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If you've been waiting like I have, since the downing of MH17, to hear from John Batchelor and Professor Cohen, last night's program did not disappoint.

The latest installment of this series may have been the most compelling and informative to date. During the podcast, you'll here John and Steve discuss:

  • The events of the past week
  • The very dangerous situation at hand
  • The ongoing destruction and Civil War within Ukraine
  • Any possibilities of de-escalation
  • The role Germany might play going forward
  • Much, much more

Again, in the absence of any discussion and debate in "the West", I beg you to listen to these podcasts each week. As Professor Cohen states: "Even in the run-up to the last Iraq War, there was dissension and debate. Here there is none." On another note, where's the outrage? One US ally (Israel) bombs a neighboring territory (Gaza) and the world overflows with anger and outrage. Another US ally (Ukraine) bombs its own citizens (Donetsk and Lugansk) and no one cares.

More on The John Batchelor Program can be found here:

Background on Professor Cohen can be found here:



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well doggies

My first first.  I wonder who the first EVER first was on TFMR ????

Thanks Turd for these links, they are very informative and insightful.

Uda man !!!

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Getting in

a read for the 2nd time today

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Someone named "Coolbytes"


Good for you. I really enjoy your insights on ZH. I'll frequent your site.

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Looking forward to listening

Looking forward to listening to John again. These updates are a great balance to what we hear elsewhere.

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I can't believe

I'm fifth on a bonafide Turd post!

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silver inventory at shanghai futures exchange

drops to a record low of 170 tons today.

price of ginger has doubled in the last 6 months. it is now more expensive than pork.

price of ginger in china could be a leading indicator of silver price because in 2010, it went up much more than silver.

easy money in china hasn't really slowed down. new loans are being denied to bad credits but i receive phone calls asking me whether i need new loans because my credits are good.

china's president is sprinkling dollar all over the world wherever he travels.

better spend it before it rots!

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Thanks judejin


It's always good to get your updates.

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The propaganda war

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Two More Opinions

Well I listened and again other opinions on hearsay from their contacts. When do we get the real story? When it's over? War is brutal, been there and done it and the real goings on stayed there. Keep Stacking

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I hear ya


But at least they are "other opinions". Better than just the simple, spoon-fed narrative we are bombarded with here in the US.

Response to: Two More Opinions
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And the UK is clearly in on the Putin-bashing...


This fellow died in 2006...and NOW it's time to take a closer look at how guilty Putin and Russia really were/are.

"War is coming, whether you are ready or not."

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bad bad bad

Also, Dmitri Orlov has written a nice essay, analyzing means/motive/opportunity for the MH17 incident.

And there's a nerd who has this analysis (via BoingBoing)

... says it wan't a Su-25. Apparently there was a story out of Russia that said it was, but still an interesting article on the capabilities of different missiles and weapon platforms. I have no idea whether Scott Locklin knows this stuff or is just talking through his hat. Maybe someone here has an opinion...

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SGTReport Excellent Video Russia Security Analysis

From ZH comment by SaveAmericaFirst.


MUST LISTEN: “The U.S. is militarizing Ukraine… Kiev is conducting a policy of GENOCIDE. The key to resolving the catastrophe of Ukraine is to be found in Washington. That’s where Nazism has to be defeated.” — Sergei Glazyev Economic Advisor to Putin

After what the US government did to Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria and Libya – does THIS sound familiar?

from New Insight:

Friends, this is a MUST LISTEN. The words of Sergei Glazyev, the Economic Advisor to Russian President Putin are a stunning wake up call for anyone with the capacity to think independently & critically. For those who understand the over reach of US empire and Washington fascism over the past decade alone (in the name of the precious 9/11 fable), we ignore these realities at OUR OWN peril.? ~SGT

Kiev is clearly conducting a policy of genocide to eliminate the whole population of Donbass… They’re destroying hospitals, kindergartens, schools. The fate they’re preparing for the people of Donbass is serfdom… It is obvious that the United States is fully controlling the Kiev Nazis, Poroshenko personally, and the government, and is pushing them to pursue this war against Donbass to the very end… THIS IS A WAR BY THE UNITED STATES AGAINST US… So we have to understand that the key to resolving the catastrophe of Ukraine is to be found in Washington. That’s where Nazism has to be defeated..”

