Another Ukraine Update from JB and SFC


The Ukrainian parliamentary elections were held back on Sunday and the US media has already moved on, declaring it a victory for "western support in Kiev". As you might expect, the actual situation is quite different and last evening John and Steve again accurately dissected the situation.

Some of the topics discussed last evening include:

  • An election summary, with a review of the "crushing defeat" for President Poroshenko
  • The next round of elections which come up this coming Sunday
  • Cohen's recent personal meeting with Edward Snowden
  • Developments and threats of The New Cold War

Much to be learned by listening to this week's show. Please give it a listen.



Oct 29, 2014 - 10:29am


really enjoying these links turd, thanks.

Oct 29, 2014 - 11:01am



Mr. Fix
Oct 29, 2014 - 12:49pm



Highly relevant, must read:

russian war games


Russian War Games The following information comes exclusively from my confidential sources as well as European news agencies. Do not expect to be informed, in detail, by the American media, about the unfolding crisis taking place in Europe. The American media is intent on promoting the Ebola hype as a prelude to installing complete medical martial law. Nothing can be allowed to break ..


Oct 29, 2014 - 12:53pm
thurd aye
Oct 29, 2014 - 1:07pm
Oct 29, 2014 - 2:54pm


Ya mate Hodges has lost it......what energy embargo on Europe? Nothing, nada, zilch about this story in the press here in the UK, in fact the links he gives about gas prices and soared 18% link to a 6 year old article talking about the temp being -10C in the UK! it's about 27 deg warmer than that right now in the early evening here in London.... Putin shut off the gas in 2008..... Time warp.....

Rocky Horror Picture Show Time Warp
Mr. Fix
Oct 29, 2014 - 3:08pm

@ Owtovit

 Thank you for your eyes on the ground, it would be quite difficult to separate fact from fiction without them.

 If Vladimir actually shuts off the flow of fuel, do you think it will be widely reported?

 I'm certain that there will be a news blackout here in the United States, I'm just curious if the European press is as controlled by its governments.

 Right now, there seems to be an all-out effort to maintain the “all is well” narrative.

 I know Dave Hodges thinks that Vladimir Putin is intent on starting World War III, along with the Rothschild banking cabal, and NATO, along with all of the West. I disagree.

Unless it's all a smokescreen, from my perspective, Vladimir is doing what he can to avoid a global conflict.

 Of course, if he's completely backed into a corner, that might change.

 Where his loyalties lie is the subject of much debate these days, I guess we'll just have to wait and see how it plays out.

Oct 29, 2014 - 3:52pm


There would be major headline here and in Europe about this, zero hedge would be all over it too, they are some of the best early Reporters about goings on in this world, ( when I read something on the BBC etc I check ZH and vica versa to try to fathom what is going on)

The JB/Cohen podcast is one of the better alternative Russian news discussions in the US, I do travel regularly to the US For family reasons so I'm fully aware of the media limitations there (just not as bad here yet but it's there)

The Ebola thing is news here but not BIG news! perhaps the poms/Limeys are already too full of the cool aid.....WTFDIK

The all is well narrative is alive and well here, Bollocks would confirm that, I think that ole Vlad is a consummate chess player and well versed in the art of war

heres a great link to Sun Tzu which is very concise, way better than reading 500 pages of some pillocks opinion of the art of war you say only time will tell but I fear more of my/our leaders than ole Vlad .....up to a point......

Oct 29, 2014 - 3:55pm

Paul Craig Roberts weighs in on Ebola...

"In other words, it can spread like flu. Previous denials of this fact helped to create
the suspicion that the new ebola strain is a weaponized biowarfare strain created by
US government labs in West Africa. As University of Illinois law professor Francis Boyle has revealed, Washington placed its biowarfare laboratories in African countries that did not sign the convention banning such experimentation.

