This Week's Ukraine Update

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Another great discussion last evening between John Batchelor and Professor Stephen F. Cohen. If you want to know what's really going on in Ukraine, you need to listen to these podcasts each week.



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glad my congressman has my best interests at heart.

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I'll 2nd that CPE

My reps vote b4 reading.

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The Road to Ruin

Thank you for referencing this broadcast Mr. Ferguson.

This is as important as the manipulation of the prices of the PMs .

Listen to the language and the historical references as Cohen and Batchelor discuss the most important  geopolitical issue of the day. Put the pieces of the puzzle together for yourselves. Over 400 members of the US House of Representatives basically voted for a path towards a war with Russia. And for what? Repeat a lie often enough, and people begin to believe it.

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Great interview

As usual, a great interview, with a realistic assessment of the Ukraine / Nato / Russia / Putin situation.



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No in fact I am looking for

No in fact I am looking for realistic options how this WWIII will not be like WWII, but something more drwan out less clear and less damaging. 

So far I have managed to figure out that this is what should happen in Western front ( for Russia). Some gains, some losses, all in all some kind of face saving peace (for Russia) shall take place after turbulence around 2018 IF Putin is reelected in 2018. Today, much of his warlike actions stems from this reason as well, to keep nationalists at bay and ensure own power. He has to give in to some nationalists demands( Novorossija, temporary occupations in East Europe) in military terms, and to some in creeping invasion terms. 

I do not see the big war with China either as any big war will be either Nuking each other out( makes no sense) or destroying Russia ( makes no sense for Putin). But there have to be some hostilities with China after peace in Europe is achieved, and they may end in Russia losing real or economic/monetary ground. For Putin, keeping country from splitting apart and being colonized directly with some gains in the West and some losses in the East will actually be a boon. 

I sincerely hope it turns out this way as this means also mild war in Europe. Pretty reluctant from both sides, so to say. I can only hope that in 2018 we find ourselves ( Latvia) still in Western camp, not as province of Russia. Too much to ask?

If this happens, Putin would have outplayed those bankers who hoped Russia will engage in aggressive war and be deleted from the map. Seems it is not an option any more, given the nuclear arms. Creeping conventional wars, though the scale of one with China is difficult to predict. In essence, China does not need big war to control Russia via immigration/economic deals/Finance. I hope Russia will accept it and not go for ALL in option. 

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