An Important Update from JB and SFC


On last night's program, John and Steve had another lengthy discussion on the origins, implications and consequences of the Ukraine Crisis. At this pivotal time, please be sure you give this a listen.

The conversation begins with a general discussion of the Ukraine Crisis and possible pending changes within the Russian leadership.

Next, John and Steve discuss the expanding NATO mission and presence, with NATO ships visiting for the first time ports in Bulgaria, Romania and Georgia and images of flatbed railcars loaded with U.S. tanks in Latvia.

And finally, a discussion of how Russia might respond next and what measures, short of military action, Putin might be willing to take.

Again, more information on Professor Stephen F. Cohen can be found here: and the John Batchelor Show can be heard nightly by clicking here:



Dec 17, 2014 - 10:13am


what a wonderful day


Stack til it hurts

Dec 17, 2014 - 10:15am

Número dobo

First loser I guess...

Dec 17, 2014 - 10:23am

War by Media & the Triumph of Propaganda

With sooo much emotional anxiety afloat on our site, I feel prompted to try to bring a little calming reason into the discussion. Yes, I know there are real events unfolding, BUT, stop and examine the amount of propaganda “push” we are currently experiencing. Many of these news outlets we frequent are the very same ones that fed us the “WMD”, Saddam/Iraq scare barrage, which to our shame turned-out to be wholly BS. Now, a new scenario; Phony fiat currencies are pushed up (USD), and real currencies (gold and Rubles), are pushed down, and it’s all a manufactured charade to hype the emotional frenzy. Please recall, the Xmas Holidaze are the very most emotionally straining time of the year. More deaths, more depression, more Time and Finance and emotional strain than any other season – AND do you think for one second that this background scenario would not be capitalized-on by TPTB, who are running a full time propaganda assault on us to begin with?!?

In your already time-stressed life, try to find 20 min to watch this video and get back a little perspective.

Step back and take a breath, OK?

Everything you are being fed is a lie based upon a false scenario based upon a lie, based on EEE agendas……………….this is the Matrix and they are pouring out every bit of fuel to start WWIII

John Pilger - Logan Symposium - 5th Dec 2014
Dec 17, 2014 - 11:48am

I think someone has to take

I think someone has to take care of getting rid of David Rockefeller prior to Putin even thinking of invading Ukraine. His son, Nelson Rockefeller was taken care of on June 13th, 2014 when he suddenly was unable to control his airplane and crashed near David's house.

Seems that this did not stop to continue pushing hard line against Roths in Russia, so hard that even war which Roths- and China- need might not happen as USA will take over with no shots fired. 

So now its David himself who needs to be removed. Obama is Roth guy with a task at hand. 

Lets see if he needs to change CIA head or someone down the line for that, after so many damaging reports about torture..though it was in the past. 

Dec 17, 2014 - 11:59am

Yep, someone in CIA stands in

Yep, someone in CIA stands in the way of the execution of procedure I mentioned above; it could well be that CIA is actual David Rockefeller Praetorian Guards.

Obama has made plain in his public statements and in his executive orders that torture, which is how he forthrightly labelled the program, was unacceptable. But, in leaving matters to the Senate, he left the truth open to debate. He further complicated things by appointing John Brennan to run the C.I.A., even though Brennan, as a top officer in the agency, had worked closely with George Tenet, the director during the worst excesses of the program. Last Thursday, in a rare press conference, Brennan called the C.I.A.’s past practices “abhorrent” but declined to say that they amounted to torture, undercutting Obama. Democrats called for Brennan and other C.I.A. personnel to be “purged.” Senator Mark Udall, who sits on the Intelligence Committee, said, “If there is no moral leadership from the White House, what’s to stop the next White House and C.I.A. director from supporting torture?”
Dec 17, 2014 - 12:10pm


Professor Cohen states he voted for Obama twice.

Was that in one election cycle or two? These days you have to clarify that, vote early and often don't ya know.

Dec 17, 2014 - 1:53pm

Thanks, Turd

Thank you for continuing to post these Batchelor-Cohen podcasts, I listen to every one.

It is difficult to believe the Russians will stand idly by as NATO (America) continues to encircle them. They view that development, as well as the recent assault upon their economy, as an existential threat. I can't say I disagree with that point of view.

Vasili Arkhipov must be rolling in his grave.

Dec 17, 2014 - 2:28pm

Now, here is the F turning point...