- Sergei Glazyev Economic Advisor to Russian President Putin

Recorded on June 10, 2014, Glazyev discusses the massive militarization of Ukraine, intended not only to crush Donbass, but to re-take Crimea in order to start another world war for further consolidation of the US hegemony over Eurasia.

The video is in Russian, but it has English sub-titles.  This is quite telling about what they think of our corrupt, scumbag, American government shitheads in D.C.  10mins long, and the last few minutes are very key in this statement. 

hat tip: Rainmaker – Video link submitted to SGT Report on 2014/07/22 at 2:05 pm

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New Jim Willie: (1 hour).

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Heading For A Fall

by David Stockman • July 23, 2014

The 2008 Wall Street meltdown is long forgotten, having been washed away by a tsunami of central bank liquidity. Indeed, the S&P closed yesterday at 1,983—or up by nearly 200% from its March 2009 low. Yet four cardinal measures of Main Street economic health convey nothing like a 2X pick-up from the post-crisis bottom.

To wit, in June the count of breadwinner jobs was 68.5 million or 5% below were it stood as the crisis got underway. Likewise, business investment in real plant and equipment is still 5% below its late 2007 peak. So too with the real median family income at about $53k—its still down by 6%. And unlike past cycles where safety net programs like food stamps shed recipients as the recovery gained momentum, there are still nearly 47 million Americans in the program compared to 30 million in March 2009.


This juxtaposition has been explained away by Wall Street stock touts under the heading that “this time is different”. Markets have allegedly sprung loose from their moorings in the real economy owing to record corporate profits and an upward re-rating of PE multiples reflecting lower than historical interest rates. And, indeed, the raw facts can be marshaled to this end.

As shown in the stunning chart below, profits have doubled as a share of corporate net value added since the turn of the century. Likewise, when measured against GDP, profits are at 60-year highs.

This is just the trouble, however. The robust rate of profit growth during recent years reflects a one-time gain in the profit share of factor income. This gain in all probability cannot be replicated again during the next decade, and, in fact, is extremely vulnerable to the mean reversion so evident in the historical data above. Indeed, that may have already begun during the first quarter of 2014 when the profit share dropped sharply as shown in both charts above.

The same can be said of low interest rates. After an unprecedented 33-year descent, the yield on the 10-year treasury benchmark has nowhere to go but higher; and after hitting a QE induced rock bottom of 1.5% in mid-2012, the benchmark yield has, in fact, bottomed and begun a climb toward normalization. No amount of money printing and financial repression by the central banks can keep yields on the current massive trove of $12 trillion of publicly held treasury debt at a negative after-tax and after-inflation rate indefinitely.

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To the Professor

well said and "here here" when noting the absolutely silent response from the US Congress.  The democracy is not working.  HERE HERE.

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Re, billhilly " the first EVER first" Not hard to find:

1st ever!

Submitted by Rowley on June 14, 2011 - 4:31pm.

Hat Tip!


1st ever!


 I listened to the John Batchelor show live last night, although it shows the dire circumstances, little is said about who's causing it.

If you look at the post by foggyroad above, combined with anything on Info Wars,  or Steve Quayle, a lot of fine investigative reporting is quickly exposing Washington DC as the biggest terrorist organization on the planet.

Don't gloss over that Jim Willie interview with Greg Hunter that I posted earlier, it was one of his more revealing ones, as I think he does a fine job telling us where we're at globally, and what the next shoe to fall will be.

One of his best insights during the entire hour, is that the rest of the world will be fully knowledgeable as to the dollars collapse, while in the meantime, very few in United States will realize what the real problem is.

It simply won't be reported, or other things will be blamed on the soaring prices.

I think we are already seeing a lot of that now.

The more desperate the Western financial situation becomes, the more desperately they need to start a war.

Ultimately, the only way they seem to be able to assure this war that they so desperately desire, is to start one with themselves.

