Turd on with Kerry Lutz

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Late yesterday, I spoke with Kerry. It was great fun and we primarily discussed ECBQE and the terrific start to the year for gold and silver.

The original link to Kerry's site is here and I encourage you to visit there regularly for a complete rundown of all the important news items each day: http://financialsurvivalnetwork.com/2015/01/craig-hemke-turd-ferguson-whats-behind-the-latest-rise-in-gold-and-why-this-time-is-different/



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Sweet and I am heading out at lunch to add to the stack


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Second, maybee.

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So, Craig, you're no fun to party with? All doom and gloom, eh?  It was a good interview and I doubt your comment.

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Enjoy Kerry a lot

Enjoy Kerry a lot actually---but You really really make him sound good Turd.

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Members have the Power

Members can comment on these public threads, but it doesn't seem to be a very popular thing to do.

I would suggest following Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs pyramid when preparing. You need to start at the base of the pyramid and work your way up. The basic needs need to be taken care of for months while the world around you rediscovers real money, gold and silver.

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