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Wow, what a week! A Cartel price smash followed by a MalAir airline crash and then today the markets act as if it's all NO BIG DEAL. Just more of the same here at The End of The Great Keynesian Experiment.

Today, we start with a look at the HUI, which rebounded nicely and went out at its highs of the day:

And then check out this intraday chart of gold. The UPside resolution of the pennant should be a good sign for Monday:

Here are updated weekly charts for you to consider:

Next, listen for me to explain these monthly charts to you:

Having done that, now please watch these two presentations from Morris Hubbard:

Finally, with The Long Bond once again at 2014 low yields, here's another chart of it plotted with gold:

And please be sure to read this extremely important piece from Zero Hedge:

That is all for now. Have a great weekend.



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And if you're wondering what


And if you're wondering what Professor Cohen thinks of yesterday's events, you can hear him by clicking the link below. He was on something called Democracy Now earlier today. His segment starts at the 50:00 mark and I strongly urge you to listen:

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thurd but really second

Hey, nice A2A today

Now to listen to your podcast as I watch the Open highlights


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4th ?

Let's hope the truth comes out in the air rash .... I think this was a frame up. Putin and Russia has too much high ground and needs to be cut down some

edit:  won't it be much harder for Germany and friends to deal with the nasty Russians if they are guilty? Won't they then be pressured to tow the sanction line ?  I hope the good ole USA does not fall to this new low. 

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Germany will not shy away from Russian Partnership

I doubt the shoot down of the Malaysian Air jet will prevent Germany from linking up with Russia in a strong economic partnership or interrupt the construction of the BRICS bank.  These are long term alliances being formed.  Somebody made a horrible mistake or used extremely poor judgement in that shoot down.  As much as this is a tragedy, it is not along the same lines of the Lockerbie bombing.  It's going to be termed a blip rather than a big bang.

I am waiting for Malaysia to impose sanctions and demand compensation, but it's not like that's going to kill Russia.

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Ink sale, added 1.80 tons, "inventory" 805.14 tons

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Great Links Turd

Really enjoyed the chart links very bullish. Keep Stacking

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Was there mention of that in there??

Things got a little better, but not markedly so.  See here:

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Simply stated...

Putin should get on his hands and knees and beg forgiveness. Nuff said.

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Turd, Cheers brother!

Unfortunately I have to work tomorrow and Sunday so no rest for me but there's nothing better than coming home on a Friday and winding down with a good beer and your podcast. If you ever get a chance to purchase Three Floyd's Gumballhead and if you like IPAs I might recommend Zombie Dust, you won't regret it btw... really amazing stuff. 

For everyone else cheers as well and remember to occasionally party your ass off like it's the end of the world because it actually could be pretty soon.

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Dang Turd, that was almost a two beer podcast... The way I like it!

@SIM I've been trying tons of different IPA's but so far nothing beats Sierra Nevada pale ale. A close second IMO is Eight Bit pale ale from Tallgrass Brewing Co. in Kansas. 

Prayers for the MAL victims and families, don't mean to beat a dead horse but what are the chances of Two planes from the same stable f---ng up? No one ever heard of "MAL" before this year, now it's practically a household name. I've not been listening to Alex Jones for years, (a little negative for me) but tuned in for a few minutes today. Whatever you think of him he had some pretty good analysis, meshing with what has been said here at the TFMR forum. 

Peace and good stacking/trading to all!

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Just a heads up


I've been pondering making this a public thread later tonight and I think I'll go ahead and do it.

It's a critical time and people need info. Plus, it might raise a few new subs, too.

Anyway, just a heads up. Expect some troll traffic tomorrow.

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It's there


Fast forward to the 18:00 mark.

Response to: COT?!
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Just noticed a mistake, too


At 20:08 I said "silver commercials". Meant "gold commercials".

Response to: It's there
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"Situation in Saudi Arabia"?

From the American Airline website. Israel makes sense - Saudi Arabia doesn't. I did some cursory searches and didn't find anything that fits in the time frame. Probably something obvious I'm missing.

Saudi Arabia Travel Policy

Due to the situation in Saudi Arabia, American Airlines and British Airways offer the following flexibility options to our ticketed customers whose travel may be impacted by this event. Customers ticketed to travel on prime BA flights or AA*/US flights to/from/through the airports listed below may change flights as shown below.

If you are traveling to, through or from:

  • Jeddah King Abdulaziz International, Saudi Arabia (JED)

On the following dates: August 26 - October 2, 2014
And your ticket was issued no later than: July 9, 2014
You may travel: July 10 - August 25, 2014, October 3 - December 31, 2014.  August 26 - October 2, 2014 is not allowed

Israel Travel Policy

Due to the situation in Israel, American Airlines offers the following flexibility options to our ticketed customers whose travel may be impacted by this event. Customers ticketed to travel on AA*/US flights to/from/through the airports listed below may change flights as shown below. This is only valid for US and AA*/US passengers originating in the United States; BA flights are not covered under this policy.