I suspect Washington itself is going to wind up  starting a war between assets oil to Langley Virginia, and   assets loyal to the Pentagon. It's starting to look like World War III will be completely contrived, with what amounts to paid mercenaries on both sides, because no one is taking Washington DC seriously anymore, and their current scorched earth policy dictates that there must be war.

Unfortunately, Washington DC can do great damage to the United States, because even if you don't take Washington DC seriously, they can still do enormous damage to its own populace.

Outside of the United States, Washington DC is becoming increasingly less influential, and all of their puppet governments are now fully exposed such as the one in Ukraine, Or the European Union puppets.

Alternative media is starting to make a mockery out of the powers that be plans, if nobody fights them back, they will undoubtedly collapse under their own stinking dead weight. They are only  capable of death and destruction through hired guns, they produce absolutely nothing of value  for humanity.

I know  we are still waiting for “the end of the great Keynesian experiment”, and many think it will end in war.

What if it ended with those responsible for our calamity being exposed, prosecuted, and summarily executed for crimes against humanity?

This could still go either way.

I think the key is to spread knowledge, do not comply with their orders, and watch them collapse all by themselves. They have literally left themselves no way out, unless they can escape through the fog of war.

Either way, it is not wrecking my day.smiley

infometron's picture

@ Mr. Fix Re: either way...

As posted on zerohedge from the WSJ:

The Obama administration is prepared to expand a new set of economic sanctions against Russia if the country doesn't take steps to end Ukraine's conflict with pro-Russia separatist fighters, a senior administration official said.

Doesn't that sound like an open invite to Russia to send in "peace-keeping" forces and establish a no-fly zone? Like inviting someone in just to throw a pie in their face?! Have we entered into a more subtle form of goading here?

@ Mr. Fix, you wrote:

"I know  we are still waiting for “the end of the great Keynesian experiment”, and many think it will end in war.

"What if it ended with those responsible for our calamity being exposed, prosecuted, and summarily executed for crimes against humanity?"

I think that last point is exactly what Craig and Kerry Lutz were reaching for regarding a nicer way to see all this play out. Wouldn't that be something!! It certainly wouldn't wreck my day either :^)

Edit: Dr. Jerome's adaptation of that philosopher's (Denis Diderot) observation regarding Kings (politicians) and Priests (bankers) comes to mind. Some powerful imagery there!

DeaconBenjamin's picture

Calls for Tory MP to stand down as trade envoy over Russian busi

Cameron's advisor Charles Hendry heads body promoting Russo-British trade as MPs urger stronger sanctions

Charles Hendry

Former energy minister Charles Hendry is president of the Russo-British Chamber of Commerce. Photograph: Eddie Mulholland/Rex Features

One of David Cameron's trade envoys and former ministers is facing calls to stand down over for his links to a pro-Russian business group.

Charles Hendry, a Tory MP and former energy minister, is listed as president of the Russo-British Chamber of Commerce, leading an advisory council that includes one of Vladimir Putin's wealthy allies whose firm recently struck an oil deal with Syria and an ex-chief of the Russian arms company that designed Buk missiles.

The prime minister has said Russia cannot expect to continue enjoying access to European markets and pushed for stronger sanctions against the country, after both the UK and US said they strongly suspect the Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 was struck down in Ukraine by separatists using Russian-made Buk missiles.

At the same time, the business group advised by Cameron's own trade envoy is promoting commerce with Russia. A statement on its website says it firmly believes the country continues to represent "an attractive investment and trading destination".

Without mentioning the Malaysian airliner disaster, the statement said it was "concerned that the recent and ongoing developments in Ukraine and the reaction of the international community will lead to disruption in trade and business relations between Russia and the UK".

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A message for gun owners

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Harvey's Up! (TFMR)

Harvey's Up!

