Hot War Continues in Ukraine

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Late last evening, Batchelor and Cohen continued their discussion of Ukraine Crisis. With hot war raging across the Donbass, it is extremely important that you stay on top of this situation.

There's a lot of helpful information in this podcast. Among the topics covered:

  • Why is hot war restarting now? Is it to keep the sanctions in place?
  • The symbolic importance of the Donetsk airport.
  • Putin's intentions and how Ukraine Crisis has prompted Russia to turn to "the east".
  • Russia's current economic state and the choices they face in managing the crisis.
  • Are the sanctions driving greater Europe away from the U.S.?
  • The significance to Russians of the WWII anniversaries that are coming up this spring.

Please be sure to give this a thorough listen and be certain to stay on top of the headlines. This situation is seeming to worsen by the day.


More on John Batchelor here:

More on Professor Stephen F. Cohen here:


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Thanks Turd

for keeping us posted about this awful situation.

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Wonder why there is such interest by both sides to hold the airport. My understanding is that it's been bombed beyond fixing for years. 

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Russia refutes German interpretation of upcoming Ukrainemeeting

MOSCOW, Jan. 21 (Xinhua) -- Russia on Wednesday refuted a statement of the German Foreign Ministry about the "Normandy format" meeting to be held later in the day in Berlin.

"The statement of the German Foreign Ministry that the meeting is to be held at the will of Russia and Ukraine, does not correspond with reality," the Russian Foreign Ministry said in a statement.

According to the Russian side, the meeting has been planned as continuation of earlier talks and teleconferences between the foreign ministers of Russia, Ukraine, Germany and France.  "The (German) interpretation has been another attempt to present the Ukrainian crisis as a conflict between Russia and Ukraine and to evade responsibility of encouraging peaceful solutions of the conflict," the statement said, adding that solutions can only be achieved through dialogues between Kiev and Ukraine's southeastern regions.  The new round of talks must make Kiev start inclusive national dialogue for the restoration of peace and stability in Ukraine, it noted, adding immediate stop of fighting and launch of constitutional reform are preconditions for success.

On Tuesday, German Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier said he had called the meeting, set for Wednesday, upon the request of Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov and Ukrainian Foreign Minister Pavlo Klimkin.  Steinmeier said the meeting is aimed at stopping "military confrontations from intensifying and avoid further political escalation between Kiev and Moscow."

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Look Who’s Dragging Down the

Look Who’s Dragging Down the Global Economy Though No One Is Allowed to Say it

by Wolf Richter • January 20, 2015

“Social cohesion is at risk.”

As if they’d coordinated this, Oxfam, a non-profit that works in over 90 countries, published a research report on Monday that found that the richest 1% have been on a global wealth-grab. In 2008, the 99% still owned 56% of global wealth, based on data from Credit Suisse, whereas the 1% owned 44%. Then the Financial Crisis happened. It impacted both groups in similar proportions, and there was no change in 2009. But 2010 was the “inflection point,” when the 1% started grabbing an ever larger share of global wealth, while the 99% began to lose their grip. By 2014, the 99% was down to 52% of global wealth, the bottom 80% owned a measly 5.5%, but the top 1% had squirreled away 48%.

The report projected that if this trend continues, the 1% will own more of the global wealth by 2016 than everyone else put together.

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The Gears Are Grinding

The Gears Are Grinding Down

January 20, 2015 JC Collins 15 Comments

By JC Collins

It has become common knowledge in the mining industry here in Canada that the large oil companies began holding strategy sessions over a year ago to address this downturn in the market.  The “sustainable cost reduction strategies” were slow in coming at first but are now being developed and implemented from one day to the next.

The industry is witnessing layoffs in the tens of thousands with more to come.  For each energy sector job lost there will be 4 or more service industry jobs lost as well.  This spider web of cause and effect will mean a slow down in the broader economy with reduced revenues for everything from local pubs and restaurants, to clothing stores and regional manufacturers.

Continue reading The Gears Are Grinding Down →

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“Emerging mkts need to rely

“Emerging mkts need to rely less on outside finance”: Report — Davos January 21, 2015

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China, Switzerland to sign

China, Switzerland to sign financial deal on offshore RMB market in Zurich

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same reason as this translation of your sentence:

"Wonder why there is such interest by everyone to hold the dollar. My understanding is that it's been diluted beyond fixing for years. "

Logic doesn't apply to human behavior.

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And check this out


NATO slams and blames Russia though, even with the most high-tech of spy satellites spinning overhead, they offer ZERO proof of Russian troops and equipment in Ukraine. What a sham!