Washington’s deviousness in evading the convention that the US government signed has produced another suspicion: Did the new ebola strain escape, perhaps via some lab mishap that infected lab workers, or was the strain deliberately released in order to test if it works? See: and

The only intelligent and responsible policy is to stop all commercial flights to and from ebola areas. Health worker volunteers should be transported by military aircraft and should be required to undergo the necessary quarantine before being transported back to the US.

Why does the White House oppose the only responsible and intelligent policy? Why is Congress silent on the issue?

The resistance to a sane policy fosters the suspicions that the government or some conspiracy group intends to use ebola to declare martial law and herd the population or undesirable parts of it, into the FEMA camps that Halliburton was paid to construct (without the public ever being told the reason for the camps)."

Oct 29, 2014 - 4:06pm


The Ozzies are not mucking around....strewth mate!

Dagney Taggart
Oct 29, 2014 - 4:13pm

Thanks Turd

Their conversations are a great companion guide to:

This is a fight to the death between self-serving governments with a little bit of herd management as a bonus. THIS is why it is wise to stay out of the way (got that Stephanie?).

Mr. Fix
Oct 29, 2014 - 5:33pm

@ Owtovit

Maybe news is leaking out now:

 I just found this:

Europe plunged into energy crisis as Russia cuts off gas supply via Ukraine


  • Gas prices rise in London
  • Bulgaria reaches 'crisis' point

Russia cut gas exports to Europe by 60 per cent today, plunging the continent into an energy crisis 'within hours' as a dispute with Ukraine escalated. 

This morning, gas companies in Ukraine said that Russia had completely cut off their supply.

Six countries reported a complete shut-off of Russian gas shipped via Ukraine today, in a sharp escalation of a struggle over energy that threatens Europe as winter sets in.

Bulgaria, Greece, Macedonia, Romania, Croatia and Turkey all reported a halt in gas shipments from Russia through Ukraine. 

Croatia said it was temporarily reducing supplies to industrial customers while Bulgaria said it had enough gas for only 'for a few days' and was in a 'crisis situation'.


Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin, left, speaks to Gazprom chairman Alexei Miller during a meeting yesterday

The European Union in Brussels called the sudden cut-off to some of its member countries 'completely unacceptable'.

Read more: 
Follow us: @MailOnline on Twitter | DailyMail on Facebook

Oct 29, 2014 - 5:33pm

Bought some gpl

Today. Seems to have been a watershed day. 

cliff 567
Oct 29, 2014 - 5:39pm


That article is not dated but unless New York was selling oil at less than $50 yesterday it is old news.

The dispute, coupled with Israel's military operation in Gaza, also pushed oil up to a three-week high of $49.91 in New York yesterday.

Read more: 
Follow us: @MailOnline on Twitter | DailyMail on Facebook

cliff 567
Oct 29, 2014 - 5:48pm


The article also contains this:

The UK is suffering one of its coldest nights this century with temperatures plunging to as low as -10C.

Mr. Fix
Oct 29, 2014 - 6:18pm

I don't know what's going on with the story:

That's today's issue of “The Daily Mail”, I used Google to see if I could find such a story.

 According to Google, it's only two hours old. It kind of makes you wonder why “breaking news” is supported with such old articles.

 Give me a few minutes, I'm going to see if I can find anything else that's more current.

Oct 29, 2014 - 6:31pm

Nothing doing

No, the weather is NOT that cold in the UK right now - about 9 Deg C (about 50 F)

The article is misleading: Yes, it does have today's date on it but it is obviously not today. There appears to be a massive media blitz on Russia right now, especially from the UK.

Was there any truth in Liberia stopping testing of nano Silver due to USA classifying it af a pesticide? Or is this more dis-info?

But then is this: 

Ukraine, Russia, and the European Union resumed gas talks in Brussels today, seeking a deal to resume Russian flows to Ukraine to meet winter demand.

From here

What the heck is going on? I feel like I have missed some news somewhere?

cliff 567
Oct 29, 2014 - 6:34pm

UK Turdites

UK turdites have often cautioned us that the Daily Mail is not to be trusted.