If you are traveling to, through or from:

  • Tel Aviv Yafo Ben Gurion International, Israel (TLV)

On the following dates: July 9 -31, 2014
And your ticket was issued no later than: July 9, 2014
You may travel: July 9 - August 15, 2014

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This might be related to the


This might be related to the annual Islamic pilgrimage to Mecca, The Hajj. This year it falls on Oct 2 thru Oct 7.

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Turd. "Democracy Now" or

Turd. "Democracy Now" or MSNBC. Same progressive BS. At least on MSNBC we aren't subjected to the Islamic prayer chant....... I've been listening to Cohen speak on John Batchlor's show since the Ukrainian riots in February. I also find him to be very interesting and more objective than most progressives.  But they are progressives!        Speaking for myself, I take any thoughts from these people with that in mind......  


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Three Philosophers from Ommegang

Midas Touch from Dogfish head - recipe recreated from ancient times by scraping residue from an urn or mug or something and running it through some crazy machine that analyzed it. IIRC it's a honey mead type beer. Try everything from Dogfish Head brewery.



Stone brewery

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I'd Suggest a Re-Read of this Article

Found this older ZH article, linked to by the current one Turd mentioned above, from a year ago...and it's really quite good, and explains a WHOLE LOT of what has happened in the last year, and what still "should" happen, and it actually makes sense now reading it a year later.

This is why the S&P couldn't (and can't) go down then or now really, until TSHTF moment, which of course will come, but who knows when.

In particular, Knuckles first comment is still valid. At least for those seeking safe harbors in the flash freak storm they get caught in.

In a related story (which was strange to me at the time, being very naive), I was going to take out a pretty small personal loan last year, and I said I'd offer to escrow some gold to collateralize it for a lower rate, they looked at me like I had 2 heads and 3 eyes, dressed in pink or purple garb, with a tail...and looked at me with a look that's hard to explain, but I sensed was something to the effect: "what in the world did you just say, are you a complete lunatic?", chuckled, and asked me if I had any "other" collateral.

Now I understand why. To this very second, and to the second RIGHT UP TO the exact TSHTF SECOND (not even one microsecond or nanosecond prior), the western financial system says and will say that Au is a barbaric relic, useful for not a single thing on the planet, except ridicule, mocking and derision.

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ZH is down right now

ZH is down right now

Edit: Back up... been going in and out

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Zerohedge Down Again

Completely offline now.  Must be having server issues.  Or they didn't pay their bills.

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Portugal's 2nd Largest Bank Just Filed For Bankruptcy

Holding Company Of Portugal's 2nd Largest Bank Just Filed For Bankruptcy Protection

as per zerohedge

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@ Just a Heads Up

"I've been pondering making this a public thread later tonight and I think I'll go ahead and do it. Anyway, just a heads up. Expect some troll traffic tomorrow."


My feelings are hurt.   :-(

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Espirito Santo International files for creditor protection

Holding company of Portugal's second-largest bank says it can't meet its obligations

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What, No Bullish Comments On Platinum Today?

Major ground collapse at Zimbabwe’s biggest platinum mine

Zimbabwe’s largest platinum mine loses half its production for 15 months due to major ground instability problems.

Author: Lawrence Williams
Posted: Friday , 18 Jul 2014 

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You like looking at ratios, Turd, me too. This is one of your better podcasts, methinks, and it's a shame the ratio of hat tips to comments is a paltry 9/27 (as of this posting). Should be higher.

In very plain English, using as few words as possible, can you or anyone else here explain the significance of the zh article linked in the podcast? I sort of get it, sort of don't.

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So reverse repo = money printing

Short straight forward article from A. Macloed.

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MH-17 = MH-370?

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Western Desperation

Although we do not know who shot down that plane over the Ukraine, the result speaks for itself. Now the europeans are being pressured to support US sanctions against Russia they were not inclined to support previously.  Obama and Biden with propaganda speeches against Russia just after the announced news way prior to any investigation.  Clearly the only side with capacity to shoot down that plane was Ukraine government and reports from Tass written the evening before the attack announcing the transport of missile launchers capable to shooting down the plane having just been transferred to Donesk region from where the missiles used in the attack were launched that shot down the plane.  Further, with the plane of Putin following exactly the same flight path as the plane shot down only arriving some twenty minutes later (and looking identical to Putin's plane) and the whole desperately aggressive stance of the US towards Russia trying to discredit it in every way possible while Russia is not doing anything aggressive in return on the military side. My take is that who did this attack is pretty clear. So is the motive, increasingly desperate measures by the US as ist economy is rapidly reaching accelerating decline

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