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re: Airport

The airport has limited TACTICAL importance in that it serves as a springboard for Ukraine to attack into the city streets of Donetsk.  To the North, it's pretty wide open, so if you can get a "bridgehead" here, it helps in any assault on the rest of the city.  But for the Novorussians, holding the airport against such a bridgehead isn't critically important as any further assault south on the part of Ukraine would be street-to-street and unbelievable tough sledding.

For the Ukrainians, the airport has much more symbolic value as I mentioned in one of my posts in the last couple of days.  They had built up this idea of the "cyborgs" holding out "defense" there that it became a huge morale "center of gravity" (to use some military art & science terminology).  The Ukrainian propaganda machine built these guys up into some modern-day form of the defenders of Stalingrad or the Spartan 300 at Thermopylae.  Thus, losing any foothold in the airport was a huge morale defeat for the Ukrainians.  Not only that, but as stories emerge that 1.) these guys weren't given adequate assistance as their position became tenuous and 2.) the assistance that did come was too late and those sent in to "rescue" or re-take were basically sent on a suicide mission.  

So again, the airport isn't that important, but it has become a major propaganda defeat for the Ukrainians in the last few days.  

But yeah, the facilities are trashed:


New terminal (looking North)

New terminal foreground (looking ESE), old terminal adjacent (where yellow busses are)

AFTER (as of Monday):

New terminal to the left, old terminal to the right (viewing to the North)

Mostly old terminal (viewing to the NNE)

Old terminal (viewing eastward)

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On spy satellites and such

Intelligence imagery satellites don't just hover over one spot on the earth.  The physics of orbit preclude that unless you're in an orbit around the equator (ever wonder why DirecTV and Dish Network dishes ALWAYS point to the South?).  So, the satellites that do pass further north/south do so at predictable times and aren't over the target area all day.  It's more than plausible that Russia is sneaking in the hardware in the windows of coverage.

But to say it's Russian regulars as a fact without proof is reckless.  This in spite of the fact that Novorussians showed plenty of NATO M-16s and other NATO weapons found at the airport this week.   

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Safety Dan

I use to follow JC, but no mater how contradictory the facts are to his thesis or the number of challenges to his thesis, he manages in his esoteric writing style, to obfuscate the obvious in favor of what has been written by TPTB. These people are not omnipotent and plans go awry. I have surmised that there are forces not aligned with the IMF, BIS, Rocks and Roths. Forces that are proud of their cultures, history and refused to sell them out for trinkets and false promises!

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You know when Kiev is losing

That is when Poroschenko says he has proof Russian troops are crossing into East Ukraine in large numbers. laugh

Just saw him on Swiss TV news making that claim.

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Thanks Silver Sooner

Those really are amazing before and after pictures.

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double post

double post

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Releasing Satellite Photos...

doesn't mean sh*t anymore.  Graphical alterations of any image are easily done by "normal" folk, let alone with the powers of illusion that intelligence agencies possess.  Pictures just ain't what they used to be!

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BTW The Colonel Cassad site is running again

This blog is a faithful English translation of userinfo.gif?v=17080?v=123.4colonelcassad – the awesome Russian blog about the war in Ukraine. This translation is an independent effort and is not affiliated with any of the resources of colonelcassad.

(Press the day in the calendar on the right to read the events of that day)

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Re Swiss TV

Didn't they have a vote on that also? Wonder why the banksters still "let" them have TV? 

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@Silver Sooner

Do you have any insight into how much of supposed Ukrainian patriotism, is in fact, fear of their own gov.? Have I gone off the rails in my thinking that there's more of this fear than meets the eye for us outsiders?

Silver Sooner's picture

@gazzman re: Ukrainian Patriotism

That's hard to answer.  If we define "Ukrainian Patriotism" as the flag-waving, trident symbol wearing, "Glory to Ukraine--Glory to the Heroes" variety (and not the ultra-nationalist Nazi flavor), then it is very little out of fear of their own government.  Amongst the younger folks, it's just the "in" and "cool" think to do right now.  Then there are a lot who are older and proud to be distinctly "Ukrainian" as I am to be distinctly "Oklahoman".  They want their country to be better and they honestly think that Maidan and the coup to be the path to that improvement.

It's here that most Ukrainians have been entrapped by the propaganda and are just zombified by what their government/news tells them.  They want so much for this latest revolution to be the path to a better life, a reason to be proud and hopeful of a better future.  And because Maidan and it's leaders promised exactly those things, they cling to the belief that everything is going to be better and Russia just wants to ruin it.  I think it really boils down to an inability to believe that Maidan won't lead them to a better life.

It's really not that hard to fool someone when they want to be fooled.  

If we take the "patriotism" part out of the question, then yes...there is a HUGE fear to speak out against the government.

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@Silver Sooner

Thanks for your take on the matter. Thoughtful response. I don't think I can match it, so I would would put it in terms of they're desperate, and grasping.

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