From the Czech media, Tonight, 19:50, Poland

Poland offers Ukraine arms, Ukraine wants the strongest army in Europe

Poland is ready to supply Ukraine arms, stated the President of Poland, Bronislav Komorowski, during the Wednesday's visit of the Ukrainian head of state, Petro Poroshenko. The new chairman of the Ukrainian Security Council SNBO, former president Oleksandr Turchynov, announced that the country must have the strongest army in Europe.

“I’ve never heard that there would be any embargo on arms sales to Ukraine. In the event that Ukraine would be interested, Poland is ready to sell them arms and military equipment," Komorowski said at a joint press conference with Poroshenko. He added that he is willing to help Ukraine and the reform of its armed forces.

Turchynov wants the strongest army

"Regardless of the economic problems, we have to create the strongest army in Europe. There is no other way out," said Turchynov, who was named the head of the influential National Security Council and Defense by Poroshenko just this week.

The Ukrainian army needs also a reinforcement, according to Turchynov, as a backup, so the Ukraine will use 100,000 reservists. "This will require a new mobilization, which would be done in several stages ... This mobilization would restore a “mighty” military backup," he said, adding: "Ukraine needs a major military refit. Poor equipment was causing great losses. "

Hardliner Turchynov noted that a strong military is needed to reconnect the Crimea, which Russia had annexed in March: "Our war will end only when there is the liberation of the whole territory of Ukraine, including the Crimean Autonomous Republic."

Dec 17, 2014 - 2:34pm

even worser

Thank you for posting that. All should pay heed.

Dec 17, 2014 - 2:51pm


From the 12th to today, the airspace over central Ukraine was closed. There were also confirmed reports of NATO aircraft being unloaded at Kharkov and Zaporozhye airports (namely C-130 Hercules). Polish uniformed troops were also spotted at Kharkov airport. There was also a confirmed report that defensive structures were rapidly erected at Zaporozhye airport (within the last 4 months). As a former Air Force officer, I can say that this is NOT indicative of a massive deployment. So what does it mean? Well, one thing that seems fairly certain is that "on the books" NATO troops are a heck of a lot closer to where the war is being fought in Ukraine.

Dec 17, 2014 - 3:14pm

Some thoughts...

They want to use Poland and the Baltic ivars states, the ARCH-ENEMY of Russians, for centuries. There was never a single opportunity that Poland would miss to send its army against Russians, including 100,000 troops with Napoleon. And there was never a single opportunity, that Russians would miss -- for their payback. It's just going on for centuries. Ivars can tell us more, but then, many ivars' countrymen are ethnic Russians, too. How many, 35%...? Ivars knows better, but that's exactly where is the rift between the members of the Visegrad group. I don't see Slovakia, the Czech republic, Hungary, former states of Yugoslavia (ex Kosovo), and others, including Austria, to go along with it; not after the KOSOVO, where everything started. They will see it as another attempt of the West to take the Russian territory under their control. Kosovo was a major blunder. In any case, it creates internal conflicts in these states of Central and Eastern Europe, and in Germany, too. But then, maybe -- it was their intention since the beginning...? BTW, the Czech president was "called" to visit Washington, to defend his pro-Kremlin's position. ;-) He stated, I am taking lawmakers with me, to explain them, that I have only pro-Czech position, as the President of the Czech republic.

Dec 17, 2014 - 3:31pm


Russians approx 30% in Latvia, Russian speaking 45%. Some minority. In Estonia, closer to 30%, in Lithuania around 10% but Lithuania has same attitude as Poland as they were once a united kingdom. 

I have no doubts East Europe will split over sanctions but more interestingly also about NATO membership. In case Russia attacks Baltics and Poland ( or Belarus does it) I see Hungary and Slovakia definitely defecting from NATO prior to that , even allying with Russia. History will force them, even if that might not be the brightest idea to stick with future loser. Neutrality probably can be option for Austria, France.

There will be split but Nordic part will keep together inside NATO, or so I hope. Nordic that is Baltics, Finland, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Netherlands, Germany, Poland.

USA, UK may play so called phoney war in Europe where while formally being in NATO and at war with Russia (if Russia attacks some members) they will not really engage, as UK and France did not engage Hitler after September 1939. 