  • Mark O'Byrne: Gold remains in a very tight range in London this morning as did gold bullion in Singapore overnight. Futures trading volumes were low and 7% below the average for the past 100 days for this time of day, according to Bloomberg data. Silver, platinum and palladium are slightly firmer this morning. Silver for immediate delivery added 0.2% to $21.00 an ounce in London. Geopolitical tension appears to be supporting gold at the $1,300/oz level and above support at the 100-day moving average at $1,302/oz. The 50 and 200 day moving averages are also key levels of support. Gold is down 1.5% for the month after the another peculiar bout of concentrated selling last week. It is in lockdown in a very tight trading range. According to Reuters, the spread between its highs and lows for the month is the narrowest since August 2009 at $53.30/oz.
  • Harvey: We have two major hot points: Israel's invasion of Gaza to destroy tunnels and their rockets, and continuing stories on the downing of the Malaysian aircraft. Today Putin ordered the Duma to return for an emergency meeting. Rumour has it that they want the Ukrainians to allow for the rebels to form a political party. Poroshenko will have nothing to do with that. GLD: Gold had a big gain of 0.76 tonnes of gold inventory (tonnage now 805.44 tonnes).
  • GoldCore on Krugman: Krugman has been one of the most vocal gold bears in recent years and his opinion on gold has lacked nuance and ignored the academic and historical record. Krugman is right that so far the record debt levels in the U.S. and throughout much of the western world and the currency printing response have not led to inflation or stagflation. However, it is very premature to completely discount the risk. History clearly shows printing money on the scale that we have witnessed in recent years ultimately leads to inflation, and sometimes hyperinflation. Lenin rightly warned that the "best way to destroy the capitalist system is to debase the currency”
  • Jeremy Warner (The Telegraph, London): Expanding the money supply via increased central bank reserves was supposed to have boosted bankers' willingness to lend, artificially generating the same "money multiplier" effect that rules in more normal times, when commercial bank lending and money creation is buoyant. There is very little evidence that this occurred. What very definitely did occur is that small cash savers got squeezed and debtors got bailed out. The biggest of these debtors were governments, particularly the British, US and Japanese governments. All of them were able to borrow more cheaply than otherwise and, with the central bank mopping up supply, were able to raise a great deal more money. Central banks became enablers of continued deficit spending. Remove the disciplines of the market, which is in effect what QE does, and governments will spend, if not with outright abandon, certainly with less concern than they would otherwise. Both in Britain and the US, much of the urgency of deficit reduction has been removed by QE.
  • Gene Arensberg (GotGoldReport): The Got Gold Report's Gene Arensberg tonight looks again at trader positions in gold futures and concludes that "the gold trade," the people who do the biggest business in gold, "are currently positioned as though they do not believe that gold has any significant downside." Arensberg's commentary is headlined "Comex Producer/Merchants in Gold, View from 30,000 Feet an Eye-Opener".
  • Tyler Durden: There is no better way to describe what the recently departed CFTC commissioner Scott O'Malia just did when he bailed from the commodity watchdog to become the new head of the International Swaps and Derivatives Association, aka ISDA, the biggest banking group that has constantly opposed every intervention and attempt to regulate the swaps market by the CFTC since the Lehman crisis, than an epic farce. For those who are unaware ISDA is a global OTC derivative lobby group, counting the world's largest investment banks among its members, and has frequently fought regulatory efforts to reform the market after the financial crisis. ISDA itself was exposed as a complete joke during the European crisis when due to the overhang of avoiding Europe's insolvent reality, it made CDS protection obsolete as protection from sovereign restructurings and credit events, in the process crushing one of the key ways to hedge for credit event risk.
  • Zedro Hedge: As the tit-for-tat public relations blitz continues to play out, Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko has demanded that the self-proclaimed Donetsk People's Republic (DPR) and Luhansk People's Republic (LPR) be recognized as terrorist organizations, "so that any cooperation or support the terrorists receive is recognized as such under international law." Now that the US has 'proved' that the separatists shot down MH17, we suspect the calls will grow louder... even as Poroshenko says he opposes martial law.
  • Tyler Durden: With almost metronomic frequency, and perhaps related toPutin's emergency meeting of the State Duma, The Wall Street Journal is reporting that the Obama administration is prepared to expand a new set of economic sanctions against Russia if the country doesn't take steps to end Ukraine's conflict with pro-Russia separatist fighters. No details were exposed by the senior administration official, but as WSJ notes, current sanctions don't prevent U.S. entities from doing business with the Russian firms or freeze their assets. We await the new boomerang.