Dr. P. Metals
Oct 29, 2014 - 6:42pm


"UK turdites have often cautioned us that all MSM is not to be trusted."


Mr. Fix
Oct 29, 2014 - 6:48pm

According to Google…

The Telegraph in England, is reporting today about the possibility that the fuel “might” be shut off, (It's referring to current "negotiations").

 An Irish newspaper is reporting a similar story, stating that all of its fuel comes from England.

 Dave Hodges is quoting “confidential sources”, and states that this will not be reported in the mainstream news.

 If the fuel supply to Europe gets shut off by Russia, somebody will notice soon enough.

 Other than that, I have nothing.

 Let's see what happens next… 

Mr. Fix
Oct 29, 2014 - 7:27pm

An interesting take on Vladimir Putin:


Am I living in a cave?


I read Putin’s recent address at the Valdai Discussion Club, because Paul Craig Roberts provided it here.

As a person who worked against the Soviet Union for half of my military career until we “won” the Cold War, and as one who studied world politics and Russia, as well as the United States since, I thought the speech was remarkably restrained, somewhat humorous, and refreshingly perceptive. Although I admit to being not up to speed on the Ukraine, Crimea, and global trade issues, I could find no fault with what Putin said about Washington’s foreign policy. It occurs to me that I haven’t seen or read a speech by an American president in over a decade that sounded as literate, as real, as honest, and as humble. Yes, humble! In reading the speech, I can see in my mind’s eye, Mr. Putin giving us a shrug or two, as in what can I say? So imagine my shock to see on my twitter feed Justin Raimondo’s great summary of what the US mainstream media editorial pages had to say! Putin lies! Putin is aggressive and promoting conspiracy theories! They actually took offense at Putin’s discussion of Washington’s squandering of power, its habitual legal nihilism and blatant hypocrisy! The utter disconnect between the way I read Putin’s speech, and the way I imagine millions of veterans in this country, as well as anyone else who has honestly observed the way this country conducts its foreign policy would read it, and the hysteria and rage of the mainstream media greybeards tells me that one side or the other is living in a cave. But it isn’t us. These hysterical editors are modern versions of a Lt Onoda or a Private Nakamura, neoconservative apologists and promoters of a disastrous and evil foreign policy that has lost every war it ever started started, but doesn’t realize it’s been over for a long time.

Mr. Fix
Oct 29, 2014 - 8:25pm

Here's how we know the end is near:

Alan Greenspan: QE Failed To Help The Economy, The Unwind Will Be Painful, "Buy Gold"

Submitted by Tyler Durden on 10/29/2014 - 13:22

"Gold is a good place to put money these days given its value as a currency outside of the policies conducted by governments." ... "I don’t think it’s possible" for the Fed to end its easy-money policies in a trouble-free manner. ... "Effective demand is dead in the water" and the effort to boost it via bond buying "has not worked.

Oct 29, 2014 - 9:21pm

Deagel's 2025 prediction of 250 million dead Americans

What would cause Deagel's people to arrive at this result? The U.S. and Britain take the most casualties between now and 2025.

Russia, on the other hand, only loses 8 million souls.

China stays at 1.4 billion people.

So why does Deagle's beagles figure that we here in the U.S. will be wiped out by 78% of current population?

Maybe a Russian nuclear first strike? Doubtful. U.S. would retaliate and so Deagel's numbers would have to reflect that fact.

A World War III would surely affect more than just the Anglo-Saxon countries.

So, what else?

We have been told that an EMP attack on the U.S. is not just likely, but a virtual certainty. 90% dead inside of a year, as per the experts. So, this must be one Deagel concern.

Ebola is a 70% to 90% killer, and our government seems driven to spread it while looking incompetent.

Another possibility.

