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At this critical time, it is imperative that you stay up-to-date on the ongoing events in and around Ukraine. Nowhere else in the media will you find more balanced and thoughtful discussions than these weekly podcasts from John Batchelor and Professor Stephen F. Cohen.

This week, John and Steve discuss:

  • the upcoming diplomatic efforts to defuse the crisis
  • the potential of the Paris attacks to help the countries in question find common ground
  • and they offer a substantial summary of Ukraine PM Arseniy "Yats" Yatsenyuk, the American puppet Ukrainian leader who has recently seemed to "convert" into some kind of extreme fascist and neo-nazi

Many more topics are discussed so please take the time to give this a thorough listen.



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For extra credit...


It is extraordinarily important that you read this in the context of these weekly discussions: http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2015-01-13/what-happens-next-russia-6-step-recipe-western-disaster

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it needs to be someone


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Donbass today

Fighting seems to have broken out everywhere.  Initial reports too chaotic to determine what's really going on.  It doesn't look like any "offensive" has started but Donetsk has been shelled hard as well as Gorlovka.  Novorussians appear to have advanced from some of their positions in the far east of Donbass.  Again, too early to say exactly what's going on but the fighting is the most wide-spread and most intense since August.

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SS, thanks for the update. 

Everyone please send out a prayer for the safety and wellbeing of SS's family and friends in the region.

Response to: Donbass today
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Attacks continue almost continuously since Sunday. I have received this link two days ago: Колонна военной техники в Краснодоне 10 01 2015, Ukraine (Military column in Krasnodon, January 10, 2015). And now it is here, a copy with English title --

In Krasnodon, people used their mobile phone and filmed from their car a Russian military column with exclusively Russian combat vehicles. These are RUSSIAN vehicles, because they were never available for the Ukrainian army and never used by them: the GAZ-3937 Vodnik and BPM-97 Vystrel. The second type is used almost exclusively by the boarder units of the Russian FSB service. And those tanks in the column, these are T-72B1, not used by the Ukraine combat units.

One interesting note. Those people in the car are speaking Russian. They are Ukrainians, but ethnic Russians living in that area and they are NOT pro-Russians in this conflict. On contrary, they are quite afraid, as in the end of the video, they are quite nervous and afraid, when the military column stops. One voice saying: "Hide the phone, man, hide the phone, you provoke the destiny," (meaning: risking their lives, asking for troubles). Also, watching the column, you hear one voice saying: "It’s like being back in the USSR…" -- and about Americans: “What Americans, they did all they could, Americans…” (in good sense, as there is not much Americans can do at this point).

Just another aspect of this conflict, to think about.

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Shameles plug :-)

You'll always find a high quality food for thought buffet at The News Doctors Geopolitics table because I personally select what gets posted there.   It's one of the few categories on TND that is not fed with any RSS feed content.  http://thenewsdoctors.com/category/geopolitics/

I met Cohen in the early 1990s when I was in undergraduate school, pursuing degrees in economics and international relations.  He's a brilliant man, and humble - oh so rare for a man of his intellect. 

Funny story...I started out with an emphasis on Soviet studies, but thought better of that when the Berlin Wall fell!  And to think I wanted to go work for the State Department.  Man, I'm glad I disabused those notions reasonably quickly.

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Yes it is shameless

As soon as they started carrying Mr Organs prognostications along with other sensationalistic articles similar to KWN I deleted the bookmark to silver doctors. 

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