USA may even try to pivot away from NATO; it is in USA interests not to fight real war at this stage of debt level; as usual, it will prefer others to fight it out sitting on sidelines ; but when Russia Iran Turkey will aim for Saudis, Persian gulf and Israel, USA will engage. 

What I have written above does not mean end of Europe. It means Germany will increase its hegemony over some region of it and after all finishes, also over whole Europe as dissidents will pay for losses to those who stuck together even when threatened with military action. It will also diminish USA impact in Europe with Germany rising.

Joseph Warren cyclemadman
Dec 17, 2014 - 7:16pm

Twice Voted for O ? Smart . . . . but not that bright

reminds me of people I know, some who are friends, who are still trapped in 'right' versus 'left' thinking.

I listen to his reports on Russia, but can only take what he says with a healthy dose of caution regarding his judgment and potential blind spots.

Safety Dan
Dec 17, 2014 - 11:20pm

The Four Horsemen of the

The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse | David Morgan (Part 1/2)

The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse | David Morgan (Part 1/2)

Renowned silver guru David Morgan returns to offer Reluctant Preppers the evidence for realizing that the United States is following the final stage of all empires - the collapse stage - in this episode named after the documentary, “The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse.”

- Silver price history: David makes his call on whether the bottom is in!
- Silver fundamentals: The underlying facts,
- Financial risk reduction (storing food, lessons from throughout history of payments in silver)
- How much silver is enough for one family?
- The Alpha Strategy (John Pugsley) what are the highest value barter items?
- Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse Documentary ► -- Featuring David Morgan and numerous other experts!
- Final stages of empires: We are in the collapse stage.
- Debasing the currency
- Façade of abundance
- Leaders taking spoils while lying through their teeth​

Dec 18, 2014 - 5:07am

Some links to Putin press conference, ongoing now

Sputnik has a live feed with simultaneous translation:

"Liveblog" from the Telegraph

Perhaps he has a 'December surprise' in store for the end of the session -- but thus far there is not much new ground being covered.

But then again a few well-placed (planted) questions can bring up interesting topics at any time.

Regardless, it's refreshing to see a knowledgeable politician actually engaging in meaningful Q&A.

Energy diplomacy and geopolitics being discussed right now. Russia-China preferential relationship and long-term energy contracts, Trans-Siberian oil/gas pipelines, etc.

(More than one female correspondent gazing with starry eyes at the Russian president)

Next up: currency crisis

Dec 18, 2014 - 5:17am

Putin's interview meek as

Putin's interview meek as expected. Timeout until signal comes or it will not come. Then what he says now remains true. Good for the world. 

Safety Dan
Dec 18, 2014 - 10:28am

Reserve Currency Status Both

Reserve Currency Status Both A Blessing And A Curse

Having the dollar as the world reserve currency is both a blessing and a curse. The world is currently engaged in a massive game of speculation and chance that contains a lot of risk. Political considerations and insider deals between both nations and Central Banks play a big roll in this game. A chart I saw recently touted how the percentage of funds held by foreign governments in dollars has fallen in recent years. Even after many countries have reduced their holdings in dollar reserves the dollar still carries a major wallop and place in the world economy and will effect everyone going forward.

Former World Bank President: Big Shift Coming

Former World Bank President: Big Shift Coming

James Wolfensohn, former president of The World Bank and CEO of Wolfensohn and Co., addressed Stanford Graduate School of Business students with details about his work at the World Bank during its transition years and how the equation between developed and developing countries is changing. Wolfensohn claimed that in the next 40 years, a global power shift will see today's leading economic countries drop from having 80% of the world's income to 35%.

Related Article:
Global Speaker Series:

Someone posted this earlier. It fits so well that I've posted it again here..

Guest Post: We Are Headed For A Major Dis-location And It Revolves Around The Dollar

The United States declared economic war on Russia. It is hard to pinpoint the why of the matter but in this author’s opinion it always comes back to US dollar dominance. Russia has made no secret of its disdain for the global pricing mechanism of oil. The chart below shows what matters in the pricing of oil and it has zero to do with shale miracles or over supply.

It is the dollar and only the dollar that matters in the pricing of oil with an exception being an act of nature.


Dec 18, 2014 - 1:05pm

USD went up  20% vs other

USD went up 20% vs other fiat currencies oil dropped 40% vs. USD. Correlation 50%, or 0,5. Not very strong one, though rather obvious. Oil dropped much steeper than USD rose vs. other paper.

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