All this and more on...

The Harvey Report! smileysadsmiley


flyinkel's picture

War is a Racket by Smedley Butler

Surprisingly relevant.  Congressman's son.  Marine Major General.

Also China isolates 30,000 over 1 incidence of bubonic plague.

Lamenting Laverne's picture

It appears that someone may have screwed up!

This is a picture of a standard layout looking Boeing 777-200ER.

According to Wikipedia both Malaysian Airlines MH370 and Malaysian Airlines MH17 were airplanes of type 777-200ER.

Boeings “Airplane Description” document can be found here:

According to this document the interior layout of this type can vary (pages 19-21), but a common denominator for all B777-200 layouts is that they all have symmetrical layout towards the exterior at the back end of the airplane – as opposed to some of the B777-300 variants (pages 22-24). However, this piece of information is completely irrelevant, because pictures of the actual airplanes in question shows that:

  • either these airplanes are 777-300 models
  • or these planes are indeed asymmetrical in layout towards the exterior at the back of the plane

And that is where the story gets interesting....

The registration number for MH370 was 9M-MRO and the registration number for MH17 was 9M-MRD.

Since I am not familiar with proper airplane lingo – I will define that we have a left side and a right side of the plane, when looking at it from the nose.

This is a picture of Malaysian Airlines B777 9M-MRD taken from a video, that is stated to be from Frankfurt Airport on the 15th September 2013. The video can be found here:

​Here we see the back exit of the left side of the plane. Observe: Tail number->Exit->White Space slightly wider than the exit door->Windows.

Below you see two pictures of wreckage from the MH17 crash site in Ukraine taken by Jeroen Akkermans. The original pictures can be found here: and here:

Turn the picture upside-down in your head. Observe: Tail number->Exit->White Space half the width of the exit door-> Windows. WHOOOOOPSSSSS!!!!

Since Malaysian Airlines paint their planes with blue at the bottom, red in the middle with the tail number and white in the top, this is a piece from the left side of “a” plane – but it is not the left side of 9M-MRD – as can be ascertained from the above picture from Frankfurt (and several other pictures from the delightful plane-spotting people at and

The piece of wreckage shown above appear to be modeled after / is more consistent with the back exit door on the right side of the same plane. (This picture below was the only non-copyrighted picture, I could find, and it is not 9M-MRD, but as you can see from the links below, it shows the same narrow spacing between righthand side exit and windows as 9M-MRD).

I do not want to infringe on copyrights, so please go and look at righthand side back exit pictures in high resolution at here: and here:

(The layout is the same for MH370 9M-MRO, which can be seen here (left): and here (right): so I am NOT suggesting that the MH17 wreckage is from MH370. I am suggesting that the piece of wreckage shown above possibly originates from a B777-300, and that it does not come from WH17 B777-200ER 9M-MRD).

So I am thinking that unless Malaysian Airlines can publish proof that they have reconfigured the left back side of the 9M-MRD to have symmetrical exterior in line with the right side (as in windows immediately next to the exit as opposed to the larger space in the standard configuration) since 8th February 2014, when the most recent picture of the plane was taken (, then the only conclusion I can come up with is that the piece of wreckage shown above in relation to MH-17 is fabricated. And if so - means the whole story is fabricated and most certainly premeditated.

Guys, I have looked at these pictures for hours – checking over and over again, if I have totally flipped the wreckage picture wrong in my head – and that this wreckage is indeed from the righthand side of the plane. I sooo hope to be wrong about this one and that I am the one, who royally screwed up. What do you guys say? Am I nuts? Do you see the same? 

Because if you do, then I guess we have proof that the MH-17 crash was not an accident.

Strongsidejedi's picture


To help you with your "aircraft" vocabulary...