Or, maybe its just the fact that the DEA, DHS, USPS, Social Security Admin., USDA, IRS, and just about every other Fed agency has stockpiled ammo and weapons to use them--enough to kill every American 6 times over. And FEMA has stocked up on millions of coffins.

Or, maybe they just miscalculated. Yup, that must be it.

Oct 29, 2014 - 9:29pm

Posted on the other active thread as well.

Grant Williams interview.

Oct 29, 2014 - 9:34pm

More on colloidal silver...

I can't vouch for accuracy, but it seems colloidal silver is worth taking, in case this is all true:


It is impossible for single celled germs to mutate into silver resistant forms, as happens with conventional antibiotics. Therefore no tolerance to Colloidal Silver ever develops. Also, Colloidal Silver cannot interact or interfere with other medicine being taken.

Inside the body, silver forms no toxic compounds nor reacts with anything other than a germ's oxygen metabolization. Colloidal Silver is truly a safe, natural remedy for many of mankind's ills. It would appear highly unlikely that even germ warfare agents could survive an encounter with Colloidal Silver.

Since viruses like Ebola and Hunta, or even the dreaded "flesh-eating bacteria" are in the end merely hapless viruses and bacteria. To top it off Colloidal Silver is non-toxic, making it safe for both children and adults, as well as pets. In short, anything bigger than a one-cell animal seems to like it.

Nor should one have to worry about the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) being put in charge of this home remedy. Colloidal Silver is grand fathered as a pre 1938 healing modality. This makes it exempt from FDA jurisdiction.

Oct 29, 2014 - 10:09pm

@ Mr. Fix "Here's how we know the end is near:"

The fact that an "American", Former Federal Reserve Chairman, Knighted by the "Queen of England", considered the "Mystro in maintaining the 'Goldilocks' economy makes a statement like this and the markets barely budge.

The whole 'system' is nothing but off the wall lala land if taken at face value to me. I can see nothing better than getting as far away from it as I possibly can.

And yep, I hard boiled about 140 quail eggs today (started taking up space in the fridge lol). Got them all peeled and ready to be canned in some spicy juices tomorrow.

Might make for nice Christmas presents wink

Make no doubt about it, the EE is making their move. The question is this: 

Is it being done in desparation to maintain the current corruption, or moving to plan "B" which was planned all along?

There is no doubt 'they' are losing control. The internet has exposed and documented so many False Flags, people are understanding the 'printing out of thin air/and charging interest on it', leanring how to be self sufficient with food and energy, not to mention trading amoungst themselves GLOBALLY with crypto currencies. And the show of FORCE at the Bundy Ranch was defeated w/o violence by a community that set an example. 

(Excellent interview with Ammon, son of Cliven Bundy, of the whole story. Hour3 which extended well past an hour.

This example is KEY, because it showed people that stood up for an idea bigger than themselves and they were NICE doing it, BUT READY TO DIE FOR THAT IDEA. ... THAT MY FOLKS IS A NWO GAME CHANGER!

This all exposes a LOT about how 'they' are losing control.

They are losing control of the most important thing I think. The matrix they created in the minds of the 'herd' is falling apart. This isn't a single Group they can demonize or cut the head off. 

This is a culture change, and I don't think there is ANYTHING they can do about it but kill people and print money which exposes them MORE and stampedes more of the herd.

Just my thoughts while pealing little quail eggs and listening to podcasts ...

God Bless,


Oct 29, 2014 - 10:16pm

Harvey's Up! (TFMR)

Harvey's Up!

