points to Gold and Silver Default

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I never got my invite for this....gonna have to check my spam filter. 

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Best interview yet!

Chris explains in a concise and coherent form that is difficult to match.
Thank you!
BTW Happy Birthday TF
Oh, Doc has NTR Buffs for .75 over. I happened to check Netdania, saw $16.81 and couldn't pass up.

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I love it! Chris mentioned PNAC. Look folks, all the dots of everything that pisses you off about the state of the world, either politically or economically is connected by the signers and crafters of PNAC. They have names. Read them. Many, at least half, are dual citizens. All are "internationalists" - at best!

It is not Project for new american century, it is project for no american century.

I have posted PNAC connections, 9/11, MENA, and now Ukraine for two years, here. It is the center hub of this world's insanity. Clearly, if there are people that can do harm to Americans it is them.


Good on ya, Chris...

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Fairly new stacker

Question all......

When stacking silver what is the benefit of eagles over mint bullion?

Great podcast! Thank you

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Keynes guarantees socialism/ fascism

I was listening to Andy Hoffman today and he made this point.  Pretty sure it was him...anyway...the point is when the bankers are allowed to control our government and bail themselves out, after they have bankrupted their own enterprise, it guarantees socialism.  The State becomes so powerful that it morphs into this creature that can dictate everything, set prices on everything, dictate justice /injustice...and then control the police to heavy hand the people, as the people whom have had everything stolen from them, demand some justice....

I had not really thought about this, but "idea" of TBTF is an admission of  no personal liberty.  If you accept the concept of TBTF, you may as well as look at your children and say, "sorry, I'm screwing your entire future over".  It is a very big point....it is not simply favoring corporations, but cementing fascism, corporatism, and ultimately a dystopian police state future and all that that entails...

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Feb15 CME gold contracts rolled over to Apr15?

Do we have to wait until tomorrow to learn if the 20k open interest Feb gold contracts have closed out or rolled over into April or is some of that info available tonight? Would a kind soul point me to where I might see how many might still be standing for delivery of that rather large number of contracts? Thanks!

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Very Good Chemistry

Keep in touch with Chris.  Two of a kind.  Excellent summary of the world situation.

lakedweller2's picture


Very sick.  Not sure he would approve.

Clarification:  he doesn't recognize his theory.

lakedweller2's picture

Look At It This Way

Distort a theory and assert it as correct.  Game over if you control the banks.

lakedweller2's picture


Name one.

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This one is very subjective, and largely depends on personal preference, but many people pay the extra premium for Eagles on the theory that they are the most widely recognized silver coin in the world, and hence will be easily resold.  Others buy straight bullion or bars for the cheaper premium above spot, on the theory that ounces and price paid are all that matter.

Hope this helps a little, and personally I like both common coins like Eagles or maples, and I like the straight bullion bars too!

lakedweller2's picture


Yes.  Marginal value versus some kind of  ethetics...I buy the low end ounce for my self.  But at xmas or birthdays I look for the specials..like the pandas, or birds or flaming libertads, or whatevers.  1.25 buffalos at 8 canadian or maybe who knows what...

kinda  a so what...that would be a yes...

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I've gotten accustomed to dropping the "The" because John Batchelor always does. He says "Ukraine Crisis".

Response to: Quick question
Turd Ferguson's picture

Simple…you don't receive an email


I just always post the signup link several times on Tuesday and Wednesday.

Response to: A2A
Turd Ferguson's picture

A lot of folks prefer coins


A lot of folks prefer coins to bullion:

  • smaller denominations
  • more difficult to counterfeit
Response to: Fairly new stacker
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In case it weren’t completely

In case it weren’t completely obvious, this is why banking is a total scam

Last May, Mr. Wang from Hangzhou, China walked into a bank on Jiangpu Street in Nanjing, opened an account, and made a 12 million yuan deposit.

The bank was new, but it didn’t look different from any other bank that Mr. Wang had been to.

It had a giant vault, counters for the tellers, exchange and interest rates posted on the wall. And above all, it was very elegant.

But after a few weeks, Mr. Wang stopped receiving the interest he’d been promised.

When he tried to withdraw his money, the bank froze his deposit. So he went straight to the police.

Turns out that even though it had been operating for over a year, it wasn’t actually a licensed bank.


Turd Ferguson's picture

No prelim OI numbers yet


In the next few hours though.

Don't get too excited. A certain amount will stand. A certain amount of those will close out in cash over the course of the month and what's left will just be warehouse receipts swapped between banks.

Turd Ferguson's picture

I've been trying to follow this this week too


Tweeting and retweeting all relevant stories.

Just another thing to worry about: http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2015-01-29/next-war-middle-east-has-begun-and-israel-vows-act-powerfully-all-fronts

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I'm there with Pining. I have stacked Maples and Eagles for it's liquidity in what may be desperate times, and lower premium silver like Sunshine Mint rounds and bars(still 999 fine), just to accumulate the number of oz. I'd be stacking my fare share of TFMR Rounds if I didn't have to deal with the cross border thing. I'd love to see TFMR Rounds available at Silver Gold Bull dealership. I'd be buying those with both hands too. Maybe Turd could look into selling TFMR Rounds through the above dealer? Don't know, may not be worth his while.

stealthbear's picture


I think they are just stunning, from an esthetic point of view. I ordered Maples several years back because they were minimally cheaper. Didn't check the pictures of the coins before I ordered them.  The queen's profile on the coins' reverse side was a big disappointment. Yuck.....never ordered those again.

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