Facing forward in the plane (facing towards the cockpit at the nose).  The "aft" is behind you.  "Forward" is in front of you.  The "left" side of the plane is the "port" side.  The "right" side of the plane is the "starboard" side.

The photo from the Youtube video shows the "Starboard" side of the plane.

The two photos from the crash site show the "aft" "starboard" door.  That can ONLY be the starboard AFT door because the paint provides the orientation and the windows are forward of the door.  If it was the mid-section, there would be a window area aft of the door.  There is not.  Also, the paint scheme on the bent metal shows the correct orientation of the original design.

The fourth pic is of the aft port side.  Windows can change in configuration from port to starboard sides for a number of reasons.

However, you have a good point that that the wreckage does not concur with the video on Youtube.

There are two possibilities.  One is that the Youtube video is inaccurate.  This is possible because it might be possible to alter the original video using computer software.  However, looking closely at the pixels in the video, I do not believe the video is a forgery. 

I do not know what to think.  The plane does not match.


Lamenting Laverne's picture

Thank You StrongSide!!

My hands were shaking, when I pressed save.

And I have another video of the same same plane - different airport, that I did not post, but I used it to check that the the video first posted was not tampered with. Plus there are the several pics from the planespotter sites showing the same.

Re the lingo - I am obviously wrong in my naming, because I look from the nose standing outside - so my left on the outside looking from the nose - is your starboard on the inside looking towards the nose, but I get what you say. Same as rowing boats, if I recall correctly.   

tyberious's picture

RE:It appears that someone may have screwed up!

But wait theres more:

From July 22:


Earlier today I messed up a report about the number of seats and pulled that report. NOW WE HAVE THE SMOKING GUN, thanks to another internet sleuth who was linked through by Gordon Duff who was re-posted on beforeitsnews, and I cannot find due to the cattle trail of links. But secondary confirmation nails it, this sleuth, who spent many hours comparing photos of the wreckage to photos of MH370 and MH17, found the SMOKING GUN. I spent about two hours confirming this guy did not get this wrong.

The mistake in the shoot down false flag was subtle, yet obvious, and is absolute proof it was flight 370.

mh17starboardcrashsceneconclusion.jpgIn all paint jobs, things do not always line up the same. And the position of the flag on MH370 puts the leading edge at the first window behind the door, and on MH17, that flag instead lines up with the second window. You have to look at the correct side of the plane to see it, because the opposite side lines up the same on both planes. But when the correct sides of the two aircraft are compared (this would be the same as the passenger side of an American car) you can clearly see that the flag is an entire window off where it is supposed to be if it really was MH17.

There is no way out of this, this is irrevocable proof the shot down plane is flight 370. Now there is another spare jet out there for another false flag, 9M MRD.

Below are the two smoking gun photos.

It is important to note that MH370 was new, and therefore never repainted. This is the way the flag ALWAYS looked on Flight 370, and it forever pegs the shoot down plane as flight 370.


Next is flight MH17. Notice the flag position, and ALSO, that MH17 has an extra window on this side of the aircraft, TOTALLY BUSTING THE OFFICIAL STORY.

As earlier stated, my look into the illegal immigrant children story has now begun, and will continue for approximately 2 weeks as I travel mexico to bust the children on trains story and find out how they are actually coming up to America.

A development in the rotten bodies report

Now it is being said that a Dutch doctor who was at the scene within a day has released testimony that the bodies on the plane were rotten and dead days before the crash, which would corroborate what the military commander said and that evidence is there that they were also tortured before the crash. However, the translation from Dutch is very poor and I am working on secondary confirmation.

The Mexican press did a very detailed piece about the dead bodies, showing them being loaded on the train in body bags,AND MORE IMPORTANTLY, HOW BAD THEY SMELLED, with absolutely everyone at the scene gagging from the stench including robust military types and doctors. It was surreal, I have never seen anything like that regarding bodies from any disaster. There is no way that kind of rot could have set in in such a short time unless the bodies were indeed dead long before the shoot down.