  • Mark O'Byrne: The U.S. Mint has sold nearly 60,000 ounces of American Eagle gold coins so far in October due to increased global demand from store of wealth buyers as economic and geopolitical uncertainty increased. With only three business days left until the end of October, the U.S. Mint has sold 59,500 American Eagle bullion one ounce gold coins. On a year-on-year basis, U.S. gold coin sales in October are up 21% from 48,500 ounces in October 2013. Store of wealth silver bullion buyers continue to stack silver at a steady clip. They bought 4.12 million ounces of American Silver Eagle coins so far this month, versus 4.14 million ounces in September. This means that nearly 68 times more silver in ounce terms was bought than gold. Silver buyers continue to see silver as severely depressed with silver below $20/oz and the gold silver ratio at 71 or $1,228/oz divided by $17.24/oz. The gold bullion coin sales from the U.S. Mint are the highest monthly sales since January and are higher than the 58,000 that were sold in September. The 58,000 ounces sold in September was more than double the demand in August, mint data shows. 
  • GoldCore on the merits of buying bullion: Bullion coins are purchased by long-hold collectors and financial insurance buyers. Bullion coins attract demand from savers and store of wealth buyers, rather than speculative investors and speculators. Bullion coins are used frequently to store intergenerational wealth and pass wealth from one generation to the next. Gold and silver bullion coins remain the preserve of a tiny minority of buyers who are more risk conscious and generally more aware of geopolitical, monetary and indeed systemic risk than the broader public. 
  • Dave Kranzler: Forget the “seasonally adjusted,” highly massaged data released daily now by regional Fed banks, industry organizations (i.e. industry snake-oil selling entities) and of course the Government, here’s what the CEO of NCR, the largest point-sales systems to retailers, had to say after the Company’s 3rd quarter earnings were released: Market conditions within the retail industry worsened in the third quarter, as evidenced by weak same store sales comparisons and financial results. This resulted in our retail customers spending more cautiously than anticipated and further delaying solution rollouts…In addition to our third quarter preliminary results, we now expect our 2014 results to be below our previous guidance. Quite the different picture of the retail environment than what you hear from Wall Street and the media cheerleaders. 
  • Dr. Jeffrey Lewis: I think this is a time when people will look back on us and see this moment as the tipping point where the average man began to understand modern finance and monetary system. After all, I am writing these words, and you are reading this. Our monetary system is a paper tyranny and an underlying threat to everything people hold dear – even the elite. Savings have been stolen through zero interest rates and compounded by inflation. They have distorted the returns on investments by inflating the money supply. They have deliberately manipulated interest rates, LIBOR, the housing market and, through fraud, destroyed the home equity of millions of homeowners – resulting in foreclosures for others. Civilized societies in a state of prosperity tend to have a stable medium of exchange and property rights…The political-financial elite are destroying the purchasing power of the dollar, and thus private property, through inflation. But the average man has no voice in this struggle – if he is even aware.
  • Chris Powell: The world economy is declining under the burden of too much debt and only inflating it away or repudiating it will change anything, financial letter writer and GATA board member Ed Steer tells the Sprott Money News weekly wrapup with Jeff Rutherford. Steer adds that the futures markets in New York are suppressing commodity prices and distorting all prices. 
  • Lawrence Williams: While the mainstream financial news media are determined to overlook it, MineWeb's Lawrence Williams writes, China and India alone appear to be taking each month more gold than is being produced. If we look at Indian demand that is also surging with it hitting over 90 tonnes in September, and with the festival season just started with Diwali last week, by all accounts gold sales have continued to increase to the extent that it is again causing current account deficit problems for the government. And gold smuggling in India appears to be on the rise again too given the government has pulled back from relaxing its stringent import restrictions any further. "All indicators suggest that there could indeed be a very large supply deficit building," Williams writes. He adds: "One day gold will surely take off but whether it's this week, next week, next month, next year, or 10 years' time remains open to question. It just depends on how long the big money, and perhaps governments, can keep playing the futures markets to keep commodity prices working to their advantage."
  • Andrew Hoffman: Bullion coins and bars are the preferred form of investment for the purpose of asset protection and/or financial insurance. They account for nearly all Miles Franklin's business, as we believe strongly in the merit of buying as close to the product's "intrinsic value" as possible. This way, you get as many coins for your money as possible, with absolutely zero "subjective" value. Some firms guide neophyte PM investors toward numismatics with promises they are rare, confiscation-proof, or other speculative beliefs. However, for the most part, they are simply attempting to sell them because their wider spreads yields higher commissions - which, by the way, has been a particularly prevalent practice since gold and silver prices started falling three years ago. Many of these firms are desperate for business - and thus, are "doubling up" their aggressiveness in marketing these highly risky assets. Essentially, numismatics are little different than baseball cards, rare art or even real estate - in that a significant percentage of their "value" is entirely subjective. Generally speaking, we believe numismatics are principally for experienced coin collectors - in most cases, because it's actually their hobby.


