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Today is the 70th anniversary of the Normandy Landings and the Allied invasion of France. To commemorate these events, our friends at SD Bullion and SilverDoctors.com are launching a special edition coin series and they've offered one of the proofs to the winner of our newest contest. <Note: This is a public thread and a public contest.>

As The Doc explains in this podcast, he and his company were looking for a way to honor the soldiers who fought and died seventy years ago today. They came up with the idea of striking 10,000 brilliant and uncirculated, one ounce silver coins. They look like this:

They are now available for order at these links:



Additionally, in order to honor the 1,557 men who are still listed as MIA from that day, SD Bullion is striking 1,557 special edition proofs. One of these proofs, #100 in honor of Pfc. Alphonse Bertels of the U.S. Army 120th Infantry Division, has been generously offered to TFMR readers by The Doc and his staff.

I am so very grateful and honored that they would do this but I wasn't quite sure how to give it away....so...how about a Hat Contest?? This time, however, instead of a hat we're playing for Private Bertels' proof and The Doc has promised to mail it to the winner.

As you know, I'm expecting a very interesting and challenging month of June. Therefore, this contest demands a different sort of prediction. Three weeks from today is contract expiration of the Comex July silver. The winner of the conetst will:

  1. Predict the lowest tick in this contract between Monday, the 9th and Friday, the 27th. For example, if you think that it's nothing but straight UP from today forward, you might want to guess $18.99. However, if you think that some tough sledding lies ahead, you might guess $16.12.
  2. As a tiebreaker, you must also predict the lowest tick in the August Comex gold over the same time period.

So, your entry should look something like this:

  1. $18.54
  2. $1242.65

Again, I've made this a public thread in order to give it as wide of distribution as possible for The Doc. Make your guesses in the comments section of this thread. The contest will remain open until Sunday afternoon at 5:00 p.m. EDT (New York time). At that point, I'll close this thread to additional comments and entries.

Thanks again to The Doc and all at SD Bullion for minting these coins and sponsoring our work here at TFMR. Please be sure to visit SD Bullion for all your metal and ammo needs and please take time this weekend to remember all those who made the ultimate sacrifice 70 years ago today.



CPE's picture

Get it while you can!

Thanks for the new contest!!!!!!!!!!!

1. 17.99

2. 1232.49

ReachWest's picture

Contest Guesses

My Guess:

$19.07 $1247.8

Just a swag and nothing more. Nice looking coin SD has there. Thanks for all you do Turd.

EDIT to ADD: Just hopped over to SDBullion to take a closer look at that coin.. If you click on the coin image and then go to the detail page and mouse-over the large version of the coin - you get a magnified view.. the water in the background of that image literally looks real. (Wondering if that's actually how that coin will look or if that's a mock up for the web - I suppose it's a mock up the coin - I see the lower images on the left look like the dies and they don't have the same detail). Either way - very nice looking prize.

TF Metals fan's picture


1 18.94

2 1194.77

Ps: And I hope to be so wrong! Shooting for the stars from this point would be really great.

Gont's picture

Nice coins !!

1. $18.44
2. $1232.65

ag1969's picture


ag 17.89

au 1198.50

Thanks Doc!

Edit:  I just bought one of each coin.  Cheers!

Keg's picture


1. 18.81

2. 12.42

Rainforest's picture

Proof Contest



Colonel Blimp's picture

contest entry

1,  18.90

2.  1238.50

Hammer's picture

16.12 1175.4



SaratogaPrepper's picture

highly uneducated guess

1. 18.61

2. 1257.45

tmosley's picture

1. 18.68 2. 1200.01

1. 18.68

2. 1200.01

R man J's picture

Spike Low

AG $15.78

AU $1153.00

and a quick bounce up.

StevenBHorse's picture

Per the usual

I will volunteer as master of tabulation.

Good luck to all.  

I will have limited access to the computer this weekend, so be sure to double check your guesses before submitting them.

Cleburne61's picture

I sure hope not, but 3 years of this crapp makes it possible

1. $17.76

2. $1,175

SilverSurfers's picture

Forces Arrayed

Its WAR!!! A battle for the hearts and minds. Its touch and go, collapse or prosperity the prize.

Gov Workers commanding the Free chit Army v

Freedom Lovers financed by Gold Bugs


Good luck DOC!!!!

TreeTop Dweller's picture

Ag - Au Contest Entry

Ag 18.33 (fiat currency) Not to be confused with anything tangible

Au 1213.59 (fiat currency)


brokerk22's picture

Could be anything

But I'll take a stab at 17.01 Ag and 1181 Au

gldslv's picture

The teacher is testing his students

AG 17.93

Au 1207

Iceberg Slim's picture

Sign me up!

1. $18.01

2. $1228.30

Icarus's picture

Beware end of the half shenanigans....again

Silver:  $17.95  Gotta flush out all those $18 futures.  Demand below $18.20 will preclude it going much lower.

Gold:  $1145  in sympathy.


Safety Dan's picture

Contest Entry

1. $18.17

2. $1210.10

joeblack's picture

Joe Black

Au 1226.6

Ag 18.32

Going4it's picture

I'm in...

1. $17.26

2. $1221.35

metalsbyamile's picture

It is a war , we will prevail

AG $17.45

AU $1198.00

silverwhere's picture

4 Kitco Silver Fixes

Dang it, I posted on the wrong thread again. Please allow me to repeat myself one more time. Kitco's solution:

In response to a significant bullion market development, kitco.com is now publishing four fixing prices: the 10 AM New York Silver Fix, the 10 AM UK Silver Fix, the 10 AM Hong Kong Silver Fix and the 10 AM Mumbai Silver Fix. These time zones were chosen because they represent the world's largest precious metals trading centers. 


Pounds of Money's picture

Contest Entry - Evil on Display

The Satanic forces controlling the price will print the following in the 6th month of this year:

  1. $16.66
  2. $1166.66
rajmistryis's picture


Keep up the great work Turd!

1. $18.55

2. $1218

Mucho gracias!

donduderino's picture

1: $18.40 2: $1222

1: $18.40

2: $1222

dootch's picture

Contest entry

1. $17.96


FaithNoMore's picture

Silver Contest

1. $17.78

2. $1,111.11

Good luck, everyone.  Make your fat "stax" fatter!  I leave you all with a prediction: jpm will eventually mean "just precious metals."

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