It is extremely important to re-enforce reality with the fact that the bodies were rotten, because this proves beyond any doubt that THIS WAS NOT FLIGHT MH17, THERE IS NO POSSIBLE CONCIEVABLE WAY IT WAS NO MATTER WHAT STORIES ARE SPUN AND THEORIES ARE PRESENTED. I could care less what the MSM spins about this, the rotten bodies alone renders everything else irrelevant. There is no middle ground to be had with this.

July 23 coverage starts here

About the different paint jobs -

As you go through the different pictures of MH17, you need to remember that MH17 was a 17 year old aircraft that has been painted many times. This was NOT the case for flight 370, it was never repainted because it was almost new. So the flag comparisons and window comparisons for flight 370 are legitimate, that is the way it always looked and it never looked any different, and that is why I am flatly stating the photos prove the shot down plane is flight 370.

There were hundreds of mails today which I cannot answer because I am now on the road documenting the illegal immigrant children story. But I am going to declare the photos prove it is indeed flight 370, because rest assured as a supposedly normally scheduled flight, MH17 was canceled that day, and they did not have a supply of dead and rotten bodies for MH17, which flight 370 is highly probable to have had. Add to this the other anomalies, such as flown 200 KM off course into a war zone, the fact flight 370 needed to be disposed of, the fact that it has been declared that a legitimate investigation can never be done, the fact that it had two escorts which prove Ukraine did it and not Russia, the coincidental timing with the death sentence for Gaza, to keep that out of the news and well, what more would anyone need to confirm this? The perfectly matching paint to what flight 370 always had is the bonus clue, in my opinion it is all clear enough to start hanging people,

It is said that dead men can tell no tales, but when they are a planeload of rotting bodies that should have been perfectly fresh, THAT ALONE SAYS IT ALL, from THAT ALONE you can declare this plane to be flight 370, HOW ELSE COULD IT BE? Undead Zombies DID NOT board MH17.

This web site will be updated daily during the travels required to do the immigrant children report, if updates stop expect something to be amiss. As far as flight MH17 goes, it is pointless to keep digging more evidence, it is far beyond proven already and as far as Gaza goes, Israel totally annihilated the place under the cover of the MH17 story and I expect there to be over 20,000 dead and suspect a far higher number. The Mexican television showed it all, IT IS FAR BEYOND ANYTHING BEING STATED ON THE WEB, Gaza is horrific beyond belief after what Israel did and the rockets are easily proven false flag attacks, but what can I do about Gaza other than tell people what reality is there? I suspect the actual goal is total expulsion of all inhabitants live or dead.

A quick sailent point came in as I rapidly scan the mail and look at 2 percent or so - This happened but I did not mention it but it really nails the story another time:

Afa wrote: Further to the post today regarding the photo proof:

Here is another picture that from "Dutch passenger Cor Pan" making a claim "this is what it looks like in case it goes down" and posted the following pictures.

I didn't think anything of it till today. Look at the windows!!!!! From your photos you posted it looks like mh370

My response: The real smoking gun with the photo referenced by Afa is the fact that the plane's identification number was enough into the photo to prove it was not MH17 OR flight 370. So the question is: WHY WAS THIS DONE TO BEGIN WITH if this was not all pre-planned and as part of the psy op the think tank behind it did not want a little drama in the mix? The plane actually photographed had not flown for six days and did not fly even two days after the shoot down. This entire MH17 deal was planned well ahead of time, with groundwork being laid days in advance.

Though the photo Afa is referring to does nothing to change the comparison between flight 370 or MH17, it does stand in the evidence pool that a well planned psy op with plenty of details was under development long before any shoot down happened, yet another piece of evidence to consider.

And more:

So what actually happened, as far as I see it? 

The originating tower was re-staffed at least temporarily with people who would keep a secret about what really went on at the airport. Flight 370 was remote-flown or flown out via pre-programmed autopilot with a transponder identifying it as MH17. It then received two fighter jet escorts when far enough away from the originating airport to not arouse suspicion, and these fighter escorts for the most part stayed close enough to conceal their radar signature and provide "pilot feedback" from pilot-absent zombie-flown Flight 370. At the appropriate time, it was shot down. 