Oct 29, 2014 - 11:38pm
Safety Dan Mr. Fix
Oct 30, 2014 - 12:20am

Fix, Check this out..  Old


Check this out.. 

Old Alan did still have a crush on gold when he was running things at the fed. He probably just got worn out and sold out:

While chairman:

In response to a question during congressional testimony on whether the U.S. should sell some of its 8,138 tonnes of gold, Alan Greenspan responded:

"This was debated in the U.S. in 1976. The conclusion was we should hold our gold. Gold still represents the ultimate form of payment in the world. Germany in 1944 could buy materials during the war only with gold. Fiat money in extremis is accepted by nobody, gold is always accepted.”

- Alan Greenspan, Testimony before the U.S House Banking Committee, May 20, 1999.

"Arguably, immediately following the dollar's float in 1973, U.S. authorities did not intervene and left it to others to adjust their currencies to ours. We did not sense a need to hold what we perceived to be weaker currencies in reserve because presumably we could always purchase them in the market, when, and if, the need arose. We held significant reserves in only that medium we judged a harder currency, that is gold”

-Alan Greenspan, April 29, 1999 – World Bank Conference on Reserves Management

Question: "... is it your intention that the report of this hearing should be that Greenspan recommends a return to the gold standard?"

- Senator Paul Sarbanes

 Answer: "I've been recommending that for years, there's nothing new about that. It would probably mean there is only one vote in the FOMC [Federal Reserve - Federal Open Market Committee] for that, but it is mine."

-Alan Greenspan, Senate Committee Hearing, September 1997

 4 years after he was fed chair:

Gold prices that jumped above $1,000 an ounce this week are signaling that investors are buying metals to hedge against declines in currencies, former Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan said.

The gains are “strictly a monetary phenomenon,” Greenspan said today at an investment conference in New York. Rising prices of precious metals and other commodities are “an indication of a very early stage of an endeavor to move away from paper currencies,” he said. “What is fascinating is the extent to which gold still holds reign over the financial system as the ultimate source of payment” -Alan Greenspan in a Bloomberg Article September 9th 2009 -

Safety Dan
Oct 30, 2014 - 12:24am

The ruble fell to a record

The ruble fell to a record low against the dollar and euro in early trading Wednesday despite a$2.5 billion intervention from the Russian central bank to prop up the currency.

The Russian central bank has been forced to intervene once more in currency markets by using foreign exchange reserves to purchase rubles as the currency continued its slide. The ruble has fallen about 20% since January. Elvira Nabiullina, head of the bank, acknowledged earlier this month that if markets turned against the ruble it would not "be able to restrain them" but is nevertheless compelled to act to protect Russian businesses from the impact of sharp falls.

Sharp falls hurt firms with foreign suppliers or foreign currency debt obligations and could further undermine already weak economic growth in the country. The Russian central bank has tried to smooth the transition to a weaker exchange rate through its interventions, but it is paying a high price.

Russia's international reserve stockpile has fallen from $464.2 billion at the start of September to $443.8 billion as of Oct. 17, and it will have dropped even lower because of further intervention in recent days.

As a signal of how big a problem the ruble's collapse has become for policymakers, the central bank announced plans to pump an additional $50 billion into the country's banking system through currency repo auctions (whereby the central bank exchanges rubles for dollars at a fixed rate). The first auction is scheduled to be held Wednesday.

Read more:

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