A Conversation with James Turk

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One of the great things this community has afforded me is access to some of the most important minds in the precious metals sector. To return the favor, each week we host an online webinar where the listeners get to ask questions of the guests. This week we were joined by James Turk, the founder of GoldMoney.

OK, so this baby clocks in at just slightly more than an hour. As you listen, though, you'll realize that when Mr. Turk gives you the time, there's no sense in cutting him short. There's a wealth of information here so it is imperative that you carve out the time to listen to the entire thing. Break it up into two or three sittings if you have to.

Among the many topics covered:

  • The miners. How and which size to buy.
  • The Swiss Gold Initiative.
  • GOFO, backwardation and the opacity of the London markets.
  • International gold storage and why someone would want to have such a strategy.
  • The threat to financial authoritarianism that gold poses.
  • The near-constant central bank intervention in "the markets".
  • Terror organizations like ISIS issuing gold and silver coins.

Again, please take the time to listen to this entire presentation. You won't regret it.