HOW APPROPRIATE WAS THE TIMING OF THIS SHOOTDOWN? So appropriate, it perfectly corresponded with the start of a massive Israeli ground assault on Gaza to divert public attention to something else. That is the FINAL red flag here: it is such a huge red flag, it blocks out the sky above all other reasons. 

So, in short: MH370 was disposed of because it had to be gotten rid of, and it was done in a way that diverted news away from a huge assault on Gaza, and as a bonus gave Russia a black eye. Milk it every way they can, by way of deception thou shalt do war, and though obviously none of this will ever be "officially" documented, the logic certainly fits. 

And a final nail: MH17 is proceeding as normal, with normal flights THE DAY AFTER. When MH370 vanished, that route was canceled FOR WEEKS. WHAT IS UP WITH THAT? Is anyone out there really stupid enough to believe business as usual would resume the next scheduled flight after a genuine loss of an aircraft that flies anywhere near a war zone? That next scheduled flight is LANDING IN MALAYSIA THE DAY AFTER, ON SCHEDULE, AS I WRITE THIS, and I beg the question WHY. Is anyone out there gullible enough to buy the notion of business as usual after a genuine unexpected shootdown, or perhaps more importantly, the loss of two IDENTICAL 777 aircraft from the SAME AIRLINE within four months? FIGURE THE ODDS. 

For the information hounds out there, Nodisinfo retracted their hoax report, most likely on word that the bodies were dead long before the flight took off, which explained too many of the anomalies they noted.

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@Lamenting (regarding 9M-MRD vs. photo of crash) explanation

Here's the answer to Lamenting's question above.

Photos captured of 9M-MRD suggests that the plane's paint scheme changes over time.


compared to :

The windows in both photos align correctly.

The image in the photostream does not concur with the images above.  However, the image from the crash site does concur with a different image of the same plane.

The photo you posted of the wreckage is the same physical aircraft as the one photographed by the amateur observers.

In doing some image searches for "9M-MRO", I found this interesting photo:

and this one:

Both images of 9M-MRO (the aircraft assigned to the ill-fated MH-370 mission) do NOT show windows installed forward of the aft starboard door. 

However, both images DO show an imprint outline of a window frame.  For some reason the plane did not have the two windows actually installed.

When you go back to look closer at some of the enlarged photos of 9M-MRD, you find that the same two windows are covered and painted over.

Therefore, the absense of visible windows in the two other images and the video tape is due to the absent pixel depth and resolution in some of the photos.  To see the windowless frame outline, you need sufficient pixel depth and resolution to image that thin frame.

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MH-17 Seat Guru

Seatguru explains the window layouts.

I am correct.  The BA-777-200 aft section is asymmetric.

The starboard side aft door has a bathroom forward of the door.  Therefore, the blanked windows in the photos above of the starboard aft section are now explained.  Comparing to the port side, you see windows to the port-side aft door in Lamenting's original message.

The presence of the aft door and aft bathrooms also concurs with the photos posted by that person on the Photosharing site.  The photos include portions of obliterated commodes and bathroom fixtures that are recognizable.  Therefore, it is logical to conclude that the photographer was in the debris field for the aft portion of the aircraft. 

In another section of the photograph's Flicker pages, images appeared to show a portion of the forward portion of the aircraft and what could be a piece of the cockpit nose section.  There were obvious multiple impacts with shrapnel or debris which punched holes through the nose.

The story that I see in those pictures is that of a downed aircraft caused by impact with a SAM capable of reaching 10,000 meters or over 30,000 feet.  That can only come from a few nations.  In that area of the world, only Russia is capable of fielding such a missile system integrated with radar guidance.

One thing is for certain at this point.  The people on board died almost instantly.  The aircraft disintegrated at altitude due to loss of structural integrity following the impact.  The aircraft basically was shredded by the impact followed by the air and speed.  The people inside would have died almost instantly because the rapid loss of cabin pressure would not have been stoppable and probably happened within a second or less. 

May God's peace and grace rest upon the dead and may their families be comforted by God and